Vih Moviemaking Day 2


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Vih Moviemaking Day 2

  1. 1. Creating a Digital Documentary Part II Voices In History March 19, 2011 Agenda 9-9:15 – Welcome, housekeeping and introductions 9:15-9:30 - Check in ● Discuss and share out the 2 Movies that each of your students were to create All completed work should have been uploaded to our site and can be shared online. 9:30-9:45 - Digital Movie Making- Adding Video ○ Overview/Show examples 9:45-10:45 - Learning the Tools ● Using the Flip Camera ● Record and Import video ○ Participants will video tape in front of the green screen and tape time travel narrative ● Syncing Audio ○ Use the computer as a second audio recording device ○ Learn how to sync the audio with a clap and sound waves ● Green Screen ○ Use green screen settings in Adobe Premiere/iMovie09 ● Sync up b roll images ○ Use still images and video narration ● Add music track 10:45-12:00 - Plan and Edit ○ Use your student journal (located on your blog, reflecting current content) and transform one student’s entries into a script. ○ Use storyboard to match up narration with video/images 12:00-1:00 - LUNCH 1:00-2:00 - Edit and polish your project 2:00-2:45 - Share Out! 11:00-12:00 - Let’s Learn the Software ● Basic interface: Titles, transitions and effects when working with still images. ● Importing static images (panels from graphic novel saved as jpg, archival images) ● Use Ken Burns to pan and zoom into different sections of the comic ● Add voiceover and sound effects ● Add music 12:00-1:00 - Lunch 1:00-2:15 - Building Your Movie ● Working with your storyboard ○ Add narrative ○ Add images
  2. 2. ○ Apply effects to images ○ Add music soundtrack ● Edit and Polish your project 2:15-2:45 - Share Out! ● Reflect on completed projects ● Address any unanswered questions 2:45 - 3:00 Prep for next session /Check out and Survey ○ Students will produce 1-2 quality short movies (in small groups or individually, teacher decides) on content. Make sure your students use the rubric handed out. ○ Respond promptly to emailed questionnaire ● Driving Question: (Based on your curriculum) ● Students assume the role of an individual from the time period being taught (based on your curriculum) ● Students will write a reflective journal in the first person, over a two week period via the comment section of the post in their individual blog category ● Journal entries should be sequential and relate to the time and events as they unfold ● Students will comment to 2-3 of their peers’ journal entries using the “@” and the comment area ● Students will generate questions to ask the featured figures from history and post their questions to the blog