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Speaker box inbound marketing webinar
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Speaker box inbound marketing webinar


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  • 1. Inbound Marketing Strategies Fill Your Funnel, Drive Qualified Leads Webinar: August 29, 2012
  • 2. Introductions Matt Howard D.P. Venkatesh Elizabeth SheaCEO, Co-founder, ZoomSafer CEO, Founder, mPortal CEO, SpeakerBox @matthewjhoward @dpv007 @eliz2shea
  • 3. Why We’re Here An early adopter using inbound marketing as a primary lead generation strategy for the startup company.Adopted an inbound marketing strategy to expand its reach after 10 successful years in business.Implemented inbound marketing to expand its footprint beyond DC, as well as provide services for its clients beyond PR.
  • 4. Source:
  • 5. The B2B Buyer… Used to Get Information:  Talking to salespeople  Product literature  Tradeshow attendance  Reading articles or ads, commercials Now They Get Information:  Google searches  Online portals and news sites  User-generated content and opinions  Word of “mouse”  Direct to company websites
  • 6. Social media and inbound marketing techniques have been a boon for marketers.Not only do leads generated through social and content marketing cost half as much as traditional outbound-generated leads, they also close at a higher rate. --Tom Pick, Business2Community, July 23, 2012
  • 7. Full infograph available at: the-decline-of-outbound-marketing-013308.php
  • 8. Inbound Marketing DefinedInbound marketing is based on the concept of earning theattention of prospects, making yourself easy to be found and drawing customers to your website by producing content that customers value. --Wikipedia  See also:  Related: – Content marketing – Internet marketing – Permission marketing – Marketing automation (Seth Godin) – Digital marketing – Content automation
  • 9. It’s Like Joining a Gym…1. No “quick fixes”2. Improve marketing ROI by being more attractive to customers3. Maximum results require maximum effort on consistent basis4. Requires multidisciplinary approach5. Getting in shape is hard; staying in shape is harder6. Ask for help: trainers can show you the way
  • 10. Inbound Marketing Funnel+ Search+ Content+ Social MediaTop of the Funnel: Suspects+ Nurturing Content+ Authentic Conversations+ Social EngagementMiddle of the Funnel: Prospects+ Strong Calls to Action+ Lead Scoring+ High-Value ContentBottom of the Funnel: Qualified Leads/Conversion
  • 12. Keys to High Search Rankings  Select good keywords  Dynamic site, keyword-centric content strategy  Inbound links from high authorities
  • 13. You Then Need GoodCONTENT
  • 14. Content marketing is a marketingtechnique of creating and distributing relevantand valuable content to attract, acquire,and engage a clearly defined and understoodtarget audience - with the objective of drivingprofitable customer action. Source: Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Evangelist, Speaker, Author, Coach and Producer of Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World. Plus he’s a really nice guy.
  • 15. Content Across the Customer LifecycleAcquisitionPromoting product education and considerationEngagementDrawing people closer to your brandConversionTurning prospects into customersRetentionSupporting customer success and engagementLoyalty Source: The New Content Marketer 2012 White Paper by Brightcove: download atFostering word-of-mouth promotion
  • 16. What Qualifies as Content?Website content Blog postsArticles by third parties Press releaseseBooks SurveysBlog comments Product reviewsTwitter feeds WhitepapersVideos PhotosCustomer testimonials Facebook updatesWebinar/Seminar presentations Authored articles published
  • 17. Other Creative Ways to Add Content Live blog from conferences; cover the big shots! “Brandscape”: collaborate with other brands to create great content (coined by Andrew M. Davis, author of Brandscaping)  Contests or awards program recognizing successful implementations of your product  Commission analyst reports  Talk about your customer’s success  Surveys on your marketplace or hot current technology topics  Memorable conferences, seminars
  • 18. Image courtesy of Eric Brillo
  • 19. Blogging is Beautiful Blogging is not an option… You gotta be good…what will others find interesting? Fun? Your perspective on trends, news, etc. Be timely. Anticipate industry announcements, time a blog post to coincide. Ask big shots to guest blog, or follow an “Ask the Influencer” model. Be yourself: be funny, witty, authentic. Even if you’re not funny or witty, be authentic… Record yourself or your customers: “Man on the Street” interviews. Show the love to your ecosystem, they will love you back.
  • 20. Add Two Parts Content With Calls to Action Videos eBooks Whitepapers Survey Results Tips and Tricks Industry Reports Complimentary Assessment
  • 21. Content with Calls To Action
  • 22. Content with Calls To Action
  • 23. Content with Calls to Action
  • 24. Nurture, Nurture, NurtureLead nurturing is a process by which leadsare tracked and developed into sales-qualified leads… …meaning that they are ready and worthy of a salesperson’s time. --Andre Pino, Forrester
  • 25. Throughout the Nurturing Process… BE SOCIAL B2B marketers rate social media as the second-most important factor (64%) in search, behind only strong content (82%) (B2B Magazine, February 2012). LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B companies than Facebook, Twitter or blogs. Yet only 47% of B2B marketers say they are actively using LinkedIn vs. 90% on Facebook (Social Media B2B, March 2012). 77% of buyers say they are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO uses social media. 94% said C-suite social media participation enhances a brand image. 82% of employees say they trust a company more when the CEO and leadership team communicate via social media (eMarketer, March 2012).(Source: 72 Fascinating Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2012, Tom Pick, Business2Community, July 23, 2012)
  • 26. Lead Scoring …Understand what a “qualified lead” looks like
  • 27. Don’t Try to Boil the Ocean
  • 28. Recap Search + Content + Social = Fill Your Funnel Creative Content Is King: Pick Your Poison Map Content To Your Customer Lifecycle Nurture, Analyze, Adjust: Focus on What Works
  • 29. THANK YOU!For webinar attendees only: D.P. VenkateshHow do you rate YOUR inbound CEO, mPortal, dp@mportal.commarketing efforts? Matt HowardIf you’d like a complimentaryinbound marketing assessment, visit: CEO, ZoomSafer, matt@zoomsafer.com Elizabeth Shead-marketing-assessment CEO, SpeakerBox,