TypeA Con Session - From Blogger to Boardroom


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  • Lizz used social media experience to create a resume that got her a job doing social for a startupEllen used social media experience to further her career and eventually land a new job
  • TypeA Con Session - From Blogger to Boardroom

    1. 1. @Elleinthecity, @Lizz_Porter L I Z Z P O R T E R S O C I A L M E D I A M A N A G E R , L I F E 3 6 0 @ L I Z Z _ P O R T E R E L L E N G E R S T E I N V P , S A L E S M A R K E T I N G , B L O G H E R @ E L L E I N T H E C I T Y From Blogger To Boardroom: Using Your Social Media Skills to Land a Corporate Job #TypeACon
    2. 2. @elleinthecity,@lizz_porter Agenda #TypeACon  Making the Move – Is a Corporate Job Right For You?  Creating a Target List - Ready  Branding of You - Aim  Networking and Conducting Your Search - Fire
    3. 3. @elleinthecity,@lizz_porter The Corporate Life #TypeACon  Is a corporate job right for you?  Not everyone is an entrepreneur  Know your temperament, don’t feel like a failure if you pursue this path  Advantages of working for the man (or woman)*:  Benefits  Regular pay  Social aspects of work life (HUMAN INTERACTION!)  “Validated” and varied experiences  Stability *Your Mileage May Vary
    4. 4. @elleinthecity,@lizz_porter Targeting #TypeACon Write down a list of everything you would want in your next job  Geographic – “NYC above 14th street”; “Atlanta metro”, “Buckhead. Nothing but Buckhead.”  Industry – Media, Technology, “not Pharma”, Consumer Goods  Job Title – Social Media Specialist, Community Manager, Marketing  Companies – think about companies you’ve worked with as a blogger – would you want to work there? What do you like to do? What are you good at?
    5. 5. @elleinthecity,@lizz_porter Branding of You #TypeACon  Looking at your targets, what do you have to offer? What have you done in your social media/blogging life that could apply?  What are your strengths? Know them. OWN THEM.  Analyzing Metrics (are you a Data Nerd?)  Community building (People…people who need people…)  Copywriting (Don Draper eat your heart out)  Content Creation (We still blog!)  Graphic Design  Photography (even just as a hobby)  Event Planning
    6. 6. @elleinthecity,@lizz_porter Networking and Conducting Your Search #TypeACon  Social isn’t always a department, figure out who to talk to  Find orgs w/ a voice that matches yours, relevant to your niche/demographic  Job listings: Learn how your skills translate to “corporate speak” to find good matches  Don’t discount Informational Interviews – coffee time  Make LinkedIn your BEYOTCH
    7. 7. @elleinthecity,@lizz_porter What If? #TypeACon  I’m changing industries and my job experience isn’t relevant to what I want to do?  I’ve taken time off to raise my family and have an employment gap?  I’ve been working with companies as a brand ambassador, now I want to be employed by them. There are many ways to market your non-traditional experience to a potential employer!
    8. 8. @elleinthecity,@lizz_porter Lizz’s Resume #TypeACon
    9. 9. @elleinthecity,@lizz_porter Ellen’s LinkedIn Profile #TypeACon
    10. 10. @elleinthecity,@lizz_porter Questions? #TypeACon THANK YOU!!!