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Codes and conventions of opening sequences 2
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Codes and conventions of opening sequences 2


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  • 1. Codes and Conventions of Opening Sequences By Ella Kenny 12k
  • 2. The Codes and conventionsThe purpose of an openingsequence title sequence is toestablish the mood and visualcharacter of a film andintroduce the viewer to all orsome of these elements:•Characters•Locations•Narrative/Plot•Themes•Visual•Genre
  • 3. Juno (2007) Juno is a 2007 low budget comedy-drama film following a 16 year old who faces an unplanned pregnancy. It opens with Ta tracking shot that follows Junos movement at a We are presented with the production walking pace company at the very beginning.The opening sequence took 7- 8 months tocreate, its an animated and took inspiration from1970s vintage punk rock posters. They wantedthe opening sequence to be edgy and havetexture
  • 4. Analysis on JunoThroughout the rest of the sequence we see Juno walking and different angles showing her and other titles, the cast of the film and production companies. They are all in the same, sketched looking font, emphasizing her weird personality. 900 Hand cut images were composited on the background to create the title sequence As Juno walks behind a tree during the tracking shot, the setting on the other side of the tree is the same place but it now looks like it’s been drawn, as if Juno is walking in a cartoon world. This emphasizes her feelings and how separate she is from other teenagers and also shows her laid back attitude. The tracking shot stops on the ‘fox searchlight’ writing, as Juno walks out of shot. The font type also looks hand drawn adding to the cartoon effect of the sequence.
  • 5. Analysis on JunoA main convention is for the In the first few seconds weaudience to relate the title to the learn Juno is going on a walkfilm. In the opening to Juno it is quite and it could connote thechildlike and similar to the comic journey we embark with Junobook theme; making links between in the filmthe main character Juno and the filmJuno is seen as a coming of age film.The comic book esque theme couldalso suggest the plot; that Juno is tonaive and is to immature to have a The mise en scene in the openingbaby sequence is very important because it allows us to meet the main character before the film has even started. It sets the mood and atmosphere; possibly from Junos perspective
  • 6. The opening sequence canalso be used to show the The dull background couldlocation, we can see the connote the plot andleaves are falling off the suggest that Juno is stucktrees and blowing in the in a very placid lifestyle butwind. her red costume contrasts this
  • 7. CostumeJuno is wearing quite unflattering unisexcostume which could suggest herpersonality; she is not shallow or vain.Later on in the sequence we see herdrinking from a sunny D bottlesuggesting a stereotypical teenage diet
  • 8. SoundThe song used in the openingsequence is “All i want you” ByBarry Louis Pollisark, thebackground music is quite animportant part of the opening ofthe film as the whole film has avery similar sounding soundtrackand are used regularly. The wholesequence last the same length asthe song which also matches thecalmness of the opening. Thedownbeat love song connotesJunos character as she isportrayed as naive and thoughtful