Android’s search features method to improve it


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In present days, people are using smartphones like a laptop. In addition to play amazing games, they are also doing searching the most. Previously, users are finding difficulty to search anything on their device due to its small screen and least features,

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Android’s search features method to improve it

  1. 1. ’ -Android s Search Features Method ToImprove It, .In present days people are using smartphones like a laptop In addition to play amazing, . ,games they are also doing searching the most Previously users are finding difficulty to, ,search anything on their device due to its small screen and least features but nowAndroid search features can be expandable at the great level to improve the method of. ,searching To know how to get most out of your android device you should have to unlock.all the latest features for enhancing search abilities The new Android device with Jelly4.2 .Bean comes with amazing features of search bar,Now users can able to search anything by typing or talking into the search bar option on. , .the web There are some users who are unaware of this feature This feature is not limited,to Google search users can also able to use talking and typing features while making, , , .search in widgets like songs note contacts anything available on your mobile phoneRemember this is not an application that developed by Android ApplicationDevelopers, - .it is in built features that you should only have to activateSteps for Expanding Android Google s Native Search tool• , First of all you have to add the Google Search widget option to your main screen( )If you haven t already done
  2. 2. • , Now Tap the search tool option and get down to the bottom of your device s screen• , In nest step you have to tap the overflow menu icon that seems like threehorizontal dots and start doing Tap settings• ,In Tap settings you can see an option of Phone search or Tablet search on their. .screen Tap one from two that you required• .You will find list of services that already installed on your phone The list is available .in the list form• .Click on any application or service that you want to add in your Google search,Those users who want to Google to look through files in your cloud storage, -account can have to tap the check box beside Google Drive, .After completing the whole procedure you can use search bar to show the result Exactly, ,same result you can see in the internet results on the beginning of page however you- - ,can only see the in phone and in app search if you are swiping on the bar available at. ,the bottom of your screen At last you have to swipe bar and scroll to an appropriate.options such as web and imagesThis type of search option is useful as it allows easy searching of contacts from, ,applications documents that you have wrote application download for your personal or. , .business use Additionally you have numerous reasons to use such features For,enhancing more search features you can Hire Android Developer who can do CustomAndroid Application Development .according to your requirements