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  • 1. The island of Jamaica Ariel Rivera
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • Topic Page
    • Introduction
    • Geography
    • Flag
    • Language
    • Food
    • Celebrations
    • A famous person from this country
    • Find out more information
    • Glossary
    • About the Authors
  • 3.
    • Jamaica is known as “little Jewel in the Carribean”. Jamaica’s capital is Kingston. It is a small West Indian island. Jamaica has hot weather all year round. Jamaican dollars are not equivalent to the U.S dollars
  • 4. Geography What does the land look like?
    • Jamaica is an Island . Jamaica has many hills and small rivers
  • 5. Flag What does the flag look like and what does it mean?
    • The Jamaican flag was designed in 1962, just before independence. It is green, black and yellow. The yellow color represents natural resources, and sunshine. The green represents hope and the black represents the hardship to be overcome.
  • 6. Language What language is spoken? What are some words in this language?
    • Jamaican people speak Creole, which is a mixture of English and African.
  • 7. Food What special food is eaten in this country?
    • Jamaicans love eating spicy food made with jerk or curry.
  • 8. Celebrations Are there any different celebrations?
    • Jamaica holds carnivals . At the carnivals, the Jamaicans celebrate by wearing costumes, by wearing masks, and by dancing. Christmas and Easter are times of celebration with street parties and parades. People dance to Reggae and other pop music.
  • 9. A famous person from this country Nanny is one of Jamaica’s seven nation heroes -people honored for their part in the struggle for freedom .She led the windward maroons, a group of ex-slaves who had escaped to the remote they made her their queen . Bob Marly 1984 a famous Raggae musican. Like some other Jamaican’s he was a Rastarian .A member of a Religious movement.
  • 10. Glossary
    • Population- The total number of people living in a place .
    • Climate- The usual weather in a place.
    • Geography- The study of the earth’s layer including its people, resources, climate and physical features.
    • Island- A piece of land surrounded by water.
  • 11. About the Authors
    • Hi my name is Ariel, I am eight years old. I love to write. I loved learning about new places. Maybe one day I will get to visit this place.