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Questionaire results presentation.  (2)

Questionaire results presentation. (2)






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    Questionaire results presentation.  (2) Questionaire results presentation. (2) Presentation Transcript

    • Area of Residence Other RoydonSawbridgeworth Ellen BrookingBishop Stortford Harlow 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
    • The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate and examine the responses I gained through myquestionnaire allowing me to understand what my target audience and the general public want from a digipak.The questionnaire allowed me to access and understandwhat the audience want from the music video, the albumpack and the advertisement, by accessing this I can gain a greater understanding which will help my productappeal to the audience. I am hoping that my results help me make vital choices that will effect the content and the design of the digipak.
    • Unempoloyed Gender 5% Employent Status Part Time Worker 10% Male 45% Part Time Female Student 55% 20% Full Time 26-30 Student Age Range 5% 65% 21-25 10% Under 16 Target Audience: 25% My questionnaire results show me that the 55% of my chosen public were female which suggests to me that I should specify my product towards a female audience. However 45% of my chosen public were males though so I 16-20should create an unbalanced product so that it appeals to the 60% largest audience so it appeals to both genders. The majorityof the general public were between the ages of 16-20 which suggest that I should primarily aim for this group in Area of Residence correlation with my product. However 25% of the general public were between the ages of 16 and below suggesting Other that I should also try and make my work appeal to this age Roydon group. From the results of the age range question we can Sawbridgeworthgather that the majority of the people asked are students, this Bishop Stortford idea is supported by the results I gathered which shows me Harlowthat 65% are full time students which suggests they will nothave much disposable income which indicates that the price 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 will have to be low to accommodate my target audience.
    • Purchasing & Viewing Habits: The results on this slide indicate the audiences purchase habits and viewing CD Purchases 2 1 habits which are integral parts of what I am trying to create which allows me 0% 7% to look in depth into my chosen platform and product. The results show that 3 33% of the people I asked bought 6 or more CD’s per month which tell me 6 13% 33% that they are willing to spend money of music products which will help me determine the price of my product as well telling me I may have a lot of 4 20% competition so my product will have to stand out against the other products. 5 My next set of my results shows me that 70% of the people I asked bought 27% their music on iTunes which means I should place emphasis on the sales and advertisement on iTunes to ensure that I gain the maximum sales and interest in the product possible. I should also advertise and place the product for sale in HMV which allows me to cover two different sales platforms as well as Music platform of choice allowing my product to be placed with out similar products that link to the for purchases artist. 55% of my target audience said that they watch at least one music video a day which means that I should place emphasis on the music video as it has a high traffic rate meaning that I can reach the largest audience possible for the Amazon product whilst also allowing me to place advertisement within the product to iTunes utilise the high traffic. When asked about their chosen platform for viewing music videos 50% sais that they use the computer and 45% said they viewed 0 5 10 15 them on TV this suggests to me that I should try and place the video on as many internet viewing platforms as possible as well as placing the music video on at a prime time on television to make sure that the maximum amount of people watch it as possible. Monthly expenditure of Chosen platform for Frequency of video music purchasesiPod watching a music video watching £21-£30 £0-£10 5% Other 15% Once A 30% 5% Month TV 5% Channels 45% Twice A Everyday Computer £11-£20 Week 55% 50% 55% 35%
    • Chosen image for the music video Music Video Data: The results on this page are to do with the creation of my music video and what the audience want to be in the music video and how they want it to look. These results are integral to the creation of my The Tallest Alex Turner digipak as they give me an idea of the image a design that the Man On Earth 25% 30% audience want from their product. When asked about the chosen style and image of the video my target audience selected Dan Flint as 45% of my target audience thought his image was appropriate Dan Flint 45% for the style and genre my product will be placed in. My results show me that 60% of my target audience chose Dan Flint because of the pose which allows me to see the pose and the style of the picture is something that they would like to see be re created in my video. The pose is simplistic which allows me to gain an understanding of what they might want from other products within my digipak. 25% of the people I asked also said that the clothing in the picture was something they wanted to be seen in the video so this allows me to indicate what type of appearance and style I should try and recreate in my music video. I then asked my target audience what they wanted for their narrative in my video which Why was that image allowed to see that they wanted a music video which has a chosen storyline, this allows me to identify what I should place in my music video as well as what the audience are interesting in. Chosen narrative for a music video Clothing One that uses images to represent … 25% One filmed at a live show Pose Hair One that focuses on the artist 60% 15% One which has a storyline 0 5 10 15 20
    • Advertisement Data: The results on this page indicate the results I gathered back about the advert that appealed the most to the audience. This allows me to gain an understanding of what I should place within my advertisement to maximise sales and interest within the digipak. The most popular advert is Mika’s which shows me that I should try and recreate a product that identifies and it similar to his as it was the most noticed and the most popular. From the chosen advertisement I can see that 65% of the people asked chose this cover because of the colours used within the advert which allows me to see that I should use bright colours in my work to try and capture the audiences attention. This resultChosen magazine allows me to identify that the colouring would help advertisment the advert stand out in the magazine which will allow me to attract a larger audience.The Verve 30% Mika Why was that advert chosen 50% Florence & Image The 15% Machine 20% Layout 20% Colour 65%
    • Summary The results I have gathered allow me to see my target audience is between the ages of 16-20 and that my product should be aimed at them. I have alsoidentified that my target audience download their music from computer based sources such as iTunes which allows me to increase my advertisement towards this area of the market. However I shall also release it in hard copy so that the product is available to the wider audience. My results showed me that my music video should follow the idea of having a storyline which is something I am interested in creating.The majority of the people I asked said that they spend £11-£20 per month on CD’s and other music purchasing sites, placed with the idea that my target audience by 5/6 Albums a month I shall have to price my product low or include extra features that will entice my target audience to buy the product.
    • Proposal From the primary research collected I am able to determine what my target audience want from the product allows my product to be more successful and to fulfil the need of my target audience. The results allows me to adapt and edit my initial ideas to fit what I want from my product as well as the target audience. For my album cover and my advertisement I would like to use the a continuous theme which will create a theme throughout the digipak. I plan to create a posterand album cover that use bright colours to entice the audience which I think will bereally effective and will allow me to highlight the key points of the page and create a overall appeal to the product. For my music video I plan to have a storyline that is shot over a period of time to show the progression of a romantic relationship as well as the downfall of therelationship. My music video will be show people looking back at the past as a way of reliving the realtionship.