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Odyssey Odyssey Presentation Transcript

  • The Odyssey By Homer
  • Epic Long, narrative poems that tell of the adventures of heroes who in some way embody the values of their civilizations  Impressive hero  Involves physical world and sometimes the land of the dead as well  Quest or journey taken in search of something of value
  • The Iliad The prequel to The Odyssey Story of the Trojan War of 1200 BC  Odysseus was a war hero of this war  He devised the plan of the Trojan Horse that led to the fall of Troy  The Gods favored Troy, so they cursed him for this idea and cursed his voyage back home from the Trojan War (story of The Odyssey)
  • Terms for the Odyssey Myths: Stories that use fantasy to express ideas about life that cannot be expressed easily in realistic terms Alter Ego: A reflection of a hero’s best or worst qualities Rhapsodes: “Singers of tales” were the historians and entertainers as well as the myth- makers of their time Homeric or heroic similes: Extended comparisons that compare heroic or epic events to simple and easily understandable everyday events - events the audience would recognize instantly
  • The Plot and Virtues VIRTUES PLOT -love of homePlot 1- Ten years have passedsince the fall of Troy and -loyaltyOdysseus is unable to get home -hospitalitybecause of the gods -courage -braveryPlot 2 - Suitors try to convincehis wife he is dead and try tomarry her This is a story of all people who look for peace and a place to belong but who must overcomePlot 3- Odysseus returns home a series of external and internaland must seek revenge on the obstacles to reach thatsuitors contentment.
  • Characters and Places of The Odyssey Aeaea - Home of Circe, the witch-goddess Alcinous - King of Phaeacia Calypso - Beautiful goddess-nymph who keeps Odysseus on her island for seven years Charybdis - Female monster who sucks in water three times a day to form a deadly whirlpool Cicones - People living on the southwestern coast of Thrace, who battled Odysseus and his men on their journey home Circe - Witch-goddess who turns Odysseus’s men into swine
  • Characters, cont’d Cyclops - Polyphemus Erebus - Dark area of the underworld where the dead reside Eurylochus - One of Odysseus’s loyal crew Lotus Eaters - People who feed Odysseus’s men with the lotus plants Phaeacia - Island kingdom ruled by Alcinous Polyphemus - The Cyclops; he is the son of the sea god Poseidon Scylla - Female monster with six serpent heads, each with a triple row of fangs Sirens - Sea nymphs whose beautiful and mysterious music lures sailors to steer ships towards sharp rocks Teiresias - Famous blind prophet from city of Thebes Thrinakia - Island where the sun god Helios keeps his cattle
  • Characters, cont’d Ithaca - Odysseus’s homeland Antinous - One of Penelope’s leading suitors; arrogant and mean Eumaeus - Swineherd, one of Odysseus’s loyal servants Eurycleia - Odysseus’s old nurse Eurymachus - Suitor of Penelope Eurynome - Penelope’s housekeeper Penelope - Odysseus’s faithful wife Philoetus - Cowherd, one of Odysseus’s loyal servants Telemachus - Odysseus’s son
  • Gods and Goddesses Athena - Favorite daughter of Zeus; the great goddess of wisdom and the arts of war/peace; she favored the Greeks and helped Odysseus Helios - Sun god Hermes - Messenger god Poseidon - The god of the sea; brother of Zeus; enemy of Odysseus Zeus - Most powerful god