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Rioldan manufacturing service_request_22_part2(1)

  1. 1. -Running head: RIORDAN MANUFACTURING SR-22 -2 Part 1 Riordan Manufacturing SR-22 2 Part Reinaldo Burgos BSA375 December 09, 2012 Ilka Kawashita
  2. 2. RIORDAN MANUFACTURING SR 22- 2 Part 2 Riordan Manufacturing Service Request 22 2 Part After theprevious meeting we discussed many important subjects that required additionalresearch to present the safe way to process the transitions of new changes. Alsowe had revieweddifferent data flow that will work in the best of improve the proper handling between RiordanManufacturing and the plants related to ensure the best relation between each department. It willimprove the communication in Riordan and save money and time after the final implementation. Security Controls Security should be a high level of concern in any project. "Security is primarily theresponsibility of the operations group, which consist of the staff responsible for installing andoperating security controls such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and routine backup andrecovery operations" (Dennis, Wixom, & Roth, 2009). However, system developers also have aresponsibility when it comes to security; especially within the information systems. Data: All data must be kept secure and confidential. Any company data including companypolicies and procedures, as well as, employee data containing employment information will beheld responsible under Riordan Manufacturing. Any forms of data that belong to the companyare proprietary; therefore, data encryption and passwords will be utilized to allow authorizationto access the data. If any form of data were to be intercepted into the wrong hands, this can bedetrimental to the organization. “Lawsuits alone would easily exceed $10 million and the cost ofstaff to find and reenter paper records would be enormous and certainly would take more than afew weeks" (Dennis, Wixom, & Roth, 2009).
  3. 3. RIORDAN MANUFACTURING SR 22- 2 Part 3 Processes:Some processes, such as the application process would benefit from usingthird-party software. This will allow Riordan Manufacturing to have the security guarantee fromthe third-party vendor. Using COTS will allow Riordan Manufacturing to save time becauseprograms are already developed and can get some training and services included in them, and itwill be a long term investment that will also save money. For any additional program or softwarethat need to cover special projects can be consider an in-house development. Interfaces: "Interface design is the process of defining how the system will interact withexternal entities e.g., customers, suppliers, other systems" (Dennis, Wixom, & Roth, 2009).System interfaces are also capable of exchanging information with other systems andthereforerequire a high level of security. This security can be achieved by incorporating passwordrequirements to unlock confidential and private documents, such as employee files and companytax records. This would help prevent internal security threats of employees attempting to accessanother employees computer. Network:One recommendation is to incorporate a company-widedatabase, accessibleonly via a virtual local area network (VLAN), which allows employees to view and update somebasic level information that would be subject to verification by a payroll clerk or supervisor.Such access will required security protection thru the use of username and password. To obtainmore detailed informationit will required an authorized payroll clerk or supervisor. At the sametime, to obtain that information is important to provide three-factor authentication method: suchas username with password and a fingerprint scan to obtain those highly confidential records. Inaddition, the third-party organizations that administer Riordan employee’s benefits such as their
  4. 4. RIORDAN MANUFACTURING SR 22- 2 Part 4health benefits and workers compensation should be audited on a yearly basis for accuracy andcompetitiveness. It will ensure the utilization of the most accurate processes withintheorganization. Physical Data Flow Diagrams While designing the application logic of the information system, the implementationdecisions describing how the system will work. Physical data flow diagrams show theseimplementation details, including “data stores that refer to files and database tables, programs orhuman actions that perform processes, and the physical transfer media for the data flows”(Dennis, Wixom, & Roth, 2009). Maintaining a clear and proper implementation it will providethe service expected with the simple and clear results.(TIBCO Software Inc., 2001)
  5. 5. RIORDAN MANUFACTURING SR 22- 2 Part 5 After this process there will be a new meeting next week to discuss any additionalinformation about the process and implementation of final changes. Riordan is seeking to resolvethose issues in the short time as possible and we will ensure to satisfy all the needs in the safeand secure process.
  6. 6. RIORDAN MANUFACTURING SR 22- 2 Part 6 ReferencesApollo Group, Inc. (2012). Virtual Organization Portal: Riordan Manufacturing. Retrieved from, A., Wixom, B. H., & Ruth, R. M. (2012).Systems Analysis and Design (5th ed.). Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.Khosrowpour, M. (1999). Managing information technology resources in organizations in the next millennium. Idea Group Inc (IGI).Riordan Manufacturing. (2012). Retrived July 28, 2012, from Software Inc. (2001). Business process. (pp. 10-15). Palo Alto, CA: Global Headquarters. Retrieved from design_tcm8-2399.pdf