Mobile commerce 5 important tips for a successful online business
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Mobile commerce 5 important tips for a successful online business






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Mobile commerce 5 important tips for a successful online business Mobile commerce 5 important tips for a successful online business Document Transcript

  • ©2011 by EliNext GroupMobile Commerce: 5 Important Tips Fora Successful Online BusinessAccording to a recent study published by Bitkom, about 10million Germans regularly use mobile Internet on theirmobile devices and this tendency is on the rise. This can beeasily explained by the fact that more and more people getto own mobile devices with Internet access - smart phones,tablet PCs, etc. Young people of today who were childrenyesterday, can’t live without mobile internet surfing and wantto be always online. On the other hand, there are more andmore traders who sell on the internet, including mobiledevices. Obviously, online sales are a unique opportunity tobring goods to customers at an optimum cost.If you want to enter into the mobile commerce market, youshould follow the same rules that are valid for every onlineshop. These include the following.- Keep prices low- Make sure the selection is good- Organize efficient customer service- Provide free return policy
  • ©2011 by EliNext GroupThis is crucial for the M-commerce success in the long term.It is also important to understand the specifics of mobilecommerce compared to electronic commerce. This includes,for example, that mobile users shop spontaneously on thego, or in other cases they do not have a desktop PC orlaptop at hand. The following are tips to consider for asuccessful M-commerce business.1) Develop a cohesive marketing strategy that will alsoinclude a mobile commerce campaign. Your business willbenefit when all offline and online marketing toolscomplement each other. They all have a common goal toincrease sales.2) Adapt your website for mobile devices. Since mobiledevices have a smaller screen and can be operated withfingers, the navigation on a mobile version of your websitemust be as easy and intuitive as possible. Note, that thereare many smart phones and tablet PCs as well as differentoperating systems. Whether you want to market yourproduct through a mobile website or a native app, youshould make sure that your marketing tool works well on alldevices.
  • ©2011 by EliNext Group3) Simplify all operations of your mobile store - from thechoice of the product on your mobile website through todelivery of goods to the customer. Imagine that you are theone who wants to find something on your mobile websiteand order. Do you want the goods to be found with a fewclicks? Would you be delighted if you needed to fill out anylong forms to order? Im sure you would not prefer to typelong credit card detail, but would appreciate a fast andconvenient payment system. As a customer you want, ofcourse, the goods to be delivered quickly and within theagreed time frame. It is as simple as that.4) Do you offer mobile users the appropriate selections ofgoods? Unlikely that you will buy expensive and large goodsvia mobile devices. The selection of goods at the websiteand at the mobile web is different. You should also describethe goods in the mobile shop as briefly and informative aspossible, so that the mobile users could quickly get a goodoverview of an item.5) Offer your potential customers all kinds of incentives andattractive opportunities. This includes those marketing toolsas discount coupons and special promotions areopportunities as well as location-specific data andAugmented Reality, which will attract more visitors.
  • ©2011 by EliNext GroupELINEXT GROUPWebsite: http://www.elinext.comEmail: info@elinext.comBlog: http://software-topics.comFacebook: officeMarina House, Adelphi QuayWaterford, Republic of IrelandPhone: +353 (51) 347 477Belarus Development Center155b Bogdanovich St.220040 Minsk, BelarusPhone: +375 (17) 237 53 65Vietnam Development Center37A Phan Xich Long St.Ward 3, Phu Nhuan DistrictHo Chi Minh City, VietnamPhone: +84 (8) 3995 6849Suggested citation: EliNext Group.2011.“Mobile Commerce: 5 Important Tips For a Successful OnlineBusiness”<>