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Lesson 1   intro to industry
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Lesson 1 intro to industry


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A2 Media Studies, Industry, TV, research, regulatory bodies, censorship, year 13

A2 Media Studies, Industry, TV, research, regulatory bodies, censorship, year 13

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  • 1. What is industry? • Refers to the organisations which are behind the production, marketing, distribution and regulation of media texts. • The producers, marketers and distributors = a group of organisations which might be seen as forming a media industry, work very closely to ensure that the media output is varied, interesting, has the potential the create revenue, is advertised appropriately and that it reaches the correct audiences.
  • 2. Profit • Efficiency and value for money are key phrases in the media: an industry renowned for being volatile and unforgiving to those producers whose output fails to be profitable.
  • 3. Research Homework ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) • Who are they and what do they do? • What types (be specific) of advertising do they regulate? • What is their regulation process? • Example of one of their rulings, and the reason for it. • Due 26th November
  • 4. MEDIA INDUSTRY REGULATION TABLE INDUSTRY REGULATING HOW DOES REGULATION HAPPEN? BODY TELEVISION OFCOM After Broadcast based on Complaints by Guidelines BBFC TV programming can be Classified FILM BBFC Film and video Classified according to Age Rating; Film and video can be Censored PRINT PCC The public can write or phone a complaint: a Code of Conduct LIBEL LAWS Individuals take print producer to High Court COMPUTER GAMES PEGI Recommends to BBFC BBFC Classifies according to Age Rating RADIO OFCOM Radio programming can be Classified SLANDER LAWS Individuals take sound producer to High Court ASA After Broadcast/publication based on Complaints by guidelines ADVERTISING
  • 5. Regulatory bodies • Such as OFCOM, the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), the PCC (Press Complaints Commission) and the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) act as a governing body for the media form they are associated with. • They may also act as a censor and require the removal of items deemed inappropriate. • They will also be the point of contact for complaints in the event of a media product causing offence.
  • 6. In groups of 2/3 Peer teaching research: • Who are they and what do they do? • Background info • Mission statement/objectives/ethos • What do they regulate and how? • What are their standards/criteria? • Example of one of their rulings, and the reason for it. • Any controversies?