Bloody Mary


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Bloody Mary

  1. 1. “BLOODY MARY“ AS ONE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE TUDOR DYNASTY History and Culture of the English Speaking Countries Universidad de ValenciaFacultad de Filología, Traducción y Comunicación Winter term 2011/2012 Dr. Patricia Bou Franch Speakers: Ellen van Causbroek, Roxanna Geense , Greta Nußhart, Aldona Mnich November 11th, 2011
  2. 2. Outline1) The Tudors – A General Overview2) Bloody Mary as One Representative of the Tudors3) Queen Mary’s religious policy4) Tudor Britain, religions and The Church of England5) Bibliography6) Students’ Quiz – Questions for the Audience
  3. 3. 1) The Tudors – A General Overview
  4. 4. The Tudor Dynasty• The “House of Tudor” ruled England and later also Wales and Ireland for more than one century - period between 1485 and 1603• First monarch: Henry VII (1457 – 1509), last monarch: Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603)
  5. 5. Society during the Tudor Period• Population growth• Poverty• Great gap between the rich and the poor• Black Death pandemic• Bad education norms
  6. 6. Recent interest in the Tudor dynasty: Canadian produced TV series „The Tudors“
  7. 7. Bloody Mary• 18 February 1515 - 17 November 1558• Queen: July 1553 - 1558• Parents: Henry VIII & Catherine of Aragon
  8. 8. Henry VIII --- Anne Boleyn  Elizabeth I --- Jane Seymour  Edward I --- Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard & Katherine Parr
  9. 9. Edward  Mary  Elizabeth Edward:• Jane Grey = Queen• Edward died  Mary = Queen of England
  10. 10. - Mary married Prince Philip of Spain  restore Catholicism- 2 phantom pregnancies- Died in 1558 from uterine cancer- Mary: no heir  Elizabet I = Queen
  11. 11. Queen Marys turn or burn policy• Re-introduction of Catholicism into England• Persecution of Protestants
  12. 12. Factors in favour of restoring Catholicism• Protestantism had only been the official religion in England for six years, Catholicism for hundreds of years• Protestants had not received the support of the people when they tried to replace Mary with Jane Grey• Many Protestant leaders had fled to Europe when Mary became Queen
  13. 13. Mary’s strong beliefs sent 275 Protestants to death• John Rogers - translated Tynedales Bible into English• Thomas Cranmer - former Archbishop of Canterbury• 227 men and 56 women
  14. 14. „Bloody Mary”• „The nickname is the result of Protestant propaganda that portrays those burned as heroes and Mary as an evil Queen.”
  15. 15. Tudor Britain• 16th Century: Change in religion• Martin Luther and the Reformation• Changes between Catholicism and Protestantism• Elizabeth I and The Church of England.
  16. 16. Do you have any questions …?