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In this presentation, Marketing Analysts Elle Spektor and Danielle Ripps demystify the digital marketing frontier by demonstrating how to incorporate diverse strategies to achieve real results. Avoid getting hung up on one kind of strategy and one kind of result and discover how to approach marketing from a holistic business perspective.

• An Executive’s Guide to Marketing Goals: Determining ROI Expectations

• Leverage Search Engines the Right Way: Pick Searchable Business Keywords

• Use Creative Content With Social Media to Brand Your Business and Foster Engagement

• Why Email Marketing Fails: Steer Clear of these Spam-Traps

• Tell Your Story Online With Video: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Multimedia

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Marketing Into Profit

  1. 1. Online Marketing Agency Find out more about Ajax Union: Follow Us On Twitter: Like On Facebook: Connect On Linkedin: Call Ajax Union: 718-569-1020
  2. 2. Elle Spektor | Marketing & Events Coordinator Friend me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: @ElleSpektor Connect with me on LinkedIn:
  3. 3. Danielle Ripps | Marketing Consultant Friend Danielle on Facebook: Follow Danielle on Twitter: @AjaxUnion_Ripps Connect With Danielle on Linkedin:
  4. 4. A Holistic Approach to Online Marketing: Turning Your Marketing Into Profit Find out more about Ajax Union's services at:
  5. 5. Welcome! • Please ask questions at the end • Post/comment on • Tweet @ajaxunion and at #AjaxSeminar • Follow up!
  6. 6. Today’s Agenda Today We Will Go Over… • Setting Your Online Marketing Goals • An SEO Overview: How to Pick the Right Keywords • How To: Jumpstart Your Business With Google AdWords • Creative Content Marketing Strategies • Social Media: Branding and Engagement • Building An Email List: Email Marketing • Tell Your Story With Online Video
  7. 7. Who Does It Right?
  8. 8. Who Does It Right?
  9. 9. How you can do it right and turn a profit!
  10. 10. Setting Your Online Marketing Goals “If you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail.” Be sure to prepare goals for your holistic online marketing agenda, as well as individual strategy-related goals. What Are YOUR Online Marketing Goals?
  11. 11. Common Questions for New Advertisers What is my competitive advantage? How do I get my website in the #1 position on Google? How do I write a great ad? Which keywords should I use? What is my marketing budget? Which strategy should I focus on for my business?
  12. 12. Answers you should have before beginning your marketing strategy How much is a customer worth? What is most important-branding or sales? How do I define success? Who is my target audience? Do I have the bandwidth to support? How much am I willing to spend to acquire a new customer?
  13. 13. California, here we come.
  14. 14. Online Marketing Gives You More Options
  15. 15. Tweet to us: #AjaxSeminar
  16. 16. On-site Search Engine Optimization This screen grab, from, outlines some of the SEO weaknesses on the website. Strengthening on-site SEO is foundational to ranking better long term in search results, and regular maintenance helps keep your site ahead of the curve when search algorithms are updates.
  17. 17. The Anatomy of a Search Results Page Google AdWords Ads Natural, Organic SEO results
  18. 18. 5 Steps To SEO Success 1) Research Your Competitors 2) Target The Right Keywords 3) Make Sure Those Keywords Are On Your Website 4) Build High-Quality Links through adding unique, fresh content that is keyword rich 5) Measure Your Results And Optimize
  19. 19. Google AdWords Tweet to us: #AjaxSeminar
  20. 20. A Paradigm Shift Traditional Advertising Customers Advertising Through Google
  21. 21. Google AdWords 101 AdWords is Google’s online advertising platform that can help you drive interested people to your website.
  22. 22. Google AdWords 101 Google now combs through billions of webpages most relevant to “window repair”
  23. 23. Google AdWords 101 • • • • • Millions of searches on Google each day. Take advantage of them. You create ads for your business and choose when you want them to appear on Google above or next to relevant search results Ads show when someone searches for that search result or related words Ads show when potential customers are most interested in your product or service Customers can see that you’re open for their business
  24. 24. 9 Ways AdWords Will JumpStart Your Business 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Get relevant traffic to your website Only pay when people come to your site Optimize for the keywords that convert Target specific audience Customize your message Spend as much or as little as you like Remarket to those who click on your ad, but did not buy 8. Most effective return on ad spend 9. Measurable ROI Ajax Union has certified Google Trainers and experts. You can get certified, too!
  25. 25. How Can Remarketing Help My Business? • • • • Follows visitors who have been to your site Brings customers back to your page to complete an action Out of sight, out of mind Can target different ads for users who searched different products
  26. 26. Content Optimization Tweet to us: #AjaxSeminar
  27. 27. Content Marketing Does Your Business Have a Content Strategy? Understand your target audience and target content to them ● ● ● ● Tell your company’s story through content Establish yourself as an authority in your industry Post and share relevant news to your audience Remarkable content is rewarded Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links-HubSpot Great content helps move your leads through the buying process.
  28. 28. But How Do I Make Content Great? Ajax Union’s Three Pillars Of Quality Content Create Original Content Google’s algorithm update prevents bad content from ranking highly. Your ideas should be original! Write Powerful Headlines 80% of people will read your headlines. But only 20% of those people will read the content! Add Pictures and Video Add pictures and videos that help add value. It will enhance your readers’ experience.
  29. 29. 4 Content Marketing To-Do’s 1. 2. 3. 4. Create a Content Marketing Mission Statement Ask “Why?” for Each Channel You Use Make Sure Your Team Is On The Same Page Tell a Different Story! Ajax Union: Helping Business Owners Grow Their Companies Online Through Internet Marketing Services And Informational Marketing Content Procter & Gamble: “Enabling women to have more quality time with their families” 10 Million subscribers. Short recipes and home organization tips meet the overall, editorial mission.
  30. 30. Where Can You Use Great Content? Content for your company can be presented in a variety of media, including: • Blogging • Articles • Press Releases • eBooks • Infographics • Case studies • How-to guides • Live Events •Webinars “Marketing Is Impossible Without Great Content.”
  31. 31. So You Have Content. Now What?
  32. 32. Social Media Tweet to us: #AjaxSeminar
  33. 33. Social Media: Branding and Engagement Social media can help you… • Brand your business – Demonstrate credibility – Highlight existing products/projects/promotions – Showcase customer service • Build a targeted fan base of potential customers • Build an organic list • Stay top of mind with current and potential customers • Having a Facebook, Twitter, etc. is essentially as important as having a website.
  34. 34. SM campaigns vs. "doing social media" Step 1: Figure Out Why You Want To Be On Social What am I trying to accomplish? • Generate sales/conversions • Boost fans/follows/connections/etc. • Brand your business • Collect email addresses for later marketing • Support SEO A social media campaign goes beyond tweeting your heart out or even designing a custom Facebook application. It is a goal-oriented, measurable strategy to boost your business via social networks.
  35. 35. SM campaigns vs. "doing social media" Step 2: Define Strategy - How am I going to achieve my goals? ● Pick your social networks ○ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. ● Determine a marketing calendar and strategy ○ Holidays? Promotions? ● Itemize resources ○ Ad budget, time, cross promotions, promotional ideas
  36. 36. SM campaigns vs. "doing social media" Step 3: Define Tracking - How can I measure the success of my campaign? • Figure out what you are going to use and when you are going to check it • Tools of trade: Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, website's backend, Email Service Provider
  37. 37. The Big 4 Social Networks These are the 4 Networks we’d recommend getting started with:
  38. 38. Rear View Safety Example What can you do to improve your social marketing strategy?
  39. 39. Social Media Content What kind of content should I post on social media? • Product-Service-Company 35% • Fun and Entertaining 20% • Engagement-Oriented 13% • Informative and Useful 15% • Culturally Significant 10% • Social Awareness 10%
  40. 40. Great Social Media Campaigns
  41. 41. Email Marketing Tweet to us: #AjaxUnionSeminar
  42. 42. Building An Email List: Email Marketing • • • • • Make sure your website has an opt-in registration to your join your email list Ask for a co-sponsored email from an online content site Use sites like LinkedIn, JigSaw, Lead411 and other lead directories to find leads Manage a template email that your sales team can use to send to contacts found in lead directories. Should you buy a list?
  43. 43. Choose an ESP Five Things to Consider When Choosing an Email Service Provider. • Make sure the provider’s application is intuitive and easy to use. • Research ESP prices so you can accurately estimate your costs. • Can you keep your send lists organized and maintained through your account? Find out! • Will they manage responses, remove opt-outs from future lists, and provide tracking reports? • What type of lead nurturing software do they offer so that you can manage contacts as they move through your email marketing and into your sales cycle? WE RECOMMEND:
  44. 44. Optimize Your Call To Action • Eye-catching; first thing readers see • Easy to understand • Above-the-fold • Link to the proper landing page •Offer value-promotion, etc. • Have a simple registration form
  45. 45. Dissecting an Email Campaign Template
  46. 46. Video Marketing Tweet to us: #AjaxUnionSeminar
  47. 47. Video Marketing Figures & Stats YouTube is the second largest Search Engine! • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month • Allows audience to get to know you, your company, and products • Highlight specific products and promotions • Can target potential customers on YouTube “People spend 20 seconds on video.”
  48. 48. Putting Video on Your Website • Having videos on your site helps improve your conversion rate! • Video Types and Placement: General company video – perfect for homepage! Product videos – specific product pages Fun videos – great for an ‘About Us’ page
  49. 49. Product Videos on Your Website • Ideas for product videos: – More views and angles of a product – Instructional/how-to video for the product – Testimonials/reviews about the product from past customers Orabrush is the first product to go from no sales online or offline, to nationwide retail distribution just using YouTube. WATCH:
  50. 50. Check out GrowTime! A web series where CEO Joe Apfelbaum talks about business, marketing, and technology!
  51. 51. Check Out Our YouTube Channel
  52. 52. Tying it All Together: Final Thoughts Each of these strategies is only one slice of the orange… use these marketing strategies in conjunction with one another for faster, more effective results! • • • • • • • SEO PPC Social Content Email Video Much, Much More!
  53. 53. Take Away Marketing is all about testing! Focus on your goals, know who you are looking to target, and how much you are able to invest. Online marketing is extremely measurable-find out what works and use that to your advantage. • Focus on goals • Know your audience • Track your data
  54. 54. Quick Recap Today We Discussed… • Setting Your Online Marketing Goals • An SEO Overview: How to Pick the Right Keywords • How To: Jumpstart Your Business With Google AdWords • Creative Content Marketing Strategies • Social Media: Branding and Engagement • Building An Email List: Email Marketing • Tell Your Story With Online Video
  55. 55. SPECIAL BONUS!
  56. 56. 2014 Digital Marketing Panel Look for an email tomorrow morning for one complimentary seat to our digital marketing panel! For more events, visit
  57. 57. Thank you! Find out more about Ajax Union: What Strategies Are YOU Going to Implement TODAY?
  58. 58. Find out more about Ajax Union: Questions? Comments? Concerns?