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Presentation on Autism.

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  • Autism presentation updated

    1. 1. AutismBy Adam Sutcliffe and Sam Tanner
    2. 2. What is autism• Autism brain disorder that affects how people act and react to certain things• It is a SPECTRUM CONDITION-NOT A DISEASE• People with it are normal human beings.• It affects more boys than girls: 4/1 ratio• It is not visible from the outside• 1 in every 100 people are affected by it• Everyones condition is different, no autistic individual can be compared to another and be put into categories• It can cause people to do amazing things that other people would consider “ordinary”
    3. 3. Autism can you tell?
    4. 4. People with Autism/ Aspergers? How many of these famous people do you recognise?
    5. 5. Isaac NewtonKicked out of first School!Cambridge psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen considers it "fairly certain" that Newton sufferedfrom Asperger syndrome.Lived 1642-1727
    6. 6. 1879-1955Scientist most famous for Theory of relativityLikely he had autism
    7. 7. Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft, businessman, Wealthiest American (2011) 2nd wealthiest man on Earth!
    8. 8. Luke JacksonComes from an autistic family, has wrote one of the most successfulbooks on autism (Freaks, Geeks, and Aspergers Syndrome: A User Guideto Adolescence), has appeared in TV programs and is now in a band.
    9. 9. Jacob (Jake) BarnettChild Prodigy: IQ of 170 (higher than Einstein) Already at University inNew Jersey (IUPUI) and creating his own theory of the universe agedonly thirteen! Also remembers 200+ digits of pie, has a girlfriend andtalks to fellow classmates (Huge difficulty for autistic teenagers) and allthis at only 13!
    10. 10. Others on spectrumOthers who are considered to possibly had or haveautism or Aspergers include MichaelPalin, Michelangelo, Alfred Hitchcock, GeorgeOrwell, Beethoven, Thomas Edison, WoodyAllen, James Hobley (the person in the video’sthroughout the night) and Henry Ford amongothers!
    11. 11. Personal achievements: Adam:Have Autism-Aspergers and Sensory integration Dysfunction. Student Rep and Governor at College. Young Disabled Champion Help out in other projects.
    12. 12. 7:20-9:13 Classic Autism: More of a challenge than HFA or Aspergers More visible than HFA or Aspergers Can have very big social difficulties Everyday tasks can be extremely difficult Often Routine is essential Like things to be a certain way Find it hard to communicate but it is possible
    13. 13. Quotes“Autism is seeing the world differently”“Autism is untapped skills, talent and potential”“Autism is challenging and rewarding”“Autism is overcoming barriers every day”“Autism is more than Dustin Hoffman in Rainman”“Autism is everywhere (Honestly, have a look)”“If you suffer from autism, you’re doing it wrong”“For success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential” Hans Asperger“There is such thing as a disability unless you let it become one” (Adam Sutcliffe-Brown, 2012)
    14. 14. Links and useful pages (later to be put on Facebook)National autistic society: west midlands: Barnetts page:
    15. 15.  Any Questions? 