SpeedRFP Overview


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Cloud based RFP management system for the
Group Travel Industry

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SpeedRFP Overview

  1. 1. Cloud based RFP management system for the Group Travel Industry Brought to you by ELITE MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL
  2. 2. • How… does it work?• What… happens to your RFP data (privacy)?• What… are the key benefits?• Who… are the current users?• Why… is adoption important to the industry?• When… will you begin to see the benefits?
  3. 3. How…does it work? Brand.com Property.com CVB.com Directory.com *API available for Integration w/ Sales &Same form on multiple Catering systems. channels managed in one easy location. Brought to you by ELITE MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL
  4. 4. Easy to implement (html) code: <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"> var srfp_prot = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://" : "http://"); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src=" + srfp_prot + "www.speedrfp.com/irfps/js/widget/ type=text/javascript%3E%3C/script%3E")); </script> <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"> var options = {}; options.display = "overlay"; options.key = "f26f99a4745599b9"; options.uid = ”Property ID"; var srfp_widget = new srfp.widget(options); </script>
  5. 5. Copy and Paste and your website isSpeedRFP enabled!
  6. 6. Your Data is YOUR Data.• Your SpeedRFP information will not be shared or marketed to by Elite Meetings International.
  7. 7. What… will it provide? Access to a Community of New Buyers1) (31,000+)2) Improved quality of RFPs (Meetings; Wedding; Special Event RFP forms)3) $ Increased Revenue (Partners show 55% increase RFP room nights)
  8. 8. SpeedRFP Buyer Growth30,00028,000 29,56126,00024,00022,00020,00018,00016,00014,00012,00010,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 JAN 2011 APR 2011 JUNE 2011 JAN 2012 APR 2012 JUNE 2012 DEC 2011 JULY 2011 SEPT 2011 JULY 2012 OCT 2011 SEPT 2012 MAY 2011 MAY 2012 FEB 2011 MAR 2011 FEB 2012 AUG 2011 NOV 2011 MAR 2012 AUG 2012*Community membership growing by avg = 85 new buyers/day Brought to you by ELITE MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL
  9. 9. Who… is using the system?Over 4,000 hotels accept SpeedRFP 31,000+ buyers are using SpeedRFP Brought to you by ELITE MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL
  10. 10. SpeedRFP Buyer Stats 31,160 Buyer members (increasing by avg 85 per day) 86% Direct business (versus 3rd party) 70% Of which are non-professional planners 142 Avg # of room nights per event 3 Avg # of nights per event2.27 million Submitted room nights thru July 2012 1.5 Avg # of hotels per SpeedRFP Brought to you by ELITE MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL
  11. 11. SpeedRFP Lead Time 2012 • 80% 1 year (or less) • 20% One year + Brought to you by ELITE MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL
  12. 12. Why…is SpeedRFP important to the industry?“SpeedRFP could do for RFPs what PayPal did for online transactions.”
  13. 13. Adoption of Online RFP Tools (Buyers) Use eRFP tools Do not use eRFP tools 2009 2011 2012Elite Meetings Elite Meetings survey survey Elite Meetings survey Brought to you by ELITE MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL
  14. 14. Benefits for buyers:• Standardized RFP form = Consistent user experience• Single sign-in = User-friendly• Direct communication with Suppliers = Rapid RFP response• Ability to compare/manage multiple RFPs = Efficiency• GSO/NSO feature = Supports existing relationships• Ability to repurpose (pre-loaded) RFPs = No more rekeying Brought to you by ELITE MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL
  15. 15. Benefits for Suppliers:• Community = Access to new buyers w/ qualified RFPs• 3 systems in 1 = Increased web form engagement• Built In Messaging = Direct connection with buyer• GSO/NSO feature = Increased brand loyalty• Ability to repurpose (pre-loaded) RFPs = Repeat business• Seamless integration w/ MeetingBroker = Speed to market• Detailed Reporting= Easy to track ROI Brought to you by ELITE MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL
  16. 16. Most significant (Buyer+Supplier) benefit: Ability to re-purpose RFPs from any SpeedRFP enabled website (NOmore reKeying)
  17. 17. When… will you begin to see the benefits?Today: Featured listing on SpeedRFP.com DirectoryJanuary 2013: Mention within Elite Meetings magazine • 74,000+ distributionWith each RFP • Complete contact information from buyers • Increased likelihood for repeat business
  18. 18. On the horizon…• Customized forms by brand• Enhanced SpeedRFP ‘Supplier Network’(Search directory for all SRFP enabled partner destinations)• Property to Property RFP sharing• Mobile integration• RFP forms for Facebook• Multiple Languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish)
  19. 19. Recap… SpeedRFP provides: • Access to a Community of new buyers • Improved Quality of RFPs$ • Increases Revenue Brought to you by ELITE MEETINGS INTERNATIONAL
  20. 20. TestimonialsSince replacing our previous online RFP form with SpeedRFP, the number and quality ofRFPs Destination Hotels & Resorts received has increased exponentially.” Andre Fournier Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Destination Hotels & Resorts“We selected one of the most progressive hospitality technology companies in theUS, Elite Meetings, to provide us with their unique, user-friendly technology. We selectedthem based on the way they utilize their tech-nology within their own business modelwhich is similar to our own in terms of how we relate to clients and hotels.” Craig Jacobs Senior VP Group Sales Preferred Hotel Group
  21. 21. Testimonials (continued)“I don’t know who came up with the SpeedRFP concept, but it’s so simple it’sdisgusting. Kudos to you and your team!” Don Weintraub Director of Sales & Marketing Rancho de Los Caballeros“Adding SpeedRFP to my web site was the best thing I did this year. My online groupleads have increased at least 30%, and beyond group leads, we’ve seen significantvolume increase in catering leads as well. Our entire sales team loves the system andthey find it incredibly easy to use. New customers find us and we get new opportunitieswe didn’t have before using SpeedRFP. And, current clients prefer to send their leadsthrough SpeedRFP because it saves them time.” Jerry Jensen Director of Sales & Marketing Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa
  22. 22. Testimonials (continued)“…I am absolutely addicted to EliteMeetings.com! The SpeedRFP system worked great sofar! …I found your (site) to be not only easy to navigate but the tools and functions seem tobe tailored to my planning needs.” Kathleen Carfagno Globus Medical, Inc.“How much do I love Speed RFP??? Its as easy as my iPad to use and the convenience ofhaving all correspondence with suppliers in one place saves me time-as much as 50%! Theresponses are easy to review and respond to.... I appreciate the simplicity and will continueto use it as often as I can. With Elite Meetings behind it, it has to be the best!” Cate DeLaRosa Ameriprise Financial Services
  23. 23. Your SpeedRFP contact: Travis Hodge Director of Business Development, SpeedRFP Elite Meetings International, Inc. (805) 879-3938 direct thodge@EliteMeetings.com www.SpeedRFP.com