7 steps towards making your i phone and ipad effective


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7 steps towards making your i phone and ipad effective

  1. 1. ©2012 by EliNext Group7 Steps towards Making Your iPhone and iPad EffectiveSteve Jobs once said: “Innovation distinguishesbetween a leader and a follower”. There is agrain of truth in his utterance. If you wish to bein the forefront today, you have to be tech-savvy. No wonder that such well-known devicesas the iPhone and iPad have become a hotbed ofinnovations.
  2. 2. ©2012 by EliNext GroupThanks to the extensive technological progressfrequently flying executives can do profitable businessand stay in touch with their business partners usingtheir palm-friendly devices. But the question is whetherits their effective business instrument or a tribute tofashion?Without doubt it can be converted from a gorgeous toyinto a vital business tool with the help of the latestinnovations in mobile application development. Themain idea for a business owner is how to make use ofthe most effective applications and increaseproductivity and revenue. Early adopters assume thatgranting mobile access to business applications willallow you to extend your sphere of influence. The keypoint is to develop a strategic approach enablingenterprise applications and adopting them to the needsof your business.Here are 7 steps that can help you turn your iPhoneand iPad into effective business tools.
  3. 3. ©2012 by EliNext GroupStep 1. Turn your iPhone into business personsinnovative briefcaseWith the help of your palm-friendly device you maymaintain your online documentation, and special officeapplications from the App Store will become your righthand tool. Office apps will enable you to create, editand view documents and presentations of such fileformats as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.Along with that there have been already developedsuch applications that allow you to transform thedisplay of your iPad or iPhone into a wireless screenthat you may use as an additional demonstration area.Air Display is a vivid example of such astonishing apps.Step 2. Convert your iPhone or iPad into a reliabledatabankThese portable “friends” of every business person allowgrabbing data from any desktop and computer systemswith the help of such applications as Dropbox App. So ifyou want to have access to the important information
  4. 4. ©2012 by EliNext Groupor share files with colleagues that are too cumbersomefor e-mail, use cloud-based storage space withpassword-protected access.Step 3. Plan your day with iPhone or iPadpersonal organizerWith a wide range of time management applications inthe App Store you may effectively plan your activity orbusiness meetings and manage your projectimplementation. There won’t be any problem for you toaccomplish work tasks, manage your schedule or beaware of current agenda or coming meetings.Step 4. Make use of your palm-sized device as asource of informationThe best apps for news will let you follow the latestbusiness happenings in all parts of the world by justmaking a few taps on the smartphone’s touchscreen.Be in the heart of this fast-paced world highlightingreal-time news, market data or video conferences. Inorder to be flexible and well-informed stay updated
  5. 5. ©2012 by EliNext Groupabout your companys latest news using your iPhoneinformation provider.Step 5. Transform your iPad or iPhone into aneffective communication toolFeel free to participate in online meetings andcollaborate with your colleagues despite your locationconnecting through enterprise communication services.Take active part in discussions, message yourcolleagues, and capture images or video directly fromyour device to share with others. If you are on the go,a voice-to-text transcription app will help you send avoice message.Step 6. Sign up a virtual economic and operationsanalystMake your business payments with the help of mobileapps. Be ready to pay in store, manage your sales, andverify financial statements using your portable device.Be prepared to contact your customers and control allfinancial transactions using e-commerce applications
  6. 6. ©2012 by EliNext GroupStep 7. Utilize your portable devices for personalself-developmentLeadership is an essential component to run yourbusiness smartly. To be a leader means to have strongpersonality, creative mind and be open to changes.Thats why the iPhone or iPad can serve a real sourceof inspiration and brainstorming. There’s beendeveloped a wide range of evolutionary mobileapplications that help you think positively, develop yourmental skills or adopt new positive habits.As you see, there are no limits for you and yourbusiness in the world of iPhone and iPad devices.Moreover, if you have an innovative thought how touse your iPhone or iPad you may have recourse to amobile application developer. Having created yourpersonal mobile application you will surely be one stepahead of your competitors.
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