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Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
Podcasting rss
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Podcasting rss


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Podcasting and RSS
    • 2. What is a Podcast?
      iPod + Broadcast=Podcast
      An audio recording that is distributed via the internet.
      It can be downloaded and listen to via a PC or mobile device
      It has a syndicated feed that uses RSS to pull the files to the user
    • 3. Types of Podcasts
      Audio (MP3 format)
      Enhanced Audio-with images (Mv4 format)
      Video (mpg4 or mov format)
      PDF (ebooks)
    • 4. Skills learned from Podcasting
      Collaboration skills : working in groups on different segments of the podcast, tying in and back to a story that was developed by the entire class.
      Writing skills: creative & descriptive writing, sequencing, editing and revising scripts
      Speaking skills: speaking slowly, fluently, clearly and with expression in their voices
      Presentations skills: being able to express themselves orally
      Communication skills: being able to convey and teach information to others (not only in their physical location and presence, but also in virtual time and from places around the world.
      Oral fluency: increase awareness of their voice, speed and its rhythm.
      Auditory skills: practice listening skills, address auditory learning styles
      (Digital) storytelling skills: being able to weave information and facts preciously learned into a creative story, form a “relationship” with the content presented, entertain others through creative narrative.
      Media literacy: different types of podcasts (narrative, informational, storytelling, conversational, collaborative, interview style, etc), understanding different components of a podcast episode, being able to express themselves in different media.
      Information literacy: integrating, expressing and transmitting information in a variety of media.
      Technology skills: exposure to sound editing software, such as Garageband
    • 5. 7 top job skills of 2011
      Critical Thinking and Problem-solving
      Collaboration Across Networks and Leading By Influence
      Agility and Adaptability
      Initiative and Entrepreneurialism
      Effective Oral and Written Communication
      Accessing and Analyzing Information
      Curiosity and Imagination
    • 6. Ideas for Podcasts
      Personal Narratives, Original Work..Poetry
      Mock Conventions or Science Fairs
      Oral histories
      Vocab and/or concept practice
      Brainstorming Sessions
      Overview of unit
      Oral Reports or Speeches
      Radio Theater or broadcasts
      Radio commercials
      Newscast-Information for parents
    • 7. Our First Podcast
    • 8. Sample Classroom Podcasts
      Educators Podcasting Network
      Wes Fryer’s Podcasting Site
      Poems in Your Pocket (made with cell phones)
      Podcastingwith 2nd Graders
      Series of Podcasts by 1st Graders at Lincoln Elementary
    • 9. 1st Grade Podcast: Weekly Update
    • 10. 1st Graders: Animal Podcasts
      Students did research and wrote a report on an animal they chose. They picked pictures to go with their report and recorded their podcasts.
    • 11. 2nd grade lesson plan on using parent cell phones for podcasting at zoo field trip
    • 12. 1st Grade Podcast: Character Study
      I had started reading a chapter book called Vacation under the Volcano by Mary Pope Osborne from the Magic Tree House series with them.
      The idea was to pretend that we were interviewing Jack and Annie, the two main characters, about their latest adventure that had taken them to Pompeii.
    • 13. Podcasting Process
      Decide on the “type” of podcast
      Radio broadcast, Radio Theater, Interview…etc
      Write a pitch
      Paragraph on “this is a podcast about…”
      Get it approved by teacher, then…
      Write a script
      Get the Media
      Images, sounds, music…etc
      Practice, Practice, Practice
      Record the Podcast
      Post to the web
    • 14. How can I listen to a podcast?
      Rich Site Summary OR Real Simple Syndication.
    • 15. Podcasting Rubric
    • 16. Professional Education Podcast: For Professional Development
    • 17. Let’s Podcast
    • 18. Screencasting
    • 19. What is a screencast?
      Video tutorial of a computer-based activity
    • 20. Resources for Screencasting
    • 21. Screencasting Assignment
      Create a screencast tutorial of how-to use the web2.0 resource you selected for your web2.0 Smackdown.
      It should include:
      How to get started
      The different features of the resource
      How to create and finish the product
      Embed to our class wiki and your blog before July 24th