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Under Armour Final Presentation
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Under Armour Final Presentation


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology

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  • -Under Armour (UA) is a baltimore-based American sports clothing and accessories company founded in 1996. -It’s mission is “to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation.” -It is a public company with annual sales in the range of $1 billion. -The company sponsors a number of high profile athletes including Tom Brady, Lindsey Vonn, Ray Lewis, and Michael Phelps.
  • -Under Armour (UA) is anAmerican sports clothing and accessories company based in Baltimore and founded in 1996. -It’s mission is “to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation.”-It is a public company with annual sales in the range of $1 billion. -The company sponsors a number of high profile athletes including Tom Brady, Lindsey Vonn, Ray Lewis, and Michael Phelps.
  • -The goal of my digital marketing plan is to raise public awareness of UA women’s yoga apparel. -I talked to several female yoga enthusiasts and none knew the company made yoga apparel.However, they did have a favorable impression of the brand and they were open to wearing it. -So, I’m confident that with a decent strategy, UA could increase its sales in this area. -Their yoga clothing includes pants, shorts, and tank tops.
  • -My audience are women who make up more than 72% of yoga practitioners in the U.S. -Yoga is a lucrative market, as confirmed by these statistics: *64% of practitioners earn more than $75,000 annually*$27 billion is spent yearly in the U.S. on yoga merchandise*Yoga spending has increased 87% in the last five years.
  • -UA’s major competitor in women’s yoga apparel is Lululemon (Lulu). -The Vancouver-based “yoga-inspired” athletic apparel company was founded in 1998. -It’s mission is to “create components for people to live long, healthy, and fun lives.” -Like UA, it is a public company, and its annual sales are also in the $1 billion range. -All of the female yoga practitioners I talked to wear Lulu and had overwhelmingly positive comments about the brand.
  • -As far as Lulu’s social media initiatives, they do have a blog and they are active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. -The company’s blog is a lifestyle forum that covers a range of topics, including culture and media, travel, and food and drink. -Of course, Lulu’s products are also given considerable attention. -Its Facebook page has 669,000 “likes,” its Twitter account has 259,000 followers. Also, the Lulu YouTube channel has 5,000 subscribers, and 4.7 million views.
  • -My “big idea” would be to launch a “Yoga Journeys” blog that would chronicle the experiences of various women who practice yoga. -UA yoga apparel would be given to those profiled, and they would be seen wearing the gear in photos and videos posted to the blog. -New content would be posted weekly during a one-year period. -The blog would be constantly monitored and negative comments would receive a prompt and appropriate response.
  • -The blog builds on UA’s current social media efforts aimed at women, and that includes a recent “What’s Beautiful” campaign. -That concept was to unite women, and help them achieve their athletic goals. -Women were encouraged to post photos and videos chronicling their achievements. -Four winners with stories of perseverance were chosen to represent the UA brand in its marketing efforts.
  • -Again, building on UA’s current social media initiatives, I would use the “UA Women” Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote the “Yoga Journeys” blog. -As the blog gains an audience, I anticipate this will lead to more attention for its Facebook and Twitter pages. -I would like to double the number of “likes” and followers within one-year to 572,000 “likes” and 34,000 followers.
  • -Another way to build on UA’s social media strategy would be to create an “Under Armour Women” YouTube channel. -Just as there are “UA Women” Facebook and Twitter accounts, “UA Women” needs its own channel. And, the “Yoga Journeys” blog videos would be posted there. -The UA YouTube channel covers too much material – everything from broadcast quality commercials to lower quality videos that offer training tips. So, I’m concerned that if the yoga videos were posted there, they might be lost. -The UA YouTube channel has 6,600 subscribers and 4.7 million views. I’d like “UA Women” YouTube channel to have at least half the numbers of the UA YouTube channel within one-year, so 3,300 subscribers and 2.35 million views.  
  • -The total budget of the campaign is $199,000. -That includes $20,000 in planning costs, and $130,000 for the production of the “Yoga Journeys” blog. -Also, $12,000 would be required for the ongoing management of Twitter, and $18,000 would be needed for Facebook initiatives. -Finally, the price to maintain the “UA Women” YouTube channel is $19,000.  
  • Transcript

    • 1. Digital Marketing Plan Eli Natinsky 7-30-12
    • 2. UnderArmour- Under Armour (UA) is anAmerican sports clothing andaccessories company based inBaltimore and founded in 1996- Mission: “to make all athletesbetter through passion, design,and the relentless pursuit ofinnovation”- Public company- Annual sales $1 billion range- Sponsors: Tom Brady,Lindsey Vonn, Ray Lewis,Michael Phelps -2-
    • 3. Goals & ObjectivesRaise public awareness of UA Women’s StudioUA women’s yoga apparel- Female yoga enthusiasts talked todidn’t know UA made yoga apparelfor women-However, they had good impressionof UA brand and were open towearing- With decent digital marketing plan,could increase sales of UA women’syoga wear- UA women’s yoga clothing includespants, shorts, tank tops, etc. -3-
    • 4. AudienceWomen, who make up more than 72% of yoga practitioners in U.S.Yoga Statistics:- 64% practitioners earn morethan $75,000 annually- $27 billion spent yearly in U.S. on yoga merchandise- Yoga spending increased 87%in last five years -4-
    • 5. The Competition- Lululemon(Lulu), aVancouver-based “yoga-inspired” athletic apparelcompany founded in 1998- Mission: “create componentsfor people to live long, healthy,and fun lives”- Public company- Annual sales $1 billion range- Most of female yogaenthusiasts talked to wearLulu and hadgoodcomments about brand -5-
    • 6. The Competition Social Media- Lulu blog is lifestyle forum-Categories: Lulu brand apparel,and culture & media, travel,food & drink, etc.Other:-Facebook: 669,000+ “likes”- Twitter: 259,000+ followers Blog- YouTube: 5,000+ subscribers, 4.7+ million views Facebook -6-
    • 7. “Big Idea” “Yoga Journeys” Blog-Chronicle experiences ofvarious womenpracticing yoga “Yoga Journeys” ABOUT- UA yoga apparel would be HEADLINE Loremipsum dolor sit Loremipsum dolor sit amet,given tothoseprofiled.Subjects amet, consecteturadipiscingelit consecteturadipiscinge lit. Crasnuncneque, . Crasnuncneque,would be seen wearing gear in fringillautegestaseu, fringillaut varius a ante. ARCHIVESphotos and videos posted to Duisvenenatiseleifendrut egestaseu, varius a rum. In temporconvallisconsequ Duisvenenatiseleifendr utrum. In at. In eueuismododio. temporconvallis Nullam tempus consequat ante. CATEGORIES- New content would be posted Pellentesqueerosorci, egestas a fermentum consequat. In eueuismododio.weekly during one-year period Nullam tempus consequat ante. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single Pellentesqueeros step.” -Lao-tzu- Blog would be constantlymonitored. Negative commentswould receive prompt andappropriate response. -7-
    • 8. “Big Idea” Builds On UA “What’s Beautiful” “What’s Beautiful”- Concept was to unitewomen, help them achievetheir athletic goals- Women encouraged to postphotos and videoschronicling theirachievements- Four winners withcompelling stories werechosen to represent UAbrand in marketing efforts -8-
    • 9. “Big Idea” Builds On “UA Women” Facebook/Twitter- “UA Women” Facebook andTwitterwas used to promote“What’s Beautiful” and UA women’sapparel-Use “UA Women” Facebook andTwitter to also promote“Yoga Journeys” blog and UAwomen’s yoga wear Facebook- Want to double number of “UAWomen” Facebook “likes” and TwitterTwitter followers within one-year572,000+ “likes” and34,000+ Followers” -9-
    • 10. “Big Idea” Builds On Create “UA Women”YouTube Channel- “Yoga Journeys” blog videoswould be posted to UA YouTube. Alsopost other videos on UA women’syoga apparel and other UA women’sclothing.- UA only has one all-purposeYouTube channel. Lots of videosposted, so “Yoga Journeys” videos UA YouTubemight get lost there.- Want “UA Women” YouTube channelto have at least half the numbers ofUA YouTube channel within one-year3,300 subscribers,2.35 million views - 10 -
    • 11. BudgetTotal = $199,000Planning = $20,000- Social media strategy audit, social media strategycreation, integration with existing marketing effortsBlog = $130,000- Custom design & template creation,writing/editing content, video productionTwitter = $12,000- Ongoing account managementFacebook = $18,000- Monthly content management/curationYouTube = $19,000- Initial page setup, monthly contentmanagement/curation - 11 -