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Textual analysis   snow patrol & kings of leon
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Textual analysis snow patrol & kings of leon


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  • 1. -Textual Analysis- Music videos allowing the audience and the fans to integrate with the band onanother level except for their musical work. However music videos are also used to highlight and promote an artist. Music videos allow the artist to cross over into another medium that they might not have considered before. Music videos sole aim is to expand the audience of an artist by reaching them on a newplatform that allows them to identify them often creating a narrative that reflects the content of the song. By entering a new market segment and platform the artists can also increase their audience therefore resulting in an increase of sale of their CD’s and related products. They can also be used during synergy toconnect two separate platforms into a single product that promote two products simultaneously. For instance the use of Paramore’s song Decode that was used for the soundtrack of Twilight so the music video featured clips from the film to creative a narrative and to highlight the synergy between the two separate products. Music videos also allow people to enter the platform with inventiveand creative ideas so the creation of music video’s can be a tool for entry into the market through controversy or success. Album covers are used to connect with the audience and to attract theirattention. Album covers can also be used to carry on an artistidentity or persona for instance they may have a famous logo that they are known of which allows the audience to see that it belongs to that artist. Album covers usually identify what genre an artist is in and what their product may be like separating it from other products. The design of the product may also increase sales, which willbenefit the artist and the producers, as well as possible increasing sales of other artist products. Magazine Adverts for digipaks are used to reach a larger audience as well as away of catching the audience’s attention and trying to increase them to buy theproduct, which can be really effective. They allows the audience to identify withthe artist as well as informing the audience of a product they might of not been aware of. By selecting a magazine that would not normally appeal to your already formed audience you are able to find and form a brand new audienceallowing the product to reach a new audience. They also allow artists to form a new appearance, which they may, not normally identified with allowing the artist rebrand themselves and their music. Snow Patrol – New York Music Video This music video fits into the genre of alternative rock, which is the genre my chosen song for my video will fit into. The song lends itself to the slower end of this genre so this video may be different to other videos within this genre. The style of this video is live action
  • 2. so we create a relationship with the subject throughout the video. The song has a solemn mood to it, which transcends into the music video; this allows a connection to be formed and an in depth feeling to be shared between the audience and the song.The video is filmed within a bar which dark lighting which allows the mood to be created and an atmosphere to develop. The use of lighting also fits to the genreand the tempo of the song, which helps to create juxtaposition between the two. However bright passing movement is shown in the shot so images have some times been manipulated so that the lighting is lighter which allows the funatmosphere that is surrounding him to be shown as the colours connotation is excitement, lust andpassion which are all relevant to the music video and its content. The video also uses red lighting andgreen lights to highlight the contrastin lust and jealousy, which are bothbeing felt by the subject in the video.The video incorporates multiple different codes and conventions that allow thevideo to work well within the genre and within the video itself. The use of dress codes within the video allows me to look at the connection in appearance with the song. The use of dark clothing within the video reflects the nature and the mood of the song and the subject. The dark greens and blacks of the subjectsclothing helps to point out that he is mysterious and emotional which links back to the narrative of the video. The mysterious nature of the man links to the storyline of the narrative as we gain a vague outline of why he is upset but we never fully understand the story to his mood. The mise-en- scene of the bar helps to create a setting that juxtaposes the mood of the song and the subject, which I think is really effective in the feel of the scene. The use of people in the video helps to create a contrast between the mood and the actual events taken place. The narrative follows a linear form allowing a story and sequence to form highlight the subjects loneliness progression throughout the evening despite being surrounded by a group of people. The narrative forms as we see thecamera diverting around the room showing the companionship and enjoyment that is taking place in the room. The video keeps referring back to the main subject allowing us to see the way in which his mood is effective as well as into the way around the others have changed. The narrative of the video is fictionhowever the narrative links back to the lyrics and the mood of the video and the song allowing them to compliment each other.
  • 3. The narrative of the video fits extremely well with the content and the lyrics of the song that helps in the representation of the artist and of the song. The videoattracts the audience a sit allows them to identify and feel for the artist allowingthe song to become more powerful on more levels. The video contains the mood and image that is reflected by the artists and their appearance that allows a juxtaposition to be created. The video is filmed in live action, which allows it to connect with the audience as if they were there as it is not abstract and controversial. The main attraction of this video is that it creates a complete products as well as identifying the story of the song, which will really engage with the audience. Although the video is not a completely lip-synced and doesn’t feature a bandelements of the song are stillused to show the connectionbetween the music video and the song. Within the video there is a shot of a man playing the piano in timewith the track, which demonstrates synchronous sound, which I could use in my music video. The music video also features lip syncing however it is not continuous throughout the music video which allows the lyrics to be told like a story of the character helping to highlight his emotions and traits which issomething I would like to use in my music video to create a connection with the audience. As the music video begins a zoom shot is used to help identify that he is the most important part of the video and the central figure as well ashighlighting the characters loneliness within video linking back to the content of the song. It is shot as if it is from someone’s perspective as people cross paths with the camera helping to highlight the amount of people making the man’s loneliness and emotions become more apparent within the shot. An editing technique is used to speed up the shoot to show the passing of time which is really effective as it shows the correlation between the full bar and the empty bar. This once again highlights the fact that the man is lost and lonely which is links to the lyrics of the song and the songs meaning and message. People are passing the cameras path and shot view once again to highlight the movement and the mood of the bar, which helps to juxtaposition the characters emotions. The video uses cutaways to show the contrast in the mood of the people in thebar and the character, which is something I think, really works in the creation of an atmosphere and a mood, which I think will be really effective if used in my own music video. A panning establishing shot is used to show the environment that that it is set in which really helps to identify the message and the theme of the video.
  • 4. Snow Patrol – Fallen Empires Album Cover The album I have chosen is Fallen Empires by Snow Patrol as this is a band that has a similar sound to the product I hope to produce. This album fits under the genre of Alternative Rock, which is the genre I plan to use in my work. The name Snow Patrol and the title of the album Fallen Empires is placed at the top as a way of identifying the CD as well as identifying the genre the album falls under through the font and the image used. The album has a simple layout,which is something that tends to lend itself to the rock genre, which supports the use of it within this product. This will help the album to gain popularity as well as being easily recognizable to its fans and its audience. The use of the red and black in the text are a convention of the rock genre in album covers as it they haveconnotations of love, passion, death and mystery. It may also have connotation danger that is also supported by the chosen title, which identifies the album as a fallen empire, which createsjuxtaposition between the name and the use of the colour. The use of black for the title of Snow Patrol allows a juxtaposition to be formed again as snow has connotations of white which may represent youth and innocent however the black represents mystery which when in placed with the red creates a completely new meaning for the text andthe album as a whole. The bold text face used fits well with the convention of thealbum being straight rock, as it does not create any fuse or confusion through the title. The basic font may also indicate their music style, as it is very basic and clean which links to their use of simplistic and gentle beats to create their music. The size of the text also helps the titles to stand out without over powering the rest of the cover. The size is dominant on the page but it is not the main part of the page, which really works for the album cover. The text follows the rule of thirds, which allows it to fall into our natural eye line, which will help
  • 5. the title to stand out when looking at the album for purchase.The use of the bird and the sun for the image on the album really helps to make itstand out as it takes up the majority of the album cover whilst allowing the covernot to be completely covered. The use of the bald eagle is extremely important tothe cover as it represents the band increasing their audience as well as spreading their wings which links to the idea of them trying something new musically. The eagle also has connotations of inspiration which links to the idea that they received inspiration for this product that is extremely important to the creative process that took place for this album to be created. The eagle may also link to the idea of America as the album features a song called New York, which is in America. The bald eagle is the American emblem, which creates a connection between the album and the use of the eagle. The eagle also has connotations of freedom, which also links to the use of the sun in the background as they both symbolise life and growth, which are the main subjects of the album. The colouring of the image helps us to identify that the eagle is the most important part of the page through its large present on the cover as well as the choice of the colouring to create mystery within the eagle as well as the use of the orange to create a contrast between the orange and the browns. Both thecolours have a natural feeling and connation’s creating juxtaposition through thepage. The use of the orange and the red help symbolise passion and desire which work well to form an emotion through the image. The album cover does not feature a star or an icon on the album, which allows us to see that the artist, is not caught up in the appearance of the them but in the content, which is the music. The use of the grey as the background works well with the rest of the colours and the images chosen for the cover as it has connotations of being neutral and calm which creates a juxtaposition of the red, oranges and the browns. The representation of the album cover in the rock genre often don’t feature the artist which is a convention that is followed within this album as it simply has a piece of art on the front which is a convention that is followed a lot at themoment as it allows the artists to focus on the work. I think this album reinforcesthis ideal and this convention, which I think, really helps the audience to identifywhich genre it is in. The audience of this CD will be someone who is already a fan of Snow Patrol or a similar artist. People will buy the album as a source of escapism, which is supported by the chosen image on the cover, as it is something you would not see everyday as well as the idea of spreading your wings into the unknown. Blumler & Katz (1974) stated in the uses and
  • 6. gratification that people use media texts as a way of escapism which links well with the context and the visuals for the album cover. Snow Patrol – Fallen Empires Magazine Advertisement There is a clear correlation between the album cover an the advertisement as they both feature the eagle as the main point on the page which allows the album cover and the advert to follow a theme meaning that a clear direction can be seen by the audience allowing the two products to work together and improve each others sales and effect. However in the advert the sun is not at the bottom of the image as the text has replaced it making it the more prominent of the advert. The replacement of the picture allows the text to stand out at the bottom without being cluttered which works well to help the text stand out on the page and attract the audience. The text at the bottom follows the rule of thirds as it allows it to fall in the eye line of the reader, which helps to draw in their attention ultimately increasing sales and interest in the product. The advert is more spread out than the album cover, which allows the information to be looked at in more detail, which helps the information at the bottom to highlight what is on the CD and what other products are availableallowing the audience to have a greater choice, which will hopefully lead to more purchases. The information at the bottom also helpsidentify tracks that have already been released which were successful which helps thereader to recognise tracks they might of already heard as well as the introducing them to already released work. The use of the red text for the specific pieces ofinformation helps it to stand out which helps the advert highlight the key pointsas well as to create a house style, which helps create conformity through out the publication work and the sales work.
  • 7. Back Down South – Kings of Leon Music Video This music video and the song fit into the genre alternative rock which is whatmy chosen song fits into as it this may help me with ideas and plans for my own music video. This video has a country side to it, which is evident in the music video and in the song itself. The style of this video is live action, which allows us to see the progression of a story, which works well to intrigue and interest the audience. The video combines the use of a storyline with shots of the bandplaying their own instruments in a party environment. The video has a fun and reckless feel to it which links to the lyrics and the context of the song creatingunification between the two products. The video is shot over a day so there is a progression of time through the video, which works well to help develop thestoryline and theme of the narrative. The video also features multiple unnamed characters, which allows a dynamic to be created in the video, which covers multiple different circumstances and plans for the night ahead resulting in the party scene at the end.This video features a major convention of rock music videos as it shows the band performing which appears in a lot of music videos. This allows the band to be seen playing their instruments, which may result in people wanting to see them live. The clothing warn but the majority of the male figures in the video have avery strong country them tothem such as plaid and jean which link back the setting of the music video and the context of the lyrics which help to create a continuoustheme throughout the video which helps identify thegenre of the song. The video also features the use of women in shorts which may be seen as a use of the Male Gaze theory stated by Laura Mulvey, which states that scantily clad dressed women may draw an appeal to the male audience which can also be reversed in the use of male figures in the video to attract the female attention so a large audience is appealed to in the video. The songs prominent meaning is about heading back to a home town or city and having a party and catching up with friends and this is something that is show in the music video allowing the audience to connect within the song and the band which helps to translate the
  • 8. meaning indicating the use of the Encoding/Decoding theory stated by StuartHall that producers encode a message into a media text and the audience decode it taking what they need from the product. The use of it in this music videoindicates that the producers what the audience to decode the message of having a fun atmosphere which is decoded within the video by the audience.The narrative of the music video follows theprogression of a variety of peoples days as toward the bands gig that theyattending later that day as well as the cross cuttingbetween the bands gig and the preparations for the gig. The video follows a linear narrative whichhelps the audience to identify an order of events as well as key characters withinthe plot. The narrative is fiction which allows the audience to travel on a journeythat may not have happened in real life developing a back story whilst allowing apassage of time to be created allowing the video to show a journey in detail over a prolonged period of time. The video shows multiple groups of people performing various tasks throughout the day in preparation of the evening’s events. The creation of an end setting in the video allows us to see the various groups of people congregate in one place creating an complete equilibriumwhich fits to Todorov’s Equilibrium which states that each narrative starts which a balance in the equilibrium which is then unbalanced allowing the equilibrium to be restored which allows the video to have a complete narrative. The video contains iconography which allows the video to identify the artist of the song whilst also allowing the audience to gain an interest as they may already be fans of the band which means that they will appreciate theiconography and the use of live instruments in the song to create a more realistic view point. It also allows the audience to understand the genre of the song as well as the style of the band both musically and physically. It may also allow the Male Gaze theory to appear as the audience may be attracted to the band which may help them to create a more in depth interest of the band which will help the band with sales and interest. The video has a clear representation of the southern states of America which helps to create an identity for the music video as well as allowing people from that region to identify with the event s and the people in the video helping to create a clear depiction of the south. The use of
  • 9. late teens and people in their 20’s allows a greater audience to identify with the subjects of the video creating a common interest and knowledge between the two allowing the audience to understand the mood and the style of the music video more in depth.The video uses a lot of cross cutting to show the various people that are featured in the video as well as the band which allows a constant connection to be reinstated within the video creating the progression in the story as well as linking the beginning and the end of the video. The video features a lot of low angle shot partially obstructed which allows the video to have a more realistic feeling as well as giving the video a certain aesthetical feel which is allow expanded through the use of lighting to create a unique feel and look to the video. The camera has a continuous slight movement throughout the wholemusic video which allows me to determine that a tripod was not in the films. Theslight movement helps to exaggerate the realistic element of the video allowing it to connect with the audience better whilst creating a more in depth response from the audience. The video consists heavily of tracking shots allowing the audience to feel as if they are in the music video which allows the connection between the audience and the video to be strengthened which may result in an increase in sales and interest in their products and themselves. Kings of Leon – Come Around Sundown Album CoverThe album cover has the name of the album at the bottom and the name of the band atthe top and these are the only pieces of text upon the page allowing them to be identifiable. The use of a single, simplistic image is a convention within this genre on music album covers as the bands tend to identify themselves more with the musicthen the visuals of the tracks. The use of the single image and the style of the imagehelps us to identify what genre and style thetracks will be so from this we can guess that the music may be rocky with a calm edge which is what the album consists of.The lettering on the page allows us to see what genre that the music fits to as ithas a rock style to it allowing the audience to identify and understand what they might be buying also allowing them to increase their interest which may lead to a purchase of the product based on the style of the cover. The lettering fits with
  • 10. the image on the cover as it follow the theme by using the white whilst also not distorting or changing the layout of the picture creating a central point of thecover. The placing of the text also follows the rule of third which means that our eye line naturally falls towards certain parts of the page utilizing the cover andthe artwork. The choice of font also allows the text to be clear and concise which helps extend the style of the picture creating a complete style throughout the cover. The use of the orange, brown and beige colouring help to create an emotion between the audience and the cover as well as highlighting the mood of the album musically which may entice the audience to buy it. The orange helps to emote a calming feeling which reflects the content of the CD allowing the audience to understand the content of album without listening to it. The use ofthe natural colouring also reflect the content of the CD and the where their music is derived from and the nature in which they live allowing a connection to be formed between the music and the audience. The colour brown has connotations of simplicity which works with the use of such a simple piece of art work to create a clear and clean album cover. Orange has connotations of luxury which works with the idea of the palm trees as they are often seen as a sign of luxury within society allowing a connection to be formed. The use of the two palm tree’s helps to transcend a message of relaxation and tropical nature which creates an idea of escapism which may have been encoded by the producers to allow the audience to see the album as a form of escapism which fits with the Uses & Gratification theory stated by Blumler & Katz that people use media texts as a form of escapism as well as the Encoding & Decoding theory stated by Stuart Hall.The album cover does not contain much representation of the band themselves which means that the product may appeal to a much larger audience then analbum cover with the bands pictures all over it as well as allowing the audience to decided what they think about the music without any preconceived ideas about what they think it might be. The album cover does reinforce the convention of rock album covers not having much on the front allowing the album to form its own identity.
  • 11. Kings of Leon – Come Around Sundown Magazine Advertisement Once again there is a clear correlation between the album cover and the magazine advert as they feature extremely similar colouring and the same font. By using two media texts that have such a clear correlation the two products are connected and the target audience is able to identify the two products and create a connection themselves between the two. Although the two products are similar the advertisement contains a different picture which depicts the edge of the palm tree which is within the album cover. The text however follows a similar layout to the album cover by placing the band name at the top and the album name at the bottom which allows the image to be a fundamental part of the page once again. The replacement of the picture allows the layout to be clearer asit allows the text to be placed in a way that does not conflict with the image. The palm tree once again symbolizes escapism and luxury which reinforces the encoding and decoding theory allowing the audience to create their own idea about what the product symbolizes. The text at the bottomindicates where and when you can by the products whichallow the audience to know the main details about the albumallowing the product to reach a wider audience as well as informing them of specific details. The use of the white text on the background helps the albums text tostand out which will allow the text to be more easily read as well as being clearer from a distance allowing it to grab the attention of the audience as they flick through the magazine. The placing of the text also allows it to follow the rule ofthirds which means that the reader’s attention will be drawn to the specific parts of the page where the key information is. The use of the sales company logo also allows people to create a visual memory of the product which may help them to find the product when it is released on sale. The use of the website address onthe advert also means that the audience may go look on their website which may result in them seeing other Kings of Leon products which allows the audience to increase their interest as well as their purchasing habits.