Presentation XIMAD Android Nokia May 2012


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Presentation XIMAD Android Nokia May 2012

  1. 1. Apps for Life
  2. 2. We create productsfor all major mobile platforms
  3. 3. We socialize with all large operators and non-native app stores
  4. 4. XIMAD Portfolio: Google Play Link- Overall apps number > 100- Total downloads number > 7 millions- Vendor activity 2 years- Featured submissions 5 times
  5. 5. XIMAD Portfolio: Nokia Store Link- Overall apps number > 60- Total downloads number > 3 millions- Vendor activity 2 years- Featured submissions 2 times
  6. 6. Brain CubeBrain Cube is a brain twisting puzzle game of rolling blocks. Tumble a rectangularrolling block through different paths and drop it into the square hole. For youramusement we put the holes in various places and the complexity depends on thelevel you are in at the moment. Just like most of the greatest puzzle games, BrainCube has a simple concept and yet proves to be very challenging, electrifying andattractive!Features: * multiple levels; * teleports, ice platforms and other coolest properties; * awesome landscape graphics.
  7. 7. Brain Cube
  8. 8. DropletsDROPLETS - the most challenging and beautiful game for your phone!Experience sights and sounds of rain-forest, where dew droplets form countlesspuzzles. This game uniquely tests your logic and strategic thinking, and withincreasing levels of complexity it will keep you entertained for hours.Enjoy Droplets with the following features:- 100 levels.- Great design.- Increasing level of complexity.- Hints.
  9. 9. Droplets
  10. 10. Bubble BirdsThe best interpretation of the classic "Bubble Shooter" game with beautifulgraphics and guaranteed hours of fun! Innovative design, interesting game-play,and relaxing jungle ambiance sounds make this a must-have game on your AndroidDevice. Pop batches of funny looking birds by tossing other birds at them andmatching sets of three or more birds of the same color. Moreover, you can tackyour high scores in the scoreboard. It is so addictive you can play for hours!*Beautiful and extraordinary birds theme graphics*Specifically designed for touch-screen phones*Hours of entertainment on your mobile phone
  11. 11. Bubble Birds
  12. 12. Office RushMind blowing game - simulation of our everyday life in corporate offices. Welcometo the wild frontier of Corporate Office. Think fast in order to rise through thecorporate ranks in this fun and action-packed game. The tasks that you will need toaccomplish will seem simple and mundane at first, but will become non-trivial asyou advance to new levels and get promoted for your achievements.- Funny cartoon graphics.- Original gameplay: action + puzzle.- Easy-to-operate control.- Tortuous mazes of levels.- No advertising.
  13. 13. Office Rush
  14. 14. Magic PuzzlesPuzzle Store is constantly updated collection of original puzzles for the true loversof brainstorming! Download Magic Puzzles, find and choose a theme that you areinterested in: nature, wildlife, history, architecture, art, etc. There are a lot ofthemes in our store and it only depends on your mood what to choose! Puzzleshave always been the best game for family entertainment. Colorful pictures, newopportunities and pleasant music will help you to forget about everyday worriesand will bring a fascinating pastime.
  15. 15. Magic Puzzles
  16. 16. Pandas vs NinjasPandas vs Ninjas - Let the fight begin! Help Pandas battle Ninjas in this fun andinnovative physics-based game! Defend Pandas homeland by fighting Ninjainvaders and destroying their camps. Enjoy highly addictive gameplay and realisticphysics simulation.Enjoy Pandas vs Ninjas with the following features:- Excellent animated graphics.- Japanese theme.- Beautiful sounds.- Great alternative to Angry Birds!
  17. 17. Pandas vs Ninjas
  18. 18. and more games coming soon Zombie Sport – June 2012 (Android) Brain Cube Reloaded – June 2012 (Android, Nokia) Free Billy – June 2012 (WP7) Fantasy Islands – June 2012 (iOS, Facebook), August 2012 (Android)
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention!