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Twitter for Your Business Webinar
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Twitter for Your Business Webinar


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Living the TweetLifeLearn the ins and outs of using Twitter for business, fromhow to host a Twitter Chat to turning 140 characters intoinbound links, site traffic, and direct social outreach to howto best optimize your profile and background.Find out more about Ajax Unions products
  • 2. Thank you for signing up for this webinar!
  • 3. HousekeepingPost/comment @ajaxunion(or even @stingraydrienne)Follow up!
  • 4. What Well Be Talking About Today • Why Use Twitter for Your Business? • The Basics of Twitter • How to Set Up a Twitter Profile • Who to Follow • General Dos and Donts • Twitter Chats • Summary/Q&A
  • 5. Why Should Your Business Be on Twitter? • All the cool kids (140 million people) are doing it! • You can address almost any Twitter user directly • You can give updates on company news, engage potential clients/customers in conversation, and address questions and complaints • Find out whats going on with your target market • Its free, easy to use, and fun!
  • 6. Twitter: The Basics This is what a tweet/twitter conversation looks like.
  • 7. Twitter: The BasicsThis is what trending topics look like. Generally theyre sorted withhash tags, but not always.
  • 8. Twitter: The Basics This is what a direct message looks like.
  • 9. How to Set Up a Profile • Twitter Handle (your name on twitter) should be short and descriptive. • Ideally, your Twitter Handle will be your companys name. • DONT Use numbers and symbols in your Twitter Handle. No one will be able to find you! • Use keywords in your Twitter Handle if your company name is unavailable.
  • 10. How to Set Up a Profile A Twitter Profile has 6 components.
  • 11. Who to Follow • Before you start tweeting, you should follow people. • Follow people with interests that match your keywords • Check Twitter Bios DO NOT follow either of these people.
  • 12. General Dos and Donts • DO use a voice that matches your business. • DO tweet about company news and promotions.
  • 13. General Dos and Donts • DO engage users talking about your company, or what your company offers.
  • 14. General Dos and Donts • DONT talk like a robot. • DO tweet 15-25 times a day. • DO link back to your website, but DONT do it all the time. • DO use relevant hashtags and trending topics • DO keep your tweets short • DO address negative tweets about your company
  • 15. General Dos and Donts • DONT ignore tweets directed at you.
  • 16. General Dos and Donts • DO know the difference between an @Reply and an @Mention. • If you send a message to someone and put their twitter handle in the beginning of the message, that’s called an @Reply. The only people who will see those tweets are you, the person you mentioned, and the people who follow BOTH of you. An @Mention has the person’s name later in the tweet and is visible to all of your followers. If you want something to be more public, be sure to use an @Mention.Location, Location, Location!
  • 17. General Dos and Donts • DO take advantage of Twitter features like ReTweet and Favorites.
  • 18. General Dos and DontsDO add a link to your twitter page on yourwebsite!!!!!
  • 19. Twitter Chats!
  • 20. Twitter Chats!ATTEND Twitter Chats! • its super easy! • Theyre easy to find. • Connect with people who have similar interests. • Become an authority.
  • 21. Twitter Chats!HOST Twitter Chats! • its super easy! • build buzz on your twitter handle • moderate the conversation • be consistentSHAMELESS PLUG! • #AjaxUnionTGIF Chat • Fridays. 11:30-Noon. Be there, or be square.
  • 22. Summary • Twitter is AWESOME! Thats why 140 million people are on it • You need to follow others to get followers • Engage with fellow users through @replies, @mentions, and twitter chats (like that super cool #AjaxUnionTGIF chat thats on Fridays from11:30-Noon)! • Link to your website on your twitter page and your tweets. • Link to your twitter page on your website.
  • 23. Follow Up + Q&ADid you love (or... hate?) this webinar? Tell us what you liked ordidnt like on our Facebook page: send us a tweet: any questions?
  • 24. Upcoming Seminar:Email Marketing• Hosted By: CEO Joe Apfelbaum• Register at:• Special Bonus Code: 15 Webinar 129
  • 25. Upcoming Webinars: • Pinterest, Tumblr & Instagram: New Platforms for MarketingOur own Ajax Union marketing mavens, Leslie Beddingfield. Elle Spektor, and ErinMcWhorter will go over incorporating these new platforms into a comprehensive marketingstrategy. They will cover ins and outs of this applications, including the benefits for SEOand direct user interaction.Details: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. EST on January 16thWatch it FREE at: • Video Marketing: Tips, Trends and Best Practices!Joe Apfelbaum, CEO and co-founder of Ajax Union will join the head of And Now Media,John Palacio, for a one-hour webinar presentation highlighting the key steps you shouldtake to put together an effective internet video.Details: 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. EST on January 24thWatch it FREE at:
  • 26. Thank you for attending this webinar!