How to make your website mobile friendly


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The fact that mobile devices have significantly reduced screen sizes can't be ignored as well as loading time should be taken into consideration. That’s why in order to make your website mobile friendly it’s better to keep in mind some basic rules

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How to make your website mobile friendly

  1. 1. ©2012 by EliNext GroupHow to Make Your Website MobileFriendlyIn this dynamically developing world there is no need toprove how important it is today to be one step ahead of othersin order to keep in touch with your business friends all overthe place. According to the recent TNS Mobile Research, forabout 6 billion mobile users unattached devices are the No. 1medium today to organize their interpersonal private andbusiness communication.
  2. 2. ©2012 by EliNext GroupThus, the importance of mobile Internet will inevitably increase aswith intensive penetration of Internet-ready 3G phones, mobile searchand m-commerce will be used more and more. But whats even moreimportant for website owners is to be sure that they have mobile-adapted websites. And this solution can be more attractive for most ofthem as there is no need to develop an application or completelyredesign the website.The fact that mobile devices have significantly reduced screen sizescant be ignored as well as loading time should be taken intoconsideration. That’s why in order to make your website mobilefriendly it’s better to keep in mind some basic rules:1. Be at hand. Mobile users often search for the most importantinformation such as your location, contact data or office hours. So besure that the most relevant information about your activity andservices is easy to reveal with the help of a palm-sized device.2. Make your mobile version readable. Mobile Internet is usuallyused while a mobile user is in motion so be sure your content issimple enough to scan it quickly. However, dont forget to leave the
  3. 3. ©2012 by EliNext Groupopportunity for your mobile visitor to find more information by goingdirectly to the full version of your website.3. Simplify navigation. Keep your layout clear and “fingeroptimized” by creating easy pathways to your valuable information sothat your visitor could freely reach it. It’s also worth to make yournavigation intuitive by eliminating less prioritized links and usingliquid layout.4. Pay attention to graphics. While creating mobile optimizedwebsites be attentive with images, since not all mobile browsers cansufficiently depict full-size images. Moreover, your visitors willspend more money and time while waiting for downloading.5. Be careful with Flash or Java. While using Flash or Java in yourmobile version there is a possibility to overload your website.Moreover, not every mobile device supports Flash, especially iOSdevices. So if you dont want to lose a significant percentage of yourpotential customers avoid in your mobile version Java or Flash andthink about making it in HTML5 and CSS3 to create scrolling.
  4. 4. ©2012 by EliNext Group6. Be able to make redirection. It’s worth to use mobile redirects inorder to readdress those who use tablet devices relying mostly on Wi-Fi and 3G to the mobile-friendly version of your site. Be sure mobileusers will appreciate the possibility to use mobile-optimized versionof your site.7. Choose the right design solutions. When designing your mobile-friendly website try to utilize properly white space as well as useappropriate fonts. Be attentive with the usage of jQuery scripts andplug-ins as not all portable devices are eager to support them.Moreover, with the help of CSS in your coding you can make yourmobile version suitable for reading and visually appealing for tinyscreens.Now when you’ve looked through all the above mentioned basics thatwill help you enhance your searchability, it’s high time to get onboard and fall into line with the mobile generation. And its worth totake thought about your clients and make sure that they are eager toreach you with the help of their mobile devices, as for a modernperson a life without mobile handsets is no longer imaginable.
  5. 5. ©2012 by EliNext GroupIndustries and Technology Areas:Industries: retail, financial services, travel, healthcare, real estateTechnology Areas: mobile web development, mobile applicationdevelopment, smartphones, tablets, iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad
  6. 6. ©2012 by EliNext GroupELINEXT GROUPWebsite: http://www.elinext.comEmail: info@elinext.comBlog: http://software-topics.comFacebook: officeMarina House, Adelphi QuayWaterford, Republic of IrelandPhone: +353 (51) 347 477Belarus Development Center155b Bogdanovich St.220040 Minsk, BelarusPhone: +375 (17) 237 53 65Vietnam Development Center37A Phan Xich Long St.Ward 3, Phu Nhuan DistrictHo Chi Minh City, VietnamPhone: +84 (8) 3995 6849Suggested citation: EliNext Group.2012.“How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly”<>