Agentic Digital Storytelling deck for Net Tuesday

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By Phillip Djwa.

By Phillip Djwa.

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  • 1. Digital Storytellingthrough Digital Media Agentic Communications, Inc. Phillip Djwa Suite 701 – 207 West Hastings Phone: 604-255-2131x101 Fax: 604-255-2505 @phillipdjwa
  • 2. Theory of Change Member-•  Personal stories are one part of ship storytelling•  Digital storytelling is “tell me a Offline Action story, but make it about me”•  Digital media can create an effective narrative that Donate•  Ladder of Engagement is effective for online visitors Sign-up for list•  Engagement is key to increasing stickiness and memorability•  We look to convert visitors into Sharing with taking action peers First visit to Site
  • 3. Our Framework Transformation Digital Media Projects(designed to engage and excite) Adjacent Properties (secondary online such as Blog or Campaign site) Core Online Presence (main website)
  • 4. Transformation Project Attributes Shareable Start a relationship Tangible results Engage Audience
  • 5. Draw on a video still and a $1 is donated.SARAH HARMER: DRAWN TO THE WILDThis project was designed to allow Canadians to illustrate avideo still and then submit it to have Mountain Equipment Co-op donate a $1 to save the Niagara Escarpment. Built in Flash,and list building through a CRM. Over 1800 video frames werecreated.
  • 6. Submit a photo and remix it with other CanadiansCANADA CODEThis was based on Canadians contributing to the CulturalOlympiad their photos and then remixing words and photostogether.
  • 7. A Facebook application designed to drive engagementGLOBAL ZERO: SURVIVE THE BLASTFacebook application that leveraged Open Graph to have agame that “saves” friends and then let’s them share it on theirwall. HTML5 and Facebook Open Graph. English, French andGerman. List building through Salsa CRM. Over 20,000 peoplecompleted the simulation.
  • 8. A website driving engagement through a photo contestMEC: BIG WILD BIG WATERMEC wanted to highlight the water across Canada assomething that was more than just oceans. This photo contestwas very successful in loading thousands of beautiful picturesfrom Canadians concerned about marine protection.
  • 9. So what is a Compelling Story? With credit to NTC, Rally, Sue Citro and Steve Daignault
  • 10. Video examples • v=LjT1sRAKnEI&list=UUot7TSJfrZ3a0McduoFeYuA&index=72 • feature=player_embedded&v=AcRzO9LiaVI • feature=player_embedded&v=cbn6QjSXmeA
  • 11. Agentic Communications, Inc. Contact: Phillip Djwa Phone: 604-255-2131x101 Fax: 604-255-2505 @phillipdjwa