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Cubappt Cubappt Presentation Transcript

  • Ap Human Geography Period B
  • Independence of Cuba1898 Spanish-American War-200,000 Cubans died fighting for their independence. Name overlooks the struggle. Spain gives control of Cuba, Philippines, and Guam to U.S.  Cuba declares its independence instead.
  • Cuban Revolution Fulgencio Batista was the dictator of Cuba following independence after a coup detat. Unsatisfied with Batista, Fidel Castro, a cuban nationalist, marxist and revolutionary tried to rebel against his government. Che Guevara and other revolutionaries fought against the Cuban government until their victory in 1959.
  • Che and Castro
  • Government in Cuba Republic of Cuba (defined as a socialist Republic) = Communist State? Fidel Castro ruled as Prime Minister then President until 2008- continues to hold the highest position in the Communist Party of Cuba. Cuba had good relations with the Soviet Union during the Cold War, leading the United States to attempt to overthrow Castro. Is Cubas government successful despite the fact that it does not have good relations with the US?
  • Some Facts to Think About... Cubas overall literacy rate is 99.8% School Expectancy is 18 years (19 for females) 5.9 Hospital beds for every 1000 people (Compared to USA 3.0, Canada 3.4, UK 3.38) 6.3 Doctors for every 1000 people (Compared to USA 2.6, Canada 1.9, UK 2.7)
  • Healthcare System in Cuba Article
  • Education in Cuba Has it always been high quality? Article
  • Who does Cuba trade with? China Venezuela Spain Brazil Canada US?
  • Embargo on Cuba 1961- Total Embargo on Trade and Aid to Cuba 1963- Kennedy bans all travel to Cuba, Cuban transactions, and all Cuban made materials. 1970s- Carter Administration relaxes laws, allows travel to Cuba and money to be sent to Cuban relatives 1981- Reagans politices on Cuba are more strict, undoing what Carter did.
  • Embargo Cont. The UN has unanimously voted to end the Embargo on Cuba. The only two countries that consitently vote for a continuation of the Ban are the US and Israel. Palau and Marshall Islands occasionally vote with US and Israel. Why? In 1995-97 newly independent Uzbekistan voted for the ban, but never voted for it again. Albania and Paraguay voted for it in 1993, but never again. Last Vote in 2011 – Only U.S. And Israel (186 to 2)
  • Life for Cubans Just like Americans, Cubans are very proud of their country. Tourism is a big industry in Cuba, despite the fact that it is difficult for United States citizens to visit Cuba due to bad relations, many Europeans visit Cuba. Life expectancy is 77.8, about the same as the US.
  • Havana, Cuba
  • Is Cuba an Isolated State? From the United States - Yes, Somewhat. From the World – No. Is it a successful state? Cubans in Cuba will say yes. Cubans who fled Cuba will say no. United States says no. Much of Europe sas yes. China, Russia, Venezuela say yes. Success is subjective.
  • The EndThank you! ¡Gracias!