JAKARTA Multi Purpose Deep Tunnel
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JAKARTA Multi Purpose Deep Tunnel

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Proposal Deep Water Tunnel oleh Badan Regulasi Air Bersih DKI Jakarta. Proposal yang mengangankan adanya sistem sanitasi, pengendalian banjir dan jalan sekaligus. ...

Proposal Deep Water Tunnel oleh Badan Regulasi Air Bersih DKI Jakarta. Proposal yang mengangankan adanya sistem sanitasi, pengendalian banjir dan jalan sekaligus.
Proposal yang tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah, dan hanya mengurangi dampak saja.

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  • 1. Multi Purpose Deep Tunnel (MPDT) An Integrated Solution for Flood Control, Water Supply, Waste Water, Water, Road Tunnel and Public Utilities in the Jakarta Mega City Presented to : Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2008 June 25, 2008 Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre - Water Leaders Summit and South East Asia Business Forum FIRDAUS ALI, PhD. Jakarta Water Supply Regulatory Body AN AI AN R Y MI A L NE UP M (JWSRB) 1
  • 2. Environmental Serious Problems being faced by Mega City of Jakarta.1) Floods, paralyzing the city (Business, Industrial and Municipal damages); a) 2002 Flood damages IDR 9.9 Trillions b) 2007 ditto IDR 8.8 Trillions TOTAL IDR 18.7 Trillions (eq. to USD 2.05 Billions)2) Raw water scarcity and also badly polluted;3) Water supply coverage ratio, only around 55 %;4) Untreated waste water, causing water borne diseases due to e-colli;5) Excessive abstraction of Ground Water, causing land subsidence and sea water intrusion as well as worsening the flood control management;6) Traffic congestion is severe, causing national loss IDR 43.3 T/annum (eq. to USD 4.76 B/annum);7) Climate change worsen the situation.
  • 3. Strategy to Solve Those Problems : STRUCTURAL Urban Integrated Efficient Infrastructure Cost effectiveness MEASURES Development INFRASTRUCTURE SERIOUS PROBLEMS NON STRUCTURAL MEASURES Social Economic Solving Problems Political By Stages Land Acquisition BEST EFFORTSKey Words : 1) Land Acquisition 2) Commitment on Urban Integrated Infrastructure Development by stages stages
  • 4. MULTI PURPOSE DEEP TUNNEL (MPDT) An Integrated Solution for Flood Control, Water Supply, Waste Water, Road Tunnel and Public Utilities in the Jakarta Mega CityWith the Following Benefits;1. Controlling peak flood;2. Improving urban wastewater management, including Water Reclamation Plants (WRPs) to : Supply clean water for the Northern part of Jakarta; Improve water quality in water bodies; Produce electric power (methane gas) and organic fertilizer.3. Reducing ground water abstraction due to improved city piped water service due to a more reliable supply of raw water;4. Constructing of tunnel need no land acquisition except for holding pond and ingresses + egresses of toll road;5. Utilizing the tunnel as toll roadway as in SMART project (KL) and utility shaft, as in TARP project (Chicago).
  • 5. Ciliwung River Basin CILIWUNG-CISADANE JAVA SEA RIVER BASIN U Note : CISADANE RIVER IMPROVEMENT Ciliwung – Cisadane Boundar y i an r River basin boundary du CENGKARENG DRAIN NORMALIZATION Ci K. Ta h n a g Road Cima n ceu ri WEST FLOOD WAY NORMALIZATION Railway b a r ra Ci River Cileu leu ta Cakung Dr ain - Ha t Cengkar eng Dr ain s l ma rn o Ka S u ka irpo rt Drainage Network K. g t K. Blen co n a A ar K. M a r n da ke JAKARTA lB u Se na ra TANGERANG DKI Provincial Government Ka ng si ir j K. Bek a K. S ek reta ris n Ba toke l Balaraja C. m M Flood control program (alternative 1 ) B. eu K. Bu a r n era s a L pa k . K. Gro go l Ci S a l. M eru ya g a ba n K. S ep ak Ciledug e K. Cid eng mah dan ter BEKASI C ile a Sun Curug K. J atik r ma t C is + 601 . Cikarang K. K. a g K. Kru ku t K. Ca ku n g We K. M a mpa n ta n n g + 1 6.46 K. Cip i a n Ranca Sumur KARAWANG Cid u rian Pondok Gede Ciputat K. Pesa n gg rah an Serpong Ci b eet 6 C im ke Serang a nc eu r g 3 5 ,5 Km + i n ra g ka Cil iwung n Ci ke ad a gk e C C is K. An ika i n gs Jam mp Cileu ek Cib eu reu m Cimanggis To l ke C ru ik a u im Cima tu k Cileungsi mp e Ba r T DEPOK Cibeet k Cibarusa Ka li Parung +3 Curug es a C ik Jonggol 32 Km Gunung Putri Hou rs Ci ta ru m Waduk ke Rangkasbitung Jatiluhur BOGOR Empang + 2 43 3 3 . + 2 40 9 7 . Katulampa Planned of Ciawi Dam ke Cianjur PR OYEK PENGELOLAAN SUMBER AIR DAN PENGENDALIAN BANJIR 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 km CILIWUNG-CISADANE Gn. Pangrango sws 08.11.2001
  • 6. Se a O u f l l ta Pl u t St r g e i o a Re s e r oi v r W P R To Sea Outfall Gr gol Da m o Ci e ngPum p ng d i St a t n o i Me a t li At n ua t on te i Pond Ka r t Sl i e e u c G tea M n gga r i a a Sl i e Ga e u c t Se t a bud Pond i i Pe o m ong an j p WTP Pluit Storage He a dwor s k Hol i n Ba i n d g s Reservoir WRP West East Central Egress M ap of MPDT Concept Airport Egress Grogol Dam Roxy Cideng Pumping Station Egress Tanah Abang Melati Attenuation Karet Sluice Pond Gate Manggarai Sluice Gate Setiabudi Pond Pejompongan WTP Toll Road Balekambang - Manggarai Holding Basin HeadworksMPDT Central Zone
  • 7. MPDT FOR CENTRAL ZONE (CILIWUNG, CIDENG, KRUKUT) Java Sea Sea Outfall (Pumped + Non Return Valve ) Egress Airport Existing pump onoyraHTM Ri ver Be d / We st Flood Wa y / Surfa ce Pluit Reservoir TDPM Area : 80 Ha River B ed / West Flood Way / Su rface (Half part is for WWTP/ Advanced Activated Sludge) htuoMnelIB ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekatnI ekat ekatnI Sewage U tili ty Sha ft pipes nsiaaBgn+olH H4di U tility Shaft Drainage network Full Pre ssP ressurized Flow F ully uriz ed Flow + 15m + 15 m Egress Roxy reiWnosirevD i te I te I te I te I te I te I te I tenlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlnlI te I te I te I te I te I te I te I te I te I te I te I te I te I te I te I te I ( 10 0 m(250) m /s) dur n g 3with 3 /s duri ng i hour 3 7 ekaTfO f R 100 (emerg e cyou tlet) n + 12m wit h R1 00 + 12 m skrowdaH skrowdaH skrowdaH H H H H H H skrowdaH skrowdaH skrowdaH H H H H H H skrowdae skrowdae skrowdae e e e e e e skrowdae skrowdae skrowdae skrowdae e e e e e e skrowdaH skrowdaH skrowdaH skrowdaH skrowdaH skrowdaH skrowdae skrowdae skrowdae skrowdae skrowdae (e merge ncy out let ) Stor m Water Wastewater Egress Tanah Abang Hea dwo rk MT H ryo no + Ho ldin g Bas in a Was te wat er + 12m Melati Attenuation Ponds + 12 m (area : 3.5 Ha) Length : + 22 Km Ciliwung Kota Diameter : + 12 m Vol me u : + 2.5 million m 3 Karet Sluice Q=0 Le ngt h Filling Time : + 3 :ho 22 Km +ur Gate Diame te r :+ 12m Volume : + 2.5 mill ion m3 Fil ling Ti me : + 7 hour West Fl ood Manggarai Sluice Way Gate Pejompongan WTP Setiabudi Ponds (area : 4.35 Ha) Plan of MPDT Toll Road (underneath Ciliwung Riv er and We Floo Way) st d Ingress Balekambang - Pasar Minggu- Manggarai Through DTRS Thr ough MP DT h Headwork MT Haryono h Safe Level Safety Level - Diversion Weir (at “Normalized”Kali (at “Normalize ”Kali Ciliw ung a d nd - Off take S tructure B KB) Ciliwung and BKB) - Holding Pond (+ 4 Ha) Floo Q100 d Flood Q3100 Ma ng rai Slu e Ga te = 7 50 m /s ga ic t Manggarai Sluice Gate= t Peak P e iod r 750 m3/s Peak Period k 25 m3/s Q MP DT (max) at Pea Flood = 10 0 m 3/s 0 (the f o w s u s ua l y d isc ha rge d into the e xis t n g u rba n d rain ag e sy ste m to d own town l i i Q (max) at peak Flood = 100 m3/s DTRS a rea a t Alert L ev el 1) (the flow is usuall y discharged into the exist ing urban drain age system to down town area at alert level !) CILIWUNG RIVER
  • 8. River Bed / West Flood Way / Surface Utility ShaftFully Pressurized Flow + 15 m(250 m3/s) during 3 hour with R100 + 12 m (emergency outlet) Storm Water Wastewater + 12 m Length : + 22 Km Diameter : + 12 m Volume : + 2.5 million m3 Filling Time : + 3 hour
  • 9. Flood Data, February 2007
  • 10. MPDT & Other Alternative TechnologyN Jakarta Water Resources Manage ment Ancient Ground Watero. MPDT DAM Canal (problems & solutions) River Recharge1. Flood control2. Scarcity of Raw water resource3. Sewage4. Ground water conservation (DG) (SG)5. Improvement of surface water quality6. Land acquisition7. Cost8. Technology9. Integrated Urban Water Resources10 Potential Revenue USD usd. = appropriate; = how ?; = not possible; = not effective; = unnecessary; = a must; = relatively expensive; = inexpensive; USD = potential; usd = slightly potential; =relatively easy Note : in addition to matters mentioned above, MPDT also benefits in improving toll road & utility network
  • 12. I. Pre-Feasibility Study (FS) to Basic DesignThis phase comprises of :1) Technical Aspect, for Geological aspect and Hydro Geology, Soil Investigation, Flood Control, Traffic System Engineering and Management, Waste Water Management and its Reclamation Plant, Utility Shaft, Civil/Structural Engineering Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Health and Safety Engineering.2) Economical Aspect, economical aspect is needed to observe to what extent investment is economically feasible to mitigate the impact of flood damages and address economical benefit.
  • 13. Continued..I. Pre-Feasibility Study (FS) to Basic Design3) Ecological and social culture aspect, which comprises of : A. Environmental/ecological impact in development phase and operation and maintenance phase. B. Cultural social aspect, especially for those community reside along side Ciliwung river and west flood way including acceptability level.4) Financial aspect, is needed in identifying to what extent private sector including BUMN and BUMD both national and foreign investment are financially feasible (FIRR, schematic fund and concession period)
  • 14. II. Feasibility Study (FS) to Detailed Design1) After Pre-Fs is accepted by the government, the stages of FS and detailed design shall be continued by the proponent;2) The result of FS and detailed design shall become a basis for negotiation process based on BOT scheme, or tendering process under PPP scheme between Government and Private sector;3) The negotiation or tender result as mentioned above, shall become a baseline for entering the contract agreement between government and related private sector, based on pre determined of concession period.
  • 15. III. MPDT ImplementationOnce FS and Detailed Design are completely done, next phase is to implementMPDT by the investor consortium through EPC system (Engineering,Procurement, & Construction) which consist of work items as follow:A. Deep Tunnel 22 km including Holding Pond, Flood Forecasting and Warning Center, Weather Radar and Rain gauge Station, Sea Outfall Turbine Pump plus Surge Chamber;B. Toll Road 18 km including Ingress and Egress, Motorway Control Center, Safety Features including Escape Routes and Fire Hydrants ;C. Sewerage system consist of Main Trunk, Secondary, Tertiary Pipe Networks and Water Reclamation Plant;D. Utility Shaft.
  • 16. IV. Operational Management1) This phase is not only expected by public at large but also by government and investor.2) Considering that MPDT is a multi purpose, integrated and accurate monitoring and controlling are crucially important (for instance : integration among the SOP of flood control, toll road operational management and its safety features, sewerage system, etc)3) Controlling of each component, consist of : a. Revenue Collection b. OM Costs c. Tariff adjustment d. etc.
  • 17. Development Cost (based price 2008)1. MPDT : IDR 12.7 T ≈ USD 1,396 Millions Deep Tunnel (including Holding Pond, Flood Forecasting and Warning Center, Weather Radar and Rain gauge Station, Sea Outfall Turbine Pump plus Surge Chamber); double deck toll road (including motorway control center and safety features inside tunnel) : IDR 11.7 T ≈ USD 1,286 Millions (unit price MPDT including double deck toll road is estimated IDR 650 Billions per km length) Waste Water Trunk Main : IDR 0.5 T ≈ USD 550 Millions Utility Shaft : IDR 0.5 T ≈ USD 550 Millions2. Waste Water System : IDR 4.3 T ≈ USD 472 Millions Secondary &Tertiary Water Reclamation Plant /WRP (Recycle) Total : IDR 17 T ≈ USD 1,868 Millions
  • 18. Potential Revenue from Toll Road Estimated LHR (Daily Average of Traffic Amounts) : 51,000 vehicles/da y ► captive market 25% of Sedyatmo toll road users ► based on LHR sedyatmo toll road data until December 2005 is 203,138 vehicles/day Captive market : ►short route (manggarai – tanah abang) ± 4 km : 20% ►medium route ( manggarai – roxy) ± 8.5 km : 20% ►far route (manggarai – Soeta airport) ± 18 km : 60% Tariff per km (assumption) : IDR 1,000/km → (tariff in 2008) ►based on SMART-KL, Malaysia data, assumption tariff/km = IDR 1,666/km Effective days used : 350 days Daily Av erage of Traffic Length Amounts estimated tariff Potential Revenue Toll Road Route (km) (vehicles/day) % (IDR/vehicles) (IDR/day) (IDR/annum) 1 short 4 10,200 20% 4,000 40,800,000 14,280,000,000 2 medium 8.5 10,200 20% 8,500 86,700,000 30,345,000,000 3 far 18 30,600 60% 18,000 550,800,000 192,780,000,000 10.17 51,000 100% 10,167 678,300,000 237,405,000,000Potential revenue from toll road is IDR 237,405,000,000 per annum, or IDR 237,000,000,000 (rounded down)eq. to USD 26,000, 000 per annum
  • 19. Potential Revenue from Waste Water, Water Reclamation, Electricity, Fertilizer, and Utility Shaft► Area of Central Zone : 6,932 ha► Population : 450 People/hectare► Total Population served : 3,119,400 nos► Waste water production per people : 100 lt/people/day► Total Waste Water : 311,940 m3/day : 113,858,100 m3/annum : 114,000,000 m3/annum ( rounded up)
  • 20. Potential Revenue from Waste Water►Waste Water Charges (sources data : JWDP, 2000) ● Average Charges : 1,900 IDR/m3 →(2008) ● Potential Revenue : 216,600,000,000 IDR/annum : 217,000,000,000 IDR/annum (rounded up) eq. to : 24,000,000 USD/annum
  • 21. Potential Revenue from Water Supply● Estimated Tariff : 2,500 IDR/m3 → 2008● Volume of water Produced : 265,149 m3/day → 85% of total waste : 96,779,385 m3/annum● Potential Revenue : 241,948,462,500 IDR/annum : 242,000,000,000 IDR/annum (rounded up) Eq. to : 26,600,000 USD/annum
  • 22. Potential Revenue from Organic Fertilizer Based on current urea prices● Estimated price : 1,200 IDR/kg per kg in 2006 : 1,400 IDR/kg Estimated price in 2008● Specific Gravity : 1.13 ton/m3● Total Waste to be Treated : 17,078,715 m3/annum Assumption of waste to be treated for organic fertilizer is 15% of total waste (113,858,100 : 19,298,948 ton/annum m3/annum) : 19,298,947,950 kg/annum● Percentage of fertilizer from waste : 0.20% Milwauke, USA can produce 2 kg organic fertilizer from 1 ton of waste : 38,597,896 kg/annum● Potential Re venue : 54,037,054,400 IDR/annum : 54,000,000,000 IDR/annum (rounded down) Eq. to : 6,000,000 USD/annum
  • 23. Potential Revenue from Methane Gas (Electricity) Based on current retail price● Estimated Price : 4,500 IDR/kg of LPG : IDR 55,000/12kg = IDR 4,583/kg● Total methane gas for electricity : 8,491,537 kg/annum Based on assumption of CH4 (gas methan) = 0.22 x biosolid● Potential Revenue : 38,211,916,941 IDR/annum : 38,000,000,000 IDR/annum (rounded down) : 4,000,000 USD/annum Note : 1. Potential revenue from methane gas could also achieve through Carbon Finance Scheme; 2. This scheme is b eing implemented b y Bekasi local government through methane gas conversion sale from TPA Sumur Batu to Dutch Government with 15 year concession period.
  • 24. Potential Revenue from Utility Shaft● Length of Utility Shaft : 22 km● no. of users (assumption)* : 7 operators● Potential Revenue : 23,000,000,000 IDR/annum Eq. to: 2,500,000 USD/annum*) assumption no of user water : 1 → palyja/tpj electricity : 1 → pln gas : 1 → pgn telecommunication : 4 → telkom, indosat, xl,cdma total : 7
  • 25. Estimated Revenue per Year (based price 2008)1. Toll Road = IDR 237 B ≈ USD 26 Millions2. Waste Water = IDR 551 B ≈ USD 60.6 Millions - Waste Water Service Charges : IDR 217 B ≈ USD 24 Millions - Water from Reclamation : IDR 242 B ≈ USD 26.6 Millions - Electricity : IDR 38 B ≈ USD 4 Millions - Fertilizer : IDR 54 B ≈ USD 6 Millions3. Utility Shaft = IDR 23 B ≈ USD 2.5 Millions Total Revenue per annum = IDR 811 B ≈ USD 89.1 Millions
  • 26. Operation and Maintenance Cost per Year (based price 2008) Toll Road : 20% x IDR 237 B = IDR 47.4 B ≈ USD 5.2 Millions Waste Water : 20% x IDR 551 B = IDR 110.2 B ≈ USD 12.1 Millions Utility Shaft : 5% x IDR 23 B = IDR 1.15 B ≈USD 0.2 MillionsTotal Operation & Maintenance cost = IDR 158.75 B = IDR 159 B (rounded up) Eq. to = USD 17.5 Millions
  • 27. Flood Damages Prevention (FDP) Government Flood Damages Prevention (FDP) 0.5 x 1/3 x IDR 18.7 T = IDR 3.11 T (for 5 year) Eq. to = USD 342 Millions or approximately = IDR 623 B (per annum ) Eq. to = USD 68 Millions
  • 29. Thank You