Abraham Lincoln


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Abraham Lincoln

  1. 1. Abraham Lincoln
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  3. 3. Table of Contents1. Abraham Lincoln... captivated by words, created by words, empowered by words, glorified bywords. Reflections on his Cooper Union Speech, February 27, 1860.2. Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool reopens. Thoughts on the man, his enduring greatness, andwhy over 24 million people visit annually and come away refreshed in mind and spirit.3. Da Doo Ron Ron. The 2016 presidential campaign begins today, November 6, 2012. Heres whatsmart candidates must do to use the Internet to win. An audacious plan for capturing the WhiteHouse and thrilling America.
  4. 4. Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln... captivated by words, created by words,empowered by words, glorified by words. Reflections on hisCooper Union Speech, February 27, 1860.by Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. 150 years ago, March 4, 1861 Abraham Lincoln (born 1809), became 16thpresident of the United States. And if you do not believe in destiny, fate, or kismet, even you willwonder at the undoubted fact that at the time of its maximum peril, the Great Republic should havefound the perfect man to guide her affairs and so preside not over her premature dissolution (as somany thought and even wished) but her greatest trial, from which, terrible forge though it was,emerged the greatest of nations. Oh, yes, here was the hand of God, indeed... to the wonder of all...and as we know His ways are mysterious so we shouldnt wonder at this man and his story... a storyto be told in the words he loved, the words he mastered, the words he used to effect his greatpurpose... the words we all have at our disposal... but which only he used with such grace andpower... and such resolve... the mark of the consummate master of our language and the great uses towhich it can always rise...For this tale, I have selected as the occasional music a tune Abraham Lincoln loved and tapped histoe to, "Jimmy Crack Corn". Its a frolicksome number thought to be a black face minstrel song ofthe 1840s. Like so much that touches Lincoln, its not quite what it appears to be.... that is, a blackslaves lament over his masters death... it has indeed a subtext of rejoicing over that death andpossibly having caused it by deliberate negligence.... "Dat Blue Tail Fly"... It is a feeling every slavemust have thought at some time... which every master must have understood and feared... and fromthis seemingly unsolvable conundrum Lincoln freed both, saving the people, cleansing the GreatRepublic.Without benefit of formal education... yet with every necessary word to hand.Consider the matter of Illinois, the 21st state, frontier of the Great Republic in 1818 when it wasadmitted to the Union. It was a land firmly focused on the bright future all were certain wascoming... the better to obliterate and make bearable the rigors and unceasing travails of the present.The land was rich... the richness of the people would soon follow.In this land of future promise, inchoate, Lincoln, like all those who delight in words, found hislabors lightened and vista magnified by books, and thanks to the good and helpful work of RobertBray (2007), we may learn just what books he possessed, and so which words he knew, by whomrendered, and how.It is impossible to know in just what order young Lincoln found the books, read the books, and withwhat degree of joy and enthusiasm, for Lincoln (unlike many who love and live by words) was not agreat writer of marginal commentary, in which reader engages in often enraged tete-a-tete withauthor. Such marginalia are cream to any biographer, but in Lincolns case were infrequent.In any event, we can surmise that he learned his words first from the great King James version ofThe Bible, perhaps the most influential and certainly most lyric book in the language. If so, itbestowed on him not only the words but their sonority, cadence and above all, moral certainty, all ofwhich were critical in the development of his mature style and so helped save a great nation fromself-destruction. There followed first the odd volume, happily received, then a steady trickle, thenthe glorious days when he could have as many books, and so as many words, as he wanted; paradiseto a man for whom each word, and every book, was a key to greater understanding of the cosmos...and himself...http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 4 of 13
  5. 5. Abraham LincolnThus, E.A. Andrews and S. Stoddard "A Grammar of the Latin Language" (1836); Nathan Bailey"Dictionary of English Etymology" (1721); James Barclay "Dictionary" (1774); George Bancroft"History of the United States (1834); Francis Bacon "Essays" (1625); John Bunyan "The PilgrimsProgress" (1678); Benjamin Franklin "Autobiography" (1818); Edward Gibbon "Decline and Fall ofthe Roman Empire" (1776)...... and one great poet after another, for as Lincoln learned, as every word smith must learn, there canbe no mastery of words where there is no understanding of poets and their precise, meticulous craft...and so one finds without surprise the works of Robert Burns, Lord Byron, Thomas Gray whose"Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" (1751) he so loved... with its sad beauty, lines which,once read, seem to have been written for Lincoln himself:"The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power, And all that beauty, all that wealth eer gave, Awaitsalike the inevitable hour, the paths of glory lead but to the grave."It was a thought Lincoln knew only too well, and he had but to touch this poem to think on itspowerful, unanswerable, haunting words, including these..."Slow through the church-way path we saw him borne"... but not yet... not yet.And so Lincoln on every day sought out the light enabling him to learn the words, all the words heneeded and his work demanded.... thus was he up with days first light... to finish his work betimes,to snatch some minutes for the words..., then to pass the night and gain some further words by firelight and smokey tallow. Because the words would not be denied... Lincoln was not to be denied.They beckoned. He followed... until he was at last ready to begin, just to begin, his great work... thework that needed all of him... and so every word at his command.Thus was he summoned from Springfield in Illinois to the greatest city of the Great Republic, NewYork, where its most renowned and anxious citizens, worthy, substantial, concerned, waited withimpatience, condescension, worry and, yes, even hope to hear what a prairie lawyer named Lincolnhad to say to them about the great issue of their day and how this great blot upon the Great Republiccould be resolved... and their great experiment in governance be purified. And so did AbrahamLincoln rise to speak, at Cooper Union, February 27, 1860.The most important speech since Washingtons Farewell Address (1796).These days only specialists are knowledgeable about the Cooper Union speech... but this is wrong,for it gave the Union a new voice, a new leader, and a man fiercely dedicated to the preservation andtriumph of the Constitution. Without Cooper Union Lincoln would never have been nominated in1860, so never would have served, and could not have brought his signal talents to bear on savingthe Great Republic. And thus the greatest experiment in human history and affairs might well havecome to naught, to the impoverishment and despair of our species.But Cooper Union did happen... and with every word the nation knew it had found not merely agood and honest man, but a savior... a man fiercely dedicated to truth... fiercely dedicated toworking together with even obdurate men who hated and outraged each other... fiercely determinedto find the formula to protect and defend the Union... And so he was fierce in his moderation... fiercein his implacable opposition to anyone threatening the great federal Union... fierce in asking all goodcitizens to step forward and work for the greater good... And such was the power of his fiercemessage of what must be done, such was the excellence, clarity and reasonableness of his words,that this audience of the great thrilled and cheered him to the very echo.This single man whose ambition was defined (according to his law partner William H. Herndon) as"a little engine that knew no rest", was now in place for the uttermost struggle, a struggle forhttp://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 5 of 13
  6. 6. Abraham Lincolncommon sense, common purpose, common decency and the validation and acknowledgement of all.He was ready... for he had the ideas, the fortitude, the moral certainty... and, above all, the words heneeded, the words that saved the Great Republic and remind us still of what is possible when wehave a leader who summons the "better angels of our nature."http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 6 of 13
  7. 7. Abraham LincolnLincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool reopens. Thoughts on theman, his enduring greatness, and why over 24 million peoplevisit annually and come away refreshed in mind and spirit.by Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note: I am amongst the most vociferous critics of excessive government spendingand waste, but today I am proud of the overdue restoration of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool,a key part of what makes the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. such a serene and pleasingplace, an absolutely essential destination for all citizens; a place which like Mecca, one must visit atleast once in ones life, thoughtful, respectful, yearning to be touched and uplifted by its loftypresence, never disappointed or let down.The $34 million spent to restore the reflecting pool, the largest in the capital, is chump-change byWashington standards... but even if the cost was far more than it is, it would be money wellspent...for the role of Abraham Lincoln, 16th president, is fundamental to understanding our GreatRepublic and reminding us just who we are and what we stand for.Start by seeing and feeling what you see.One of the several excellent vantage points for this revered tableau is from the WashingtonMonument. From this grand obelisk forever pointing up, the only suitable direction for our greatendeavors, you see the long, rectangular pool which punctuates the National Mall. No trueAmerican, indeed no lover of freedom anywhere, can see this sight without a pang, for to walk theMall and regard its monuments is to be touched by the greatest people of the nation, their exalteddeeds and, always, their searing words which moved multitudes, inspiring the people, opening theirminds and shaping our mission for bettering not just our lives but the lives of people worldwide, forthat is a crucial and essential aspect of our national work.How it all began.There is a deep irony about the Lincoln Memorial and its jewel, the reflecting pool. If he had livedto complete his second term, it is unlikely Lincoln would have had such a monument. Instead, itmight have been something like the nearby Jefferson Memorial, respectful to be sure but without theimpact of what exists today. But a Southern sympathizer named John Wilkes Booth assassinated thepresident, and a nation riven by anger, rage, revenge, and a determination that this man and hismission be remembered forever, impelled the creation of an unparalleled civic temple which couldnot fail to impress and awe every visitor.Its objective was to glorify Lincoln and the federal union he preserved. The resulting monumentmust, all agreed, make this abundantly clear, unmistakable, resounding through the years to come.Thus must Lincoln and his great deeds be remembered and raised high. The living Lincoln may nothave wanted so much, probably would not... but for the martyred president the grieving, adamantnation would have it so and so it was.Squabbles.But, of course, nothing in Washington then or now can be accomplished without disagreement,argument, posturing and rancor. Lincoln, for all that he was the savior of the Great Republic, was thefirst Republican president and as such anathema to the gentlemen of the defunct Confederacy and theNorthern Democrats who relied on their votes and block support. Monument to Lincoln there mightultimately be, but the road to that end would be as acrimonious and obstructed as the defeatedConfederates could make it and as unimpressive as their potent congressional power couldhttp://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 7 of 13
  8. 8. Abraham Lincolninfluence.Thus, starting in 1867, Congress passed the first of many bills designed to advance matters, this timeby creating a commission to erect a Lincoln monument. But it and a plethora of similar legislationwere stalled, not just for years but for decades, most notably by House Speaker (and Democrat) JoeCannon who between 1901 and 1908 made sure every such bill was defeated. Great Lincoln haddefeated these rebels and their pernicious notions in life. They would do what they could to defeathim in death. But even here they failed, and at long last in 1910 the necessary legislation was passed,funds voted, design and location approved. Now the great work could be started in earnest...And so a classic Greek temple featuring Yule marble from Colorado arose. It had 36 fluted Doriccolumns, one for each of the 36 states in the Union at the time of Lincolns death. Above thecolonnade, inscribed on the frieze, are the names of the 36 states in the Union when Lincoln died.Every aspect of this graceful monument of simplicity even severity, elegance and restrainedgrandeur reinforced just one concept: the integrity of our federal union, united, indissoluble, eternal.And there, in solemn majesty, the one man who more than any other made these words a reality.There, as rendered by sculptor Daniel Chester French, Abraham Lincoln, 19 feet tall from head tofoot, resides for the numberless ages, a man of power, determination, resolution, contemplation...and most important a man of mercy, empathy, and love as evidenced by the words selected to adornthe walls and make it clear to posterity who he was and what he believed.Of course, the Gettysburg Address, once known by every school child (but not today), was inscribed.And so were the immortal words from Lincolns Second Inaugural Address (1865): "With malicetowards none; with charity for all... to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lastingpeace, among ourselves, and with all nations."Now it was time for the Reflecting Pool.Along the way, it was decided that this temple as much to the Great Republic as to Lincoln, could bemade glorious with a reflecting pool that would dramatically show the treasures of the National Mallwhile magnifying in its waters the Malls trees and an expansive sky seemingly without limit. Andso the Reflecting Pool of 2,029 feet (over a third of a mile) was added, modeled on the grand canalsof Versailles and Fontainebleau, to be dedicated along with the Memorial itself in 1922.The last surviving Lincoln was present that notable day, eldest son Robert Todd, more a Todd than aLincoln. He never said what he thought about the apotheosis unto civic saint of the rough, ungainly,uncouth father who had so often embarrassed him. Whatever it was went with him to the grave.Glorious again.Over the years, this grand conception went steadily downhill, fetid, fouled with dirt, duck droppings,and trash. It was a monument to nothing more than poor management and oversight and because ofits decaying fabric the loss of 500,000 gallons of city water a week, 30 million gallons a year. Now,thanks to public outrage and good old American technology and expertise, these problems aresolved, not least the pools water supply which has been updated to eliminate stagnant water (andthose noxious smells) by circulating water from the Tidal Basin. This place of a nations venerationis now magnificent again, ready for its unending stream of visitors, all needing Lincolns message ofhumanity and harmony, more necessary now than ever.Authors program note. For the music to accompany this article, I have selected "Dixie" written byDan Emmett in 1859. Why this song, the finest reel ever written? Because of Lincoln himself. In1865, he said "I have always thought that Dixie was one of the best tunes I ever heard." And so itis... You can find it in any search engine.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 8 of 13
  9. 9. Abraham Lincolnhttp://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 9 of 13
  10. 10. Abraham LincolnDa Doo Ron Ron. The 2016 presidential campaign beginstoday, November 6, 2012. Heres what smart candidates mustdo to use the Internet to win. An audacious plan forcapturing the White House and thrilling America.by Dr. Jeffrey Lant.Authors program note. Are you one of those people (I call them optimists) who believes there-election of Barack Obama plus the election of thousands of successful candidates for federal,state, and local offices ends the campaign and should earn all of us in the Great Republic anelectioneering respite? My, my, shows what you know!The good news is that the 2012 campaign is well and truly over except for a few candidates whoseraces are still too close to call. They have to remain in vigilant campaign mode until electionofficials and all too often the courts render judgement.But who cares about that except the parties involved? $3.3 billion more or less was spent on thisyears 2012 presidential candidates, as well as additional billions on all the other candidates and theircampaigns. Surely, the matter having ended now, at last, we get... peace --NOT!Bring on 2016!The truth is, the 2016 presidential campaign is now officially underway. And if you dont like it,think the never ending campaign should be curtailed, as well as limitations imposed on the numberof bucks raised and spent, GET OVER IT. Were talking, after all, about who gets to lead the GreatRepublic and be the most important person on Earth for at least 4 whole years; the person who getsall the loaves and fishes, the chance to shape destiny, not to mention Air Force One, "Hail to theChief", and your favorite muffins whenever you like!To accompany this article, I have selected "Da Doo Ron Ron", a peppy little tune released in 1963by the Crystals, a one-hit girl group. Go to any search engine, find it now and listen; with just theslightest amount of imagination you can hear these hot girls saying "they do run run, they do runrun." And so the candidates most assuredly do.The greatest communications device -- misused in 2012... ready to change the very nature ofcampaigns and politics in 2016: the Internet.In 2008, Barack Obama proved what a technology pioneer could accomplish. In this case, Obama(born 1961) and his campaign turned the net into a cash cow that wowed the world and was a keyfactor in getting him elected. Hillary Clinton (born 1947) didnt get it and as for John McCain (born1936) he ate the dust of both Democratic candidates. Importantly, the candidate who knew the mostabout technology and how to use it to raise money and garner votes won.... It is entirely likely thatthis paradigm will determine most and maybe all future presidential elections. Re-read that sentence,candidates; it spells out your fate.The Internet: misused, under used, misunderstood in 2012.Sadly, what happened in 2008, which should have provided the candidates with the clearest ofinsights into what this medium might deliver, did not carry over into the 2012 campaign. Yes, themedium delivered money... but you need more than money to win presidential elections as MittRomney, champ fund raiser, now knows.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 10 of 13
  11. 11. Abraham LincolnAnd so these specific recommendations which if followed carefully could well determine who leadsAmerica and the world starting Inauguration Day 2017.If Im right that mastery of the unique communications environment we call the net will determinethe fate not just of individual candidates, but the campaign in general, and who gets to make policyand history from the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; this is a change of fundamentalimportance. Here then is what candidates who wish to be serious contenders must know and doabout the net.1) Hire the best IT guys to advise you on what the Internet is, its salient features, and how it reallyworks and, most importantly, how it will work for you. Be aware that any people you hire will likelybe not merely years but whole decades younger than you. You will have to put your formidable egoto one side and LISTEN.Not only do such people know more than you do; their skills more than yours will shape yourcandidacy and the entire campaign and electoral process. In other words these wet-behind-the-earswhippersnappers will significantly influence if not dictate what happens -- and hence your future.Thus, the older you are, the less technology you know, the more your campaign will be influencedand directed by people who think devil dogs and twinkies are gourmet food with text-messaging theonly language they ever knew. Are you prepared for this?2) Make getting your IT team in place your first priority. Spend the big bucks and pull in every favorto get the top people on this team. Splurge and treat these junior birdmen with every sign of respectand consideration. Go see the movie "Big" (1988) with Tom Hanks. Your character is the owner ofthe toy company; take note what that wise man does. Youll have to do as much or more, or theyllget bored and leave, taking their crucial skills with them.3) Resolve to record a video of just 5-7 minutes six days a week; (even the Lord of Hosts rested onthe seventh, and you probably should, too). Hire a well respected producer, someone withHollywood level production experience and a sensitivity to the unique Internet environment. Theproducers team should include the best possible content writers, editors, and copy writers.Go to jeffreylantarticles.com. This will give you a good idea of the content, tone and presentationrequired. The Internet lends itself to stories that inform, educate, enthral and motivate. Dry copywont cut it. Neither will endless attacks, denigrations, and negativities about the othercandidates.This is your chance to shape the political agenda and WIN. Dont blow it with commentsbanal, infra dig, and belittling.4) Start producing Internet videos at once. Make sure to run at least a few through focus groups.You need to know whether what you are talking about connects and resonates with real people. Thisis crucial.So what should these programs be about? For one thing, the very real problems of averageAmericans, their dreams, aspirations, what makes them angry, what makes them happy andcontented. Speak to the people; speak about the people; speak from your heart... be honest, upright,inspiring, a problem solver, a person who can motivate millions, earning their awe and support,whilst never losing the common touch.One more point: dont say the same thing over and over again, the standard "stump" speech. Talkabout such things, of course, but not to the exclusion of everything else. Your webcasts must focuson every aspect of the Great Republic, not just a few talking points growing more stale with everyreiteration.This means talking about Social Security... but also what you intend to do to keep the great Africanhttp://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 11 of 13
  12. 12. Abraham Lincolnelephant from being wiped out this decade. It means dealing with national defense issues but alsohow we can deal with continual cut-backs in arts budgets at public schools.In short, nothing that pertains to the Great Republic and its place in the world, triumphs, woes, grandevents and more pedestrian matters will be neglected or forgotten... for to neglect or forget is todiminish the great land you wish to lead.And so, I end where I began, with the Crystals and their single hit. Use these suggestions andrecommendations, and youll not only "da doo ron ron" but "da doo win win".http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 12 of 13
  13. 13. Abraham LincolnResourceAbout the Author Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a widerange of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home businesstraining, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting,hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 onlineHome Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today.Republished with authors permission by Elizabeth English http://LizsWorldprofit.com.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 13 of 13