Concierge Services For Start Ups


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Williams Mullen offers 12 services for French and other International Companies starting up operations in the United States at a maximum fixed price or "forfait": incorporation, visa, trademarks, contracts, lease review, and more.

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Concierge Services For Start Ups

  1. 1. Eliot Norman Mr. Norman has focused his practice on immigration law and related U.S. investment projects from Europe and Asia since 1986. Mr. Norman is the author of numerous works on business and immigration issues, including growth opportuni- ties for international companies under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. He is a an Eliot Norman author of the chapter on employment and immigra- Williams Mullen Center, 200 South 10th St. tion law in “S’implanter aux etats unis” (Invest in the Richmond, VA 23219 United States), published in 2009 by Ubifrance. Mr. Norman holds a Certificate from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris, France. He is fluent in French and regularly travels to France to meet with Gregory R. Bishop French and other European clients. Williams Mullen Center, 200 South 10th St. Richmond, VA 23219 Concierge Legal Services Gregory R. Bishop Mr. Bishop focuses his practice primari- for International Companies ly on mergers and acquisitions and other corporate and securities transac- Thomas O. Mason tions. Mr. Bishop regularly counsels 8300 Greensboro Drive, Suite 1100 public and privately-held entities in McLean, VA 22102 such areas as private equity financing, contract draft- ing and negotiation, dispute resolution, and executive benefits. He also provides clients with general busi- ness counsel and long-range planning. Thomas O. Mason Mr. Mason concentrates his practice on all aspects of government contracts VIRGINIA law and litigation, including grants, co- operative agreements, the manage- NORTH CAROLINA ment of major government systems and programs, and the resolution of related claims WASHINGTON, D.C. and disputes. During his 25 years of practice, he has prosecuted and defended bid protests and appeals of LONDON agency final decisions; negotiated contract awards and changes; and drafted contracts, teaming agree- ments, and license agreements subcontracts. A Professional Corporation
  2. 2. Concierge Legal Services Package How Our Concierge Services About Williams Mullen Program Works 1. Form the U.S. corporation, limited liability company or joint venture; adopt articles of incorporation and bylaws or operating agree- Williams Mullen provides comprehensive legal At no cost or obligation to your company, ment; issue shares or membership interests; services to international, national and regional appoint officers and board of directors or clients. With approximately 300 attorneys and Williams Mullen will provide an initial consulta- managers. twelve offices in Washington, D.C., Virginia and tion to discuss the legal aspects of your compa- ny’s business plan and objectives for entering 2. Conduct trademark search; verify that com- North Carolina, we deliver innovative solutions to pany name and important product names are support our clients’ diverse business activities. the United States market and locating your facili- not used by other parties; file trademark Close working relationships with clients has been ty. The consultation can be in your home country application to protect company name, logo the foundation of our progressive approach to law with one of our representative attorneys; or by and key product names. videoconference or telephone. We provide for- practice since the firm was founded 100 years 3. Reserve and apply for Internet domain name. ago. Williams Mullen regularly advises foreign cor- eign language services for the consultation. 4. Apply to U.S. Internal Revenue Service to porations on all aspects of establishing and obtain Employer Identification number; regis- expanding their operations in the United States, After your consulta- ter with state tax authorities. including doing business with federal, state and tion, Williams Mullen will provide “start- 5. File local company registrations. local governments. up” legal services 6. Review lease for office or facility. during your first four 7. Assist with opening U.S. bank account and months in the U.S. obtaining social security numbers. to help you develop 8. File for New Office L-1, E-1/E2 or other visas your new business for your manager, executive or key “specialized for a maximum fixed knowledge” employee and family members. price of $12,000.00 USD. This legal fee covers 9. Strategic advice on obtaining government the 12 important services listed in our Concierge grants, contracts and subcontracts. Package, including incorporation, visas, trade- 10. Advise on hiring of employees under U.S. marks, employment law advice and review of employment laws. office lease. This fee does not include expenses 11. Advise on export of products to the U.S., charged by state, local or federal governments including tariffs and custom regulations. such as filing visa or trademark applications or 12. Review distribution, agency or licensing agree- qualifying your company to do business with the ments for sellling your products in the United State Corporation Commission, etc. States.