Bamboo Continuous Integration Server - Brief


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Continuous integration (CI) brings faster feedback to your development process, preventing bugs from piling up and reducing the risk of project delays.

Bamboo enables development teams of any size to adopt CI in minutes, easily integrate it with their work day and scale their build farm using elastic resources in the Amazon EC2 cloud.

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Bamboo Continuous Integration Server - Brief

  1. 1. Continuous integration server Bamboo accelerates development of high quality software by exposing code problems immediately and adds analytics allowing you to monitor project health and team performance by identifying trends, patterns and linkages across many builds. What is continuous integration? Continuous integration (CI) automates the process of compiling source code and executing tests, saving time as well as identifying build problems as soon as they occur. Bamboo is a continuous integration server that automates the building and testing of your software. Who uses Bamboo? It provides you with instant feedback (via email, IM or Hewlett-Packard Limited, Juniper RSS) as changes are committed and an intuitive web- Networks, Microsoft, SunGard, CNET, Motorola Inc., CERN, Barclays Capital, interface aggregating all of the vital information related BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank AG, Hilton to each build. Two-way instant messaging capabilities Hotels Corporation, Room and Board, facilitate quick collaboration with your team to resolve CHP Consulting, Apache Struts, The Spring Framework, JRuby, LimeWire, issues as they arise. Department of Defense, Australia, Continuously integrating code changes with Bamboo University of Michigan Health Systems, e-Rewards Inc., and many more! allows teams to increase productivity and improve the quality of their code. Bamboo can distribute builds Did you know? across multiple machines allowing remote agents to A exible plugin architecture allows you run on different platforms. Bamboo also provides “build to create integrations to any of the tools you use. Take advantage of existing telemetry”, which helps you intelligently identify and plugins for many popular coverage, highlight trends, patterns, and linkages across your build, and release management tools. builds and tests.
  2. 2. Continuous integration, done brilliantly My initial experience with Bamboo has been nothing short of awesome! Bamboo was up and running my rst build in under 10 minutes, and the UI is a breath of fresh air! Tim Fennell, Integrated systems Builders: Ant, Maven, Maven 2, Bash, MSBuilder, Visual Studio, Nant, NoseXUnit, custom scripts and command line builders (e.g. make), etc. Testing frameworks: Any w/ JUnit XML output — including TestNG, Nunit, XUnit, MSTest, Nose, CppUnit, etc. Languages: Any — including Java, C, C++, .NET (C#, VB, etc.), Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. System Requirements JDK or JRE version 1.5+. Database: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc. Browser: Firefox, IE, or Safari. About Atlassian Atlassian is an innovative global software company. More than 15,000 customers in 100 countries, including 30 of the world’s top 50 corporations. Continuous integration Continuous integration, done brilliantly. Over 400+ free plugins built and supported by the Security You control who views, stops and starts each Atlassian community and every build. Our lustworthy products are designed to stand alone, however, their integration capabilities Distributed builds Improve productivity by executing builds make them even more useful. Atlassian products across platforms. include: Test insight Which test broke the build and who broke the JIRA: Issue tracking test? FishEye: Repository insight Personalisation Customise your workspace. Crucible: Code review Bamboo: Continuous integration Notications Only the information you need. Clover: Code coverage Getting Started Bamboo’s intuitive interface gets you up and Conuence: Enterprise wiki running quickly. Crowd: Single sign-on Collaboration Builds are not just for looking at. JIRA Studio: Hosted development suite Build Telemetry Statistics that you can’t get anywhere else. Try Bamboo today! Team statistics Continual team performance improvement over Get a free, fully functional 30-day time. evaluation license of Bamboo: Cross-project reports Compare and contrast, track and improve. www.atlassian.combamboo IDE Connector Monitor builds and investigate failures — directly from your IDE. Pricing* Local Remote Price (USD) Interoperability Bamboo integrates with your favourite Basic 1 0 $1,200 development tools. Standard Unlimited 1 $2,200 Professional Unlimited 10 $4,000 Extend Customise and extend Bamboo to t in your Enterprise Unlimited 25 $8,000 dev environment. Academic licenses are available for 50% off the listed prices. Bamboo is free to qualifying Open Source projects or Non-Pro t & Charity organisations. * Prices subject to change.