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English 72 Week 9, Day 2 March 19, 2014

English 72 Week 9, Day 2 March 19, 2014






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    English 72 Week 9, Day 2 March 19, 2014 English 72 Week 9, Day 2 March 19, 2014 Presentation Transcript

    •   Wednesday, 3/19/14 -- Professor Elizabeth Buchanan
    •  Homework o Please place “Inferences” homework in the alpha folder on the front desk.  Essay Choices o If you already know which 3 topics you would like to write about, please enter this information on the sign-up sheet.  Agenda o Review Inferences o Argument in Reading and Writing o Fact & Opinion o Literature Circle 5
    •  
    •  Today we are going to learn strategies that will help you tell the difference between fact and opinion.  As students you spend a lot of time listening to other people—such as your teachers, parents, and friends.  You also listen to the radio and watch t.v.  Sometimes people tell you the truth, but sometimes they are giving an opinion.
    •  A fact is a statement that can be proved.  You can prove it yourself o Or you can use a reliable authority.  Example: o Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. o How can we prove this?
    •  Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii.  How can we prove this?  By looking at his birth certificate.
    • Barack Obama is married to Michelle Obama. How can we prove this? Look at their wedding certificate.
    •  It is important to understand that "facts" can change over time for a variety of reasons. o At one time in the past, it was considered to be a "fact" that the earth was at the center of the universe. o Of course, we now know that this is not true.
    •  The requirements to vote in the United States are:  A U.S. citizen  At least 21 years old by the general election  A resident of your precinct at least 30 days prior to Election Day.
    • Which of the three sentences on the previous slide is not a fact? The voting age today is 18. However, this did not go into effect until 1971. Before that time the voting age was 21.
    • So now we know that there are many ways to determine if something is a fact, but what about opinions? An opinion cannot be proved. It is based on someone’s feelings or judgment.
    •  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6uHR9 0Sq6k  Can we really prove this?  Or is this a matter of opinion?
    •  Opinions are beliefs or judgments that cannot be proved by any objective means.  Any statement that deals with probabilities or future events is considered to be an opinion because it cannot be proved.  Opinions rely on abstract words that are not measurable, such as value-judgment words.
    • I believe This suggests Perhaps Apparently Presumably In my view Apparently It seems likely In my opinion Many experts agree One interpretation is One possibility is
    • Necessary Interesting Successful Beautiful Attractive Greatest Bad Nice Worst Lovely Kind Thoughtful
    •  Most of what we read and hear is a combination of fact and opinion.  Because of this, it is important to be able to distinguish between the two.  Remember, not all opinions are of equal validity.  Poorly supported opinions are of little value, while opinions from an expert, or someone knowledgeable in the field, are considered to be more reliable.
    •  In general, writers usually provide evidence to support their ideas.  However, as a critical reader, it is up to you to review the evidence and determine the quality of the support.  Also, keep in mind what the author has left out.  Writers often try to mislead readers by leaving out some important information.
    •  We are going to take turns reading the sentence that you picked up. Read it and tell us whether it is a fact or an opinion.
    • 
    • 
    • Lab Contract oReminder: On Wednesdays, the last hour of class is reserved for lab contracts only! In order to make an exception, you need to check with me first.
    •  Fact & Opinion/Bias Activity  “Education” essay choices