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  • 1. brush my brush comb my cook hair teeth hair do do laundry drink fluid (have)eat homework breakfast (have)eat lunch (have)eat exercise feed the dinner dog floss get get go to bed dressed undressed iron listen listen to play piano music put on read shave study make up take a vacuum walk the wash my shower dog face
  • 2. Job Actions
  • 3. wax weld Actions and Movements argue barbeque beg bite bounce bow build bully buy clap close crawl
  • 4. cry dance dig dive draw drive drop fight fish float fly golf help hide hop hug hunt ignore juggle jump kiss kneel knock laugh
  • 5. lift marry measure open pick up play point present propose push ride scold scratch scream shake share shout sing sit down skate ski skip smile speak English stand up swat swim take
  • 6. tear think throw turn off turn on walk wave write Buildings and Places Around Town appliance bakery bank barber store shop bookstore bus depot café car dealership church clinic clothing coffee store shop
  • 7. concert convenience copy daycare hall store centre deli department drugstore dry cleaner store farm fire station flower furniture shop store gas station hair hardware health club dresser store hospital hotel jewelry Laundromat shop
  • 8. library motel movie museum theatre nightclub park parking lot pet store photo shop pizzeria post office record shop restaurant school shoe store shopping mall supermarket theatre toy store travel agent video store zoo
  • 9. Holydays Christmas a festive angel angel candle house ornament candy cane Christmas Christmas Christmas bow gift house Christmas Christmas dancing elves at stockings tree elves work fun in the holly mistletoe ornament snow Rudolph Rudolph Santa Santa and and Mrs. Claus friends
  • 10. Santa in Santa Santa with small the leaving reindeer Christmas chimney gifts gift snowman snowman star three bells ornament two bells wreath Easter Easter Easter Egg Easter egg eating an basket hunt Easter egg hiding The Easter eggs Bunny
  • 11. Halloween black cat cowboy ghost graveyard haunted Jack O monster pirate house Lantern pumpkin skeleton trick or trick or treat treating witch witch on a wizard zombie broom Valentines
  • 12. blowing Cupid daisy heart kisses heart-guy hug kiss offering chocolates offering pansy petunia rose flowers Types of entertainment adventure bluegrass blues cartoon children's classical comedy comedy program music film country drama drama film folk music music
  • 13. foreign game gospel heavy film show metal jazz musical news pop program rap rock sitcom talk show war film western Describing People and Things beautiful / blind clean / dark / ugly dirty light
  • 14. difficult / fancy / fat / thin full / easy plain empty good / bad handsome heavy / large / / ugly light small low / high married / messy / narrow / single neat wide new / old old / open / quiet / young closed loud rich / poor selfish sharp / shiny / dull dull
  • 15. similar slow / fast soft / hard straight / curly tall / short thick / thin tight / loose Feelings and Conditions aggressive angry annoyed bloody bored brave clever cold comfortable confused cool crushed
  • 16. dead disappointed disgusted frustrated full happy heartbroken hot hungry jealous late nervous pleased proud rude sad scared serious shocked sick similar surprised thirsty tired tired unconscious violent worried Prepositions
  • 17. above across behind between from down in in front into near next to on out of over under up Jobs and Occupations accountant actor actress architect
  • 18. artist baker barber bricklayer bus driver butcher carpenter cashier chef coach computer construction programmer worker courier custodian data delivery processor person dentist doctor electrician fireman fisher foreman gardener hairdresser
  • 19. housekeeper journalist lawyer letter carrier librarian mechanic model musician newscaste nurse painter pharmacist r photographer pilot plumber police officer real estate receptionist repair salesperson agent person
  • 20. sanitation scientist seamstress secretary worker security stock clerk surgeon tailor guard taxi driver teacher translator travel agent truck vet waiter waitress driver welder zoo keeper