Sense and sensibility


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Sense and sensibility

  1. 1. The Novelist 1775-1817
  2. 2. Jane Austen’s book describe, with a quiet but sharp sense of fun, a world she knew well: middle–class with daughters in need of husbands.The perfect husband is young andhandsome, loves music and literature, andis good at dancing. More importantly, hehas plenty of money and a fine countryhouse.
  3. 3. The wars in Europe at the time of these stories do not enter the picture. It was a time when women did not go out to work but stayed home and had children.When daughters were fifteen or sixteen, itwas time to find the right young man foran engagement and then marriage.
  4. 4. Jane Austen found success with her first book Sense and Sensibility (1811) , which she wrote fifteen years earlier when she was twenty.At the age of the forty-two, Jane becameill and died in Winchester.
  5. 5. The Book
  6. 6. The Film
  7. 7. Colonel EdwardBrandon Ferrars Elinor DashwoodMarianneDashwood A film of Sense and Sensibility was made in 1995, with Emma Thomson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman
  8. 8. Mr Dashwood has died and left his house to his son from his first marriage.The son, John and his wife, Fanny, do notwant the second Mrs Dahswood and herthree daughters to stay in the house.
  9. 9. Quickly Elinor and Edward Ferrars became friends.Elinor loves a quiet, kind youngman, Edward Ferrars. Edwardseems to like Elinor too.
  10. 10. Sir John Middleton, a relative from Devon, in the west of England. He wanted to offer their a house no far from his large house, Barton Park.Mrs Dashwood still hoped for some moneyfrom John, but he did not give themanything.
  11. 11. In their new home… Marianne and Margaret decided to climb a high hill together, near the house. They began to run fast down the hill. Margaret go to the bottom, but Marianne fell and could not get up again.A gentleman was walking near them withhis dog. He saw the accident, andimmediately came to help them.
  12. 12. One day, there was a plan to visit Whitwell, Some friends of Colonel Brandon lived there. But during breakfast, Colonel Brandon came in with a letter, He went to London immediately to finish some important business.Willoughby was there to say goodbyebecause he is going back to London.Marianne was very unhappy.
  13. 13. Mrs Jennins lived in London for part of each year, and she invited Marianne and Elinor to visit her there .They arrived in London. Marianne wrote aletter to Willoughby, but there was noreply.
  14. 14. Before lunch, a letter came – a reply from Willoughby. Marianne took it to her room, and Elinor followed.Marianne was lying on the bed, almostscreaming in pain. Elinor took the letterand read it: “I am sorry, but you mustunderstand. I am engaged, and will soonget married.”
  15. 15. On the other hand … Edward and Lucy Steele are secretly engaged.Elinor: I do feel strongly forEdward. Yes, I loved him, and itwas very painful. They have all hurtme too.
  16. 16. They wanted to go home very much now, after two months in London. Colonel Brandon was coming too.They were in Cleveland, only one day’s journeyfrom Barton. There, Marianne walked throughthe wet grass and far away into the wilder partof the park. After four days, she caught a terriblecold.
  17. 17. For a few days, it was just an ordinary cold. But the Marianne got much worse. She had a terrible headache and a fever, and began to say strange things.Every day now Marianne got a little better,and at last they were able to return to herhouse at Barton. Colonel Brandon openedhis heart to her and told her about his love.
  18. 18. They saw a man on a horse, was it the Colonel? He was coming to visit them very soon. But, no! - it was Edward.He said that his brother and MissLucy Steele are married now. Then,Elinor jumped to her feet and ran outof the room. Three hours later, she andEdward were engaged.
  19. 19. Elinor and Edward had very happy years together.Marianne soon loved Colonel Brandon withall her heart.
  20. 20. The End