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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Connecting Student Cell Phones to Classroom Learning Liz Kolb University of Michigan & Madonna University [email_address] Twitter: lkolb Liz’s Contact Information Send New Text Message to: 50500 In Message Kolb
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4. Meet Liz…
    • Taught 7 th -12 th Grade Social Studies in Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Taught High School technology courses in Columbus, OH.
    • Former High School Technology Coordinator and Integration Specialist in Columbus OH.
    • Currently Adjunct Assistant Professor at Madonna University-Teaches Ed Tech Courses to in-service Teachers in the Master’s program.
    • Currently Finishing Doctorate at University of Michigan. Teaches Ed Tech Courses to preservice teachers.
    • Author: “Toy to Tool: Connecting Student Cell Phones to Education”
  • 5. Mobile Note taking and Organization
    • Using your cell phone to create speech to text reminders, emails, twitters, scheduled items on web-based calendars, get translations, and more!
  • 6. Mobile Note taking and Organization
    • Create an account
    • Send Emails
    • Transcription
    • Translation
    • Post to your Google Calendar, get SMS reminders of your events.
    • Create reminders
    • Listen to any website or news feed
  • 7. Mobile Note taking and Organization Project: Student’s Mobile Scheduling
    • High School Technology Students
    • Used
  • 8. Project #1: Set up Dial2do
    • Create an Account
    • Log in to
    • Try to send yourself an email or a reminder
    • Try a few other features
  • 9. Activity #2: : Google Cal to Cell Phone via Dial2do
    • How to…
  • 10. Step 1: Set up a Google Calendar (you can import your iCal or Outlook Calendar right in). Login to Click on CALENDAR
  • 11. Create an account if you do not have a Google Account. If you do, Sign In.
  • 13. Add Details Click on CREATE CALENDAR
  • 14. Click on SETTINGS
  • 15. Liz Kolb Click on MOBILE SETUP
  • 16. Liz Kolb ADD a SMS Reminder Click on SAVE
  • 17. Liz Kolb Log in to Click on DO MORE
  • 18. Liz Kolb Click on ORGANIZE Click on MORE next to Calendar
  • 19. Liz Kolb Change provider to GOOGLE Click on SAVE
  • 20. Liz Kolb Grant Access to your Google account
  • 21. Liz Kolb TRY IT: Cal Dial2do 1-213-325-2615 and say “Calendar” then schedule something! You can also “Listen to Calendar”
  • 22. Text Message Alerts!
    • Sending out mass text messages to large or small groups of people.
  • 23. Text Message Alerts!
    • http://
    • Create your own Text Message “Keyword” Alert.
    • TRY Liz’s Alert
    • TEXT: 41411
    • In Message: gomobile
  • 24. Text Message Alerts: Work Well For…
    • “ Alert” subscriptions for parents, PTO groups, community groups, and students to get immediate information such as school closing, early dismissal, or other pressing news.
    • Student project campaigns (such as advocacy or informational)
    • Keeping track of students on field trips/outside of school activities.
    Liz Kolb
  • 25. Liz Kolb Login to: Click on GET STARTED
  • 26. Liz Kolb Pick a uniquename (easy one) Create a welcome message (you can change this later) Click on CREATE
  • 27. Liz Kolb Create an account
  • 28. Liz Kolb Click on EDIT
  • 29. Try out your Alert
    • Text to: 41411
    • In Message: KEYWORD
    • Send
    Liz Kolb
  • 30. Liz Kolb In Manage Check your Statistics, change your alerts, send an alert, send an email
  • 31. Liz Kolb Send Alert from Cell Phone Text to: 41411 In Message: ALERT KEYWORD your message here...
  • 32. Make any website mobile!
    • Login to
  • 33. Click on For Blogs. .
  • 34. Paste in your website link
  • 35. Mobile Conference Recording: Works Well For…
    • Documenting Parent-Teacher conferences.
    • Documenting Teacher or Staff interviews.
    • Holding a call-in “parent’s” night to vent/talk about issues.
    • Allowing parents to call-in to listen to open house or listen to the mp3 file if they cannot attend.
    • Any “private” conference/exchange that you would like documented.
    Liz Kolb
  • 36. Free Conference Pro
    Liz Kolb