The Art of Finding Your Story: NetSquared Vancouver 2013-08-14
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The Art of Finding Your Story: NetSquared Vancouver 2013-08-14



Tiva Quinn at #Net2van's "Video for Nonprofits"

Tiva Quinn at #Net2van's "Video for Nonprofits"



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The Art of Finding Your Story: NetSquared Vancouver 2013-08-14 The Art of Finding Your Story: NetSquared Vancouver 2013-08-14 Presentation Transcript

  • The Art of Finding Your Story By Tiva Quinn Onwords! Consulting
  • Tiva Quinn, Onwords! Consulting About Me: • Over $20M raised through the power of storytelling – Ecotrust Canada – Alaska Native Heritage Center – 10 years consulting on planning & fundraising • Animator since 2011 – Seedstock Community Currency – Reel Causes
  • About You • Interested in video • Don’t have a staff position for it • Most of you are repeat Netsquared audience, so part of that overall dialog
  • Starting out w video: common problems • No staff often means several dep’ts brainstorm together (good) • But no one is really asking video-centric questions to guide the process (bad) • Like anything, 85% of making a good video is planning • But a lot of NP’s will charge in without even asking the top 2 planning questions…
  • The Top Two Planning Questions Who is our audience? What do we want them to do?
  • Who is it for? • People you serve • Existing donor/volunteer base • New audience w aligned values • New audience, neutral values – education • Specific demographics? • Going beyond the choir!
  • What do we want them to do? • Donate • Volunteer • Contact politicians • Change spending habits • Change diet, recycle, share goods etc.
  • What’s Their Problem Traditional Mktg Question: What problem can you solve for this audience? Non-profit variation: Why would this audience care about what you do?
  • What’s Their Problem, Pt.2 • Linkage / Ability / Interest – how does that translate into search terms they might use? • Honest SEO is in. Make sure those search terms are a good fit for the video you make.
  • 8 Non-profit Storytelling rules (that I learned from grant writing) 1. Start off strong – NEVER assume you’ve got a captive audience. 2. Always include head & heart.
  • Non-profit Storytelling rules 3. Rely on familiar themes and visual metaphors, but… 4. Also use new information or a surprising twist – they’re here to learn.
  • 8 Non-profit Storytelling rules 5. Make sure you describe a problem that’s fixable, not an overwhelming crisis.
  • Non-profit Storytelling rules 6. The #1 question you must answer: “so what?” (Why should I care?) 7. Build it & they will come does NOT work! How will they find you?
  • 8 Non-profit Storytelling rules • Last One: 8. Go backwards or spiral out if that’s the best way to find your story.
  • Balancing Acts
  • What Have You Already Got? • Go over successful ask letters, events, proposals – why did it work? • Survey or focus group your supporters – what’s in it for them? • Remember to look for head & heart. • Ask staff too, but this video is not for them!
  • Starting to Think Visual • Who is your audience? – Pacing – Tone / language for voiceovers & text – What visuals make sense
  • What do you want them to do? • Take action? – 90 seconds, tops – then lead directly to a page focused on that action • Learn something? – 5 minutes, tops – no dead pixels
  • As You Look For Your Story • Start thinking about context – where will you advertise, what’s the style there? • Starting point formula: – 1/3 empathize – 1/3 explain – 1/3 call to action
  • Brainstorm Variations • What if we used relatable characters & a Hero’s Journey, like Meatrix or Reel Causes? – (people you serve? Or donors?) • What if we speak directly to “you” like Follow the Frog? • What if it’s more word-driven, w a series of illustrations to add interest, like Story of Stuff? • What if we do something interactive or crowdsourced like “It Gets Better?”
  • If You’re Really Stuck • Do you have an enemy? What’s their story? How can you undermine it? • Do you have competition? What makes you different? (Do NOT name/shame competition in your video… ) • Can you do a spoof like Meatrix or Old Spice ads? (careful w this…) • Write a rant about stuckness & see what comes up
  • Next Steps • Run the script(s) past a test audience, make sure it makes sense to them – a sketchy draft vid would be even better. • What’s the Title? Upworthy brainstorms 25 titles or more for each shared link. • Where will you promote it?
  • Sources • Winning the Story Wars, Jonah Sachs • Made to Stick, Chip & Dan Heath • Into Focus: A Benchmark Guide to Effective Nonprofit Video, See3 Communications • Playbook for Good, Youtube