ios7 – have a look on its dynamic & cool features


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Apple’s iOS 7 has been launched finally, so users get ready to experience this advanced version of iOS that comes with lots of new and cool features that surely grab your attention. In this article, you can find some important features of iOS 7 and make yourself familiar with it.

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ios7 – have a look on its dynamic & cool features

  1. 1. iOS7 – Have a Look on Its Dynamic & Cool Features iOS 7 is the seventh version of Apple’s iOS that is more powerful and advanced mobile operating system. The company released this new generation OS on September 18, 2013, which comes with redesigned user interface and various changes to the operating system’s functionality. When it comes to talk about the design of this new iOS, it was led by Jonathan "Jony" Ive, Apple's Senior Vice President of Design. The best thing about this new OS is that it comes with various new features, high performance and wonderful functionalities that allow users to get a wonderful experience. However, the company claims that there are more than 200 new features in its new OS that will surely enhance user experience. It will perform as per your requirements as iOS 7 is the most powerful mobile operating system that has a complete range of features. If you are still unaware about the new features of iOS 7, you can find a complete list of features that is mentioned below: AirDrop: No matter whether you are looking to send a picture or any kind of document to your near and dear one, you will surely send it through texting or emailing. But what if that dear one is beside you; texting and emailing contain so many steps. Now, you can easily enter AirDrop for iOS as it allows you to share pictures, contact list, videos and any other document easily and quickly with a share button. You just need to tap share and select the person whom you wanted to share. Rest of the work, you need to keep on AirDrop as it will handle it easily using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. To use this features, there is no need to setup anything and its transfers are encrypted, so whatever you share with anyone is highly secured.
  2. 2. Camera: One of the dynamic features of iOS 7 is its new camera interface support that supports with three different photo modes including pictures, video and panoramic. Using a swipe button, you are allowed to capture what you wanted to capture. However, this new generation OS also provides live photo filter previewing with nine filters to choose from as per your desire. With nine different filters, you are allowed to apply any filter to still as well as square photo. As you just need to pick a filter and see how effects are looking. You can click the picture first and then apply filters. If you find that filters are not looking good, you can also remove it. Multitasking: As we all know that multi-tasking is one of the best and smart ways to switch between applications. Now, this feature is even smarter as this OS comes to know that when you like to use application and can update your content as well before you launch them. Your feed will be ready automatically, if you are looking to check your favorite social application at 9:00 a.m. iCloud Photo Sharing: Now, you can easily share your favorite moments with your dear ones by creating a shared stream with iCloud. One can easily post pictures, comments, videos to your stream and it will be displayed to everyone on the iOS devices. Its new activity allows you to view the latest and updated updates from the entire shared stream. So, these are some of the few major features of iOS 7 that allow you to get an user-friendly experience while using this new generation OS in your iPhone or iPad. So, what are waiting you waiting for? Just download a new and powerful iOS7 and get ready to experience its features. Author Bio: I am a professional content developer, having years of experience in writing content related to iOS and iPhone apps development technologies. I like to share latest information and updates of iOS and its latest versions. Here I am sharing huge information on "iOS7 - Have a Look on Its Dynamic & Cool Features".