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Resource1 conversation with_carol_pallie_

  1. 1. TAA40104 Develop and Design learning programs 1 1. Transcript of initial telephone conversation with Carol Pallie about perceived problems at the enterprise she manages. . First phone call Hi, I got your number from the TAFE web page. I would like to talk to you about some training. As we are on voice mail I will just outline what I want. My name is Carol Pallie. I am the recently appointed Manager for Express which is a new provider of transport services in Crystal Hills, 5 kilometers from the Sydney CBD. We have been in business at this site for about a year and a half. The company consists of the main office and support service centre situated in the owner’s house, and a warehouse and yard behind. We are aiming at becoming a state-of-the-art transport company. The company provides a wide range of specialty transport services. Our support service centre also caters for moving supplies, packaging etc I saw your add in a local newspaper and remembered my own experience going to TAFE. So I thought the Express staff might benefit from some tailored training that will get them on the same page, so as to speak. In my opinion there are a number areas that new and existing staff need to improve. Probably around the business computing systems and basic customer service skills that will be needed to get the business up and running. As Manager, I have received a number of client complaints already. Unfortunately, there have been some disconcerting reports from our new clients. Even though the business has only been operating for a short time, we've managed to make some of those clients very unhappy and dissatisfied with the services we're offering. The bottom line is I have a need to build a better client centred culture – see I have remembered a few things from my Diploma in Business after all! We have a state-of-the-art laptops that are now networked and have just upgraded all the computers to Microsoft Office 2007 and have established an internet and intranet presence. resource1conversationwithcarolpallie-100626182711-phpapp01.doc September 2009 Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. TAA40104 Develop and Design learning programs 1 I will just tell you a bit about the staff. I have a receptionist who also answers emails and looks after walk-in customers and phone orders; an accounts person; two store people and 6 drivers; 2 male and 4 female. Lyn is a great receptionist, so I don't think it's her fault. I think it's more likely some members of the team feel their job description doesn't cover being a receptionist, or administration support or handling customer complaints. In fact, they're all a little touchy on the subject of information sharing and how it should be provided to clients. They believe this should be done at the front desk. Realistically, Lyn can only do so much. The only real feedback we are getting from our clients is: • they feel no one listens to them, • they're fed up with having to repeat themselves, and • a general feeling of irritation due to not receiving email responses in a timely manner • general messy look of our office and warehouse. I wanted the business to be environment friendly so I installed all the Microsoft software for them last week so we could replace the paper records we have been using and I have told them at least twice what to do with client complaints but I still get comments like: • I don’t feel comfortable dealing with difficult customers, it’s not my fault that things go wrong • We get so much email now that we have a web page - I just can’t manage • I find the new instant messaging software difficult to use and this office 2007 is so different from what we were using before • The change from a paper based record system to a computer based system is really difficult. • Where do I find the electronic version of the forms now? • You want us to be environmentally aware but we don’t know what you’re talking about. The staff are a diverse group of people, mostly over 35 yo - I'm sure you'll find them interesting and a lot of fun to work with. Nice talking with you. Get back to me soon. Get back to me soon. Cheers Carol resource1conversationwithcarolpallie-100626182711-phpapp01.doc September 2009 Page 2 of 2