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Presentation1.carrer photography.pptx elisa

  1. 1. Photography Careers
  2. 2. New jobDo you love meeting new people and providing great customer service?Work in an exciting and dynamic atmosphere at a premier tourist attraction.Enjoy a rewarding and engaging experience as you use your creative eye totake breathe taking photos so guests can "take home more than a memory!"The Sales Photographer works independently to engage venue guests in aquality photography experience. They work as part of a team for each venueto meet sales and customer service objectives.SharpShoooter Imaging has developed and operated on-site photographyservices for many of the most prestigious attractions in the country. Everyyear SharpShooter Imaging photographs over 22 million guests at more than80 premier vacation and entertainment destinations.Responsibilities:The Sales Photographer professionally greets guests, takes qualityportraits of small and large groups and sells the photographs directly tothe guests.Photography, Sales, and Customer Service Training will be provided along withuniform and camera equipment.Qualifications:•Customer Service or Retail Sales experience or aptitude is required.•Photography experience is not required, but definitely a plus.•Proven track record of responsibility and dependability are required.•Professional communication skills and appearance is required since positionwill require day-to-day interaction with guests. Must also be able to
  3. 3. DocumentaryphotographsDocumentary photographs tellstories with images. The maindifference betweenphotojournalism anddocumentary photography isthat documentary photographyis meant to serve as ahistorical document of apolitical or social era whilephotojournalism documents aparticular scene or instance.A documentary photographermay shoot a series of images ofthe inner city homeless orchronicle the events of
  4. 4. Documentarypicture
  5. 5. Glamour photographGlamour yphotography, sometimesconfused withpornography, may be sexyand erotic but it is notpornographic. Instead offocusing on nudity or luridposes, glamourphotography seeks tocapture its subject insuggestive poses thatemphasize curves andshadows. As the name
  6. 6. GlamourPicture
  7. 7. AdvertisingPhotographyBecause photographyplays a vital role inadvertising, manyprofessionalphotographers devotetheir careers toadvertisingphotography. The needfor unique and eye-catching advertisingcopy means the
  8. 8. Advertaising Picture
  9. 9. Nutell a
  10. 10. TravelphotographyTravel photography mayspan several categoriesof photography, includingadvertising, documentaryor vernacularphotography that depictsa particularly local orhistorical flavor. Atravel photographer cancapture the feel of alocation with bothlandscapes and
  11. 11. TravelPicure
  12. 12. Journalist Photographer Although amateurs may break into this field without formal training, photojournalism is often limited to professionals. One reason photojournalism is generally practiced by professionals is that serious photojournalists must be sure that their shots maintain the integrity of the original scene. Photojournalism requires the photographer to shoot only the facts: no alteration or embellishment of the photo is permitted. Photojournalism pictures are often powerful images that engage the viewer with the news story. Knowing
  13. 13. Journalism Picture