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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology

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  • 1.  How much will make you sick?A one time oral does of arsenic (60milligrams) is enough to make you sick. How much is lethal?The lethal amount of arsenic poisoningfor an adult is about 70 milligrams for anadult and for a child is 6 milligrams. Measuring UnitMilligrams.
  • 2. Arsenic is a metal, has theAtomic number 33 and is Ason the periodic table
  • 3.  Aside from being a poison to humans arsenic is also used to kill rats. Traces of As could also be found in wallpaper, paint and even some tanning products.
  • 4. What does Arsenic do to thebody/ How does it interferewith the body?Ingestion of arsenic can leadto vomiting, disturbance ofblood circulation and somecancers.Long term effects areenlarged liver, change in skincolor and brain damage.All which can lead to death.
  • 5. How does science trace thechemical? How do you get adiagnosis?The starting symptoms areheadaches, confusion, severdiarrhea, yellowing of the fingernailsand horizontal lines across the nails.These symptoms give signs that theperson should be tested for arsenicpoisoning. Test can be ran throughthe urine, blood, hair and fingernails.Urine is used for poisonings within thefirst 24-48 hours while blood, hair andfingernails are used for long termpoisoning like 6-12 months.
  • 6. In mild cases you are given 2tablespoons of activatedcarbon in a roomtemperature.In acute cases you are agiven a agent called DMSA(dimercaptosuccinic acid)which is oral detoxing.
  • 7. Margie was born October 29, 1932 in In 1970 she got remarried toSouth Carolina, to an abusive father Jennings Barfield who later did inwho she later ran away from. As she 1971 from heart problems. After hegot older she got into a long line of died Velma took care of hisdrugs and in 1949 meet her husband mother Lillian Bullard but in1974Thomas Burke who later died in a house she started experience manyfire in 1969. symptoms of As poisoning, Lillian was her first victim. She later when on to work in more elderly homes and killed up to 7 people. She even killed her own mother.
  • 8. Velma was questioned by thepolice about her patents andthere mysterious death andcracked under the pressure.She was found guilty andsentenced to death, she wasthe first woman to beexecuted my lethal injection
  • 9. The bodies of all her victims wereexude and all were checked forarsenic poisoning.
  • 10. n/art.asp?articlekey=14947 oisoning poisoning/ h/hazardous/topics/arsenic.html#heal th