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I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
I am voki 3 !
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I am voki 3 !


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This is a version of my powerpoint saved in a different format: .ppsx

This is a version of my powerpoint saved in a different format: .ppsx

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. I am VOKI !who am I ?&what can I do?<br />Elizabeth Magnotta<br />ESL Professional<br />March 11, 2011<br />
  • 2. Overview OF PowerPoint<br /><ul><li>Introduction
  • 3. ESL Applications
  • 4. Real World Context
  • 5. Difficulties
  • 6. Summary</li></li></ul><li>Introduction: <br />Voki is a technology:<br /><ul><li>It allows you to create your own personal avatar
  • 7. Customize your avatar’s appearance and voice
  • 8. Relay audio messages in a unique and personal way</li></li></ul><li>How your Voki works<br /><ul><li>Multiple ways of recording audio messages</li></ul>Record your voice via: <br /><ul><li>Phone
  • 9. Computer’s </li></ul> microphone<br />2. Upload an audio <br /> file<br />3. Use the text box <br /> to: <br /><ul><li>Write a</li></ul> message <br /><ul><li>Deliver the message using a VOKI voice
  • 10. 27 different languages availables</li></li></ul><li>How your voki works (cont.)<br /><ul><li>Publishing your</li></ul> VOKI<br /> Allows you to <br /> share you VOKI <br /> with others<br /><ul><li>Venues
  • 11. Facebook </li></ul>& <br /> other social <br /> network sites<br /><ul><li>Websites
  • 12. Blogs
  • 13. E-mail messages
  • 14. PowerPoint Presentations</li></ul>And more ….<br />
  • 15. Using voki in the ‘esl’ classroom<br />Many practical applications of VOKI<br /><ul><li>Recording student speech
  • 16. Incorporation of writing/audio
  • 17. Communication with ‘Pen Pals’
  • 18. Increased exposure to native English speakers
  • 19. Increased dialogue in the target language between students and classmates</li></li></ul><li>ESL ACTIVtIES:<br />Vocabulary<br /><ul><li>Students study/learn a list of new vocab words
  • 20. Use VOKI to:</li></ul>Record <br /><ul><li>Pronunciation of the new word
  • 21. Use the new word in a complete sentence</li></ul>VOKI can give the students the opportunity to be creative and fun as they are studying the new words<br />
  • 22. Esl activities (cont.)<br />Online component:<br /><ul><li>Question & Answer</li></ul>Teacher creates his/her own VOKI<br /><ul><li>Posts a discussion styles question</li></ul>Students create their own VOKI<br /><ul><li>They listen to the discussion question
  • 23. Then respond to it with their VOKI
  • 24. Record their speech</li></ul>Combines Listening and Speaking skills<br />
  • 25. Esl activities (cont.)<br />Grammaticality Judgments: <br /><ul><li>Students correct errors in sentences</li></ul>Teacher creates VOKI<br /><ul><li>VOKI reads a series of sentences
  • 26. Each sentence contains an error of the grammar point being studied
  • 27. Students identify & correct the error</li></ul>Students create their own VOKI<br /><ul><li>Using VOKI, they record the corrected version of the sentence</li></li></ul><li>Science classroom : Fourth Grade : Author Stephanie Bushman<br /> Subject: studying the skeletal structure<br />Tasks are to:<br />Learn and identify bones<br />Fill out a skeletal chart<br />Create a VOKI<br />VOKI has ‘broken’ a bone<br />VOKI is used to inform the class which bone it has broken<br />Rest of class guesses where the bone is located<br />Real World use<br />
  • 28. Ease of use<br />Relatively easy to get started<br />The set up is user friendly<br />No great tech requirements<br />PowerPoint embedding was easy<br />(ppt 2010 required)<br />There were minor glitches along the way<br />Editing<br />edits made to VOKI after publishing did not always change when embedding a second time<br />Multiple versions of the same VOKI<br />For this presentation, I though it better to stay with one VOKI<br />I had to build the VOKI from scratch each time<br />Very time consuming<br />Difficulties with VOKI<br />
  • 29. Innovative<br />Skills primarily used<br />Listening<br />Speaking<br />Writing (text box option)<br />More practice : Less learning<br />This is not:<br />An ideal way for a teacher to pass on information<br />Or ideal for lectures or grammar explanation<br />This is:<br />A nice way for students to take an ‘oral test’<br />To practice oral skills in a Q & A environment<br />Give their teacher evidence of their ability to comprehend/respond to information<br />Summary of voki<br />
  • 30. The end<br />Goodbye <br />&<br />Thanks for listening!<br />