Building a Brand Bible


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These are the slides from my most popular presentation on what it takes to build a company that people care about and talk about. The ultimate purpose of a brand bible is to create clarity internally, but many find equal value in having a clear, concise, and compelling pitch that they can communicate externally. This document alone is probably not sufficient to help you create a brand bible, but it should certainly provide you with some valuable questions and get you started down the right road.

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PLEASE NOTE that the BrandGarde Agency is lo longer an operating entity. That is because, over time, I developed more and more of an interest in the "process" piece of the equation. In 2014, I formally founded and launched The Experience Firm with two amazing partners.

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Building a Brand Bible

  2. 2. About MeStarted out as a PR Specialist for the University of Southern California in 1998Moved to Austin in 2006 Launched the Austin Entrepreneur NetworkBecame Dir of Comm for a Launched Texas CEOHealthcare Startup Magazine Became a Partner at an Interactive Agency Realized my Purpose is Helping Great Companies Succeed
  3. 3. Great Companies … Are powered by purpose Are built on principlesHave a unique process that creates abetter experience for their customers
  4. 4. Three Great Companies Southwest Airlines PURPOSE Democratize the skies PRINCIPLES Warrior Spirit Servant Heart Fun-loving Attitude
  5. 5. Three Great Companies GSD&M PURPOSE Helping clients achieve their purpose. PRINCIPLES Stay in Austin Stay Together Make a difference
  6. 6. Three Great Companies Zappos PURPOSE To provide the best customer service possible. … we call this our WOW philosophy. PRINCIPLES Deliver WOW Through Service Embrace and Drive Change Create Fun and A Little Weirdness Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded Pursue Growth and LearningBuild Open and Honest Relationships With Communication Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit Do More With Less Be Passionate and Determined Be Humble
  7. 7. Three Great CompaniesWhat do these companies have in common? SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Hit $1 billion in sales in 1989 GSD&M Hit $1 billion in sales in 2000 ZAPPOS Hit $1 billion in sales in 2008
  8. 8. Defining Your Purpose Why are you in the business you’re in? When you are not in the business, what do you want to be remembered for? What do you want your legacy to be? If you had unlimited resources,what part of the business would you keep doing?
  9. 9. Defining Your Principles What are your core values? What behavioral traits do you value most in your team?What does acting in accordance with those values look like in the context of your business?
  10. 10. Defining Your Process What is the simplest way you can make people’s lives better while simultaneouslyhonoring the purpose and principles you have defined.
  11. 11. Brand is ExperienceBuilding a brand is a process of setting expectationsand then meeting or exceeding those expectations.
  12. 12. Brand Strategy It is a plan for operating your business in such a way that people willthink about it, care about it, and talk about it the way you want them to.
  13. 13. Brand IntegrityIf integrity is doing what you say, then you cannot have integrity without first saying what you will do.
  14. 14. The GoalState your purpose, state your principles, and state your process. Then, ask yourself if your actions align with those statements.
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