Release Your Inner Project Manager and Make More Money


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No matter what you're doing with WordPress, no matter how few of you are doing it (even if it's just you), chances are very good that you are already doing project management.

The reality of life in micro-enterprises is the wearing of multiple hats: accountant, designer, administrator, programmer, account manager. However, it's the project manager hat that can give you more of what you need: money.

Project management skills help you to manage cost, schedule, risk, scope and customers: all the things you need to protect your margin so that at the end of your project, you will make the money you calculated that you would. Ironically enough, it's the PM hat that is most neglected and most misunderstood.

In this talk, I'll cover the basics of project management, with a particular emphasis on scope, cost and customer management

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Release Your Inner Project Manager and Make More Money

  1. 1. Release your inner project manager and make more money Elisabeth Bucci WordCamp Montreal August 19, 2012
  2. 2. Todayyou don’t know what you knowwhy project management mattersis it a project?start at the endsandboxslice and diceif only it weren’t for the customera change will do you goodthe end
  3. 3. if you’ve done this… got married bought a house started a family started a blog built a chaletstarted a company renovated your kitchen
  4. 4. …surprise! you’re a Project Manager!
  5. 5. you don’t know whatyou know…unconsciously consciouslycompetent competent
  6. 6. why projects fail because they grow out of control
  7. 7. why projectmanagement matters only do the work that you will be paid for get paid for *all* of the work that you do
  8. 8. is it a project?
  9. 9. a project… has a beginning has an end is unique
  10. 10. find the projectsmonthly backup start a blog renovate kitchen turkey dinner for 20 cook weekday meals for your familymigrate all users from Office 2003 to 2010
  11. 11. find the projectsmonthly backup start a blog renovate kitchen turkey dinner for 20 cook weekday meals for your familymigrate all users from Office 2003 to 2010
  12. 12. unique? it depends you decide
  13. 13. start at the end what does “done” look like?
  14. 14. are these ends thesame? turkey dinner for 20 Christmas Eve “reveillon” for our family of 20
  15. 15. is this “done”? build a charming house keep building it until I like it
  16. 16. “done” is measurable five senses
  17. 17. if this is “done”… migrate all PCs, laptops and terminal servers from Office 2003 to Office 2010
  18. 18. …do we do this? advanced training on pivot tables in Excel 2010
  19. 19. the power of “done” you know you’re at “the end” identify changes (and get paid)
  20. 20. define your sandbox draw a border around what’s in and keep everything else out
  21. 21. sounds like… define your scope (inclusions and exclusions)
  22. 22. write it down a.k.a the Project Charter
  23. 23. fill-in-the-blanks Project CharterObjective What does “done” look like? “the end”Success What does “done well” lookCriteria like?Assumptions Truths applicable for the project, when they become false you have a changeScope High level description of what’s in, what’s out
  24. 24. fill-in-the-blanks Project CharterDeliverables List of measurable things that the project delivers when it’s “done”Schedule High level list of milestones: it ends at “the end”Cost This depends on all the other things above. So it’s the last thing you do. Not the first.Sign-off If the customer doesn’t sign, you don’t have a project
  25. 25. slice and dice slice up your project salami into smaller bits that you can chew
  26. 26. Christmas“reveillon” for 20people sliced up
  27. 27. Invitations Send e-mail, track responsesGift ExchangeMenu Appetizers Turkey for 20 people Container to brine it in Side dishes Desert Wine and alcohol
  28. 28. Table & setting Make a table extension Extra chairs Silverware, dishes Name tags at each setting 2 copies of the menu on the table Christmas decorations for the table CandlesMusic Synchronize iTunes Playlists to iPod
  29. 29. if it weren’t for thecustomer managing expectations starts at the beginning
  30. 30. before you begin,agree on:• the Project Charter• how you will manage changes• the customer’s activities in the schedule
  31. 31. a change will do yougood …but only if you get paid for it
  32. 32. no surprises tell the customer it’s a change get approval before you begin a change
  33. 33. change this this changes project the end sandbox schedule + cost charter
  34. 34. beware of… tantquàyêtres whileyouratems
  35. 35. the end when you’ve reached “done”, you’re done watch for the “onemorethings”
  36. 36. What we discussed todayyou know what you knowproject management mattersa project is…start at the endsandboxslice and dicemanage the customer before you beginchanges are good…if you get paidprojects end
  37. 37. The bottom lineif you define your project you can control your project you only do the work that you will be paid for
  38. 38. There’s so much moretoolsschedulingriskscommunicationteams…etc…etc…etc…
  39. 39. more reading what’s a project? how to ask “dumb questions” PM101 wordcamp-to-05112011
  40. 40. more Twitter: @ElisabethBucci