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Email WorkSheeEngaging your Email List & Measuring Results – Worksheet from Net Tuesday Toronto
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Email WorkSheeEngaging your Email List & Measuring Results – Worksheet from Net Tuesday Toronto

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Worksheet from Eric Squair's Net Tuesday Toronto presentation. …

Worksheet from Eric Squair's Net Tuesday Toronto presentation.

Uploaded from http://eric.squair.ca/2013/05/08/measuring-engaging-your-email-list/

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  • 1. Use this worksheet to record your answers to the simple questions below. Adding these elements toyour email newsletter will increase your chances of creating a newsletter that people want to sign upfor and keep reading.EMAIL NEWSLETTER WORKSHEETEmail Newsletters | eric@squair.caWhat is your Superpower?What are you uniquely qualified to share with your supporters that they will be eager to read about regularly? Maybe it’sinvitations to events in the community, tips to make their lives better or their jobs easier. Describe in 40 words or less.What can you ‘trade’ for their email address?What can you offer people in return for their email address? A free event, a download or a chance to win a prize are allways to offer value to your subscribers right away. List three things you could offer in exchange for an email address.How will you describe your newsletter, in terms of the unique, amazing things you offer?Use the space below to brainstorm two or three short phrases describing the unique, amazing things your emailnewsletter will offer subscribers regularly. It could be great tips, invites to and reports from events in your sector, or jobopportunities.
  • 2. EMAIL NEWSLETTER WORKSHEET 2Email Newsletters | eric@squair.caHow will you present real people in your email newsletter?It could be pictures of real people from your community, a ‘signature‘ and picture from the writer, an engaging,conversational tone that’s person-to-person. How can you make sure your email newsletter is by, for and about people(not robots)?How to measure the impact of your email broadcastsTag your email and social media for tracking in Google AnalyticsBy appending some basic information to the links that you send out - by email, on twitter and facebook - youcan clearly measure the impact of all of your outreach efforts. Google analytics calls these outreach efforts‘campaigns‘ and gives you a handy tool for modifying the URLs you send out. You can find the URL Builder Tool athttp://bit.ly URLbtoolHow and why to set up goals in Google Analytics : http://bit.ly/goalandfunnelDefining and setting up goals in Google Analytics tells you a lot of information about your high value visitors:people who donate, sign up for email or download your reports. Google Analytics can be confusing andoverwhelming: once you set up goals you can ignore the ‘noisy‘ data and focus in on the highest value visitors toyour site. You can find out more about setting up goals in Google Analytics at http://bit.ly/goalandfunnel