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Crazy beard pronouncements:
1) Organizations can't raise money online
2) Individuals can raise money online
3) Social media => acquisition => $$

Deck for Social Media Club Vancouver's summer nonprofit and education event.

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  • \n
  • Hi, my name’s Eli.\nSometimes I live on the internet\n
  • By night I’m the organizer of Vancouver’s Net Tuesday, a monthly meetup that connects nonprofits with their allies in technology and communications.\nYou should join us. :-)\nNext event: Saturday, April 28.\n
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  • 85+ monthly meetups\n
  • By day I work at the David Suzuki Foundation as the Creative Services lead.\nWe do the website, the email campaigns, and the social media work.\n\nOur name may be Creative Services, but at our heart we’re the marketing team for the Foundation. We support the scientists and campaigners in connecting with the public, and help build a constituency to support our work both financially and through advocacy.\n
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  • What is Social Media Marketing good for?\nWell, if you’re a nonprofit I’ll tell you what is ISN’T good for - fundraising.\n
  • or Kiva (untold millions)\n
  • Or maybe Wikipedia ($16 million)\nNot sure how much came via web vs the share call-to-action made after the donation.\n
  • Twestival ($250,000+) or Kiva or Wikipedia but these are just that... exceptions. For the majority of nonprofits they aren’t raising real dollars online. Need proof of how awful they’re doing? Data is basically impossible to find! :-)\n\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • Blackbaud peer fundraising report\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • Social media is a blow burn.\nEmail got me to $1900 in one week. But you can’t rely on email only.\nThe next $700 came via Social Media (27%)\n\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • So, it’s a big looong form (sigh - those policy wonks fight for exact detail over sexy copy)\nIn November the senate vetoed the Climate Change Accountability Act (Greenhouse has targets) - doing something is contrary to the established tradition of the Canadian Senate. There was outrage!\nSo we sent our 32,000 supporters who have done advocacy work in the past.\n
  • We send to email and Facebook. Equal size lists.\n
  • \n
  • Even better, it’s not junk traffic. The red selected area shows the % of visitors for each traffic source that completed the action alert form.\nSo almost 60% of visitors from our email list completed the action.\nFacebook compares well compared at 40%... visitors from a link on perform badly and surprise guest, a social news site, which delivers a chunk of much more poorly performing traffic... perhaps because they didn’t have a prior relationship with us.\naction email: 8608*.6=4985\nFB: 15995*.41=6558\nDirect/None: 13888*.19=2638\nAnd Reddit brought 3227*24=774 completions\n\n\n
  • There’s some mad social media activity going on.\nHere’s the social media activity for the action alert.\n\nRe-write slide in text to move delicious and Digg\n
  • Yes.\nBut you’ve also got to make it easy.\nBe SHAMELESS in asking folks to share. Give them every opportunity.\n
  • Trust me. I have a chart.\nAnd the Chart (via Neilsen) says that the most trusted form of advertising is a recommendation from your friend.\nWell, duh.\nAnd that’s what social media can give you. A way for friends to recommend you to their friends.\n
  • So, here’s how I shamelessly asked folks to advertise the action alert on behalf of the David Suzuki Foundation....\n On the confirmation page shown after the action is completed there’s an email form where you can enter your friend’s info.\n
  • And a Twitter “Tweet” and Facebook “Like” button.\n
  • Plus copy to forward in the Thank you email sent afterwards.\n
  • \n
  • Which is a fantastic result, all other growth for the month comes to 600 sign-ups (event sign-up forms and website sign-ups)\nAnd for those “other” folk I don’t necessarily have their full addresses and a hint at their issue of interest.\n\n
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  • slide illustrating the circle of life.\nSocial media to action alert to donor\n
  • And so, like the circle of life. We return to the connection between fundraising and social media. It isn’t direct. But the Social Media helps build a relationship between the organization and once those folks are converted via an action alert they join Team Financial Supporter.\nHakuna matata. etc. \n
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  • slide illustrating the circle of life.\nSocial media to action alert to donor\n
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  • Hi, my name’s Eli.\nSometimes I live on the internet\n
  • Social Media Club Vancouver - Fundraising with social media

    1. 1. Social media &Fundraising
    2. 2. Eli on the internet• Email: eli• Blog: VAN DER• LinkedIn:• Twitter: @elijah GIES SEN .ca
    3. 3. TUESDAY
    4. 4. The Science ofFacebook PagesSeptember 11 with Darren Barefoot
    5. 5. A global network of volunteers
    6. 6. Three proclamations1. Organizations can’t raise money with social media2. You can raise money with social media3. Organizations can raise money with social media
    7. 7. There are always exceptions
    8. 8. 1.Organizations can’t raise money with social media
    9. 9. Fundraising?Source: Blackbaud 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report
    10. 10. Two stories
    11. 11. Christmas
    12. 12. response # of leads # of sales rate Email 100,000 0.29% 285Facebook 120,000 0.01% 14
    13. 13. Total over timeEli’s 2012 fundraising graph
    14. 14. The hierarchy of online fundraising1. Email2. Social Media
    15. 15. What is social media good for?
    16. 16. Acquisition
    17. 17. Tweets: 669Shares: 3,137Likes: 5,652Comments: 1,781
    18. 18. How do you get that kind of activity? Luck?
    19. 19. Have some degree of trust in the follow forms of advertising (%) Recommendation from friend Consumer opinions online Brand websitesEditorial content (i.e. newspapers) Brand sponsorships TV Newspaper Magazines Billboards/oudoor advertising Radio Emails signed up for Ads before movies Search engine ad results Online video ads Online banner ads Text ads on cell phones 0 22.5 45 67.5 90 Degree of trust (%)Source: Nielsen market research, April 2009
    20. 20. What did all thisactivity lead to?7,000 new names and addresses
    21. 21. Source of new sign-ups Everything else Advocacy 9% 91%
    22. 22. Most of these new folkcame via social media
    23. 23. New supporters don’t give via Social Media
    24. 24. But last month DSF signed up 1,000 new monthly donors (by email)
    25. 25. But last month DSF signed up 1,000 new monthly donors
    26. 26. Organizations can raisemoney with social mediaBut first you need to convert them to email supporters
    27. 27. Social media Email list Donors
    28. 28. Organizations can’t raise money with social mediaTrue: for traditional policy and advocacy organizations that don’t deliver hands-on services
    29. 29. You can raise money with social mediaTrue: friends-asking-friends is the big growth area for fundraising online
    30. 30. Organizations can raise money with social media It’s a serious source of acquisition.Strange fact: normal people don’t give via social media, but they will give via email.
    31. 31. The future EmailFriends-asking-friends Crowdfunding
    32. 32. What will that look like? ??????Projects vs day-to-day operations
    33. 33. Eli on the internet• Email: eli• Blog: VAN DER• LinkedIn:• Twitter: @elijah GIES SEN .ca