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Dublin march 2013
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Dublin march 2013






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Dublin march 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 2. SATURDAY 9THWe met at our school at 7 a.m. because we had to take theplane at 11:30 a.m. We arrived in Dublin at 2 o’clock and wewaited for the Italian students. Then we all went to the hotel todrop our bags and settle there. We met the German studentsthere.• In the afternoon we went to visit the capital of Ireland, Dublin.There we met the Irish and Swedish students. The Irish studentsshowed us Trinity College (university) and then we wentshopping.• In the evening we met and went out for dinner to a Chineserestaurant (buffet), there we were supposed to mix with otherstudents, so we did it and we had a really good time. Finally wewent to the hotel to sleep.
  • 3. SUNDAY 10TH• On Sunday, we got up at 7:00 in the morning to have breakfastso that at 9:20 we could catch the bus to go to Dalkey castle.• In Dalkey the teachers left us some time off to visit the town, butit was very cold so we went to a cafe and drank coffee.• After that we did a tour in the Dalkey Castle where people weredressed like in the Middle Ages and they showed us how theylived.• At 12:00, we went to lunch at Café Tramyard in Dalkey wherewe ate tomato soup and sandwiches.
  • 4. • After lunch we took a bus to county Wicklow, where wesaw the beach at Bray and some students set foot in thewater.• At about 3:00 we went to Glendalough by bus, to visit themonastic settlement. We visited the museum and then all ofus went for a walk where we could see the typicallandscape and weather of Ireland.• It was a very nice walk and the landscape was gorgeous.• At 7:30, we were ready for dinner at the hotel with all thestudents, and we could choose what we wanted for dinner.
  • 5. MONDAY 11TH• We woke up early, we had breakfast and we took the bus togo to school.• Once there, the irish students welcomed us.• We began the presentations.
  • 6. • The presentations took 2 hours (approximately) we had abreak and then we got in groups (BNW, art, technological,dictionary, calendar).• At 12:50 we had lunch which was prepared by the Irishstudents. The menu included:- Vegetable cream- Spaghetti bolognese or risotto- cake and coffee with biscuits.• Everything was delicious.• In the afternoon we went to Dublin, where we wentshopping, when we finished shopping (at 7:30approximately) we went to a pub/restaurant called 0’Shea`sMerchant to have dinner and there we learnt how to danceIrish dancing.• After that we went to the hotel and we went to sleepbecause we were so tired.
  • 7. The structure represents the castes in Brave NewWorld and the different colours that distinguishthem.It was built by the Irish students.
  • 8. TUESDAY 12TH• We woke up at 7:30, we had breakfast and we took the bus at8:30.• We went to school and we went to the sports hall to talkabout the work we had to do. Then we got in groups and wedid the work.• We had lunch in Palmerstown house at 12:25• We returned to school and a story teller came and told storiesto us. We enjoyed them very much and the story teller wasreally good.
  • 9. We finished the work in groups and then we put in common thework we’d done.After the presentations we went to a shopping centre and we haddinner there.We came back to the school and some students made a talentshow which was really enjoyable. The Comenius students sang‘Molly Malone’, a typical Irish song and all the school sang along.Then we had a little break and we went back to the hotel.There, we went to a room and had a party concluding with aharlem shake.We went to bed at 1 o’clock.
  • 10. WEDNESDAY 13THWe woke up at half past seven more or less and we hadbreakfast at eight oclock in the hotel.At half past eight we said goodbye to the German students.Then, we took a bus to Dublin, and when we got there, we saidgoodbye to the Swedish students and teachers.
  • 11. There we went shopping until one oclock. Then, we took abus to the hotel, we took our luggage and we went to theairport with the Italian students, at two oclock.At three oclock we had lunch with the Italians and saidgoodbye to them at four oclock.At five fifty(Irish time) we took the plane and arrived atnine oclock(Catalan time) at Barcelona Airport. Then wesaid goodbye and everyone went home.
  • 16. • The hotel was excellent• When we arrived at the school, all the Irish students wanted apicture of Spanish and Italian boys.• All the students have to wear a uniform at school.• There was always warm water in the toilets• You have to be careful in the streets because the cars andbuses drive on the left.• The traffic lights gave a short time to cross the road.• The weather is changing constantly, it’s difficult to choose theclothes every morning.• If the weather is bad, they aren’t wearing many clothes toget warm.
  • 17. • We noticed that there are few differences betweenthe students depending on the country from wherethey are. For example, the Italians and the Catalans,were very open but they had a lower English level andthey were imaginative and creative. On the otherhand, the Irish, the German and the Swedish, were a bitmore shy, they had very good English level and weremore respectful. In fact, everyone was very kind andrespectful with everyone else. All in all, everyone did agreat job!• We are very happy with this experience, becauseeveryone was very kind, funny, welcoming, hospitable,and amazing. The Irish teacher and the studentsworked very hard for us, for which we are very gratefulto them.• The hotel room was awesome and the hotel staff wasvery kind.