Deepwater horizon
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  • 1. By: Elijah Bocz, Will Broome, Xavier Niblet, and Jamar Posey
  • 2. Economic Ramifications Many of the fishing services that the Gulf provided were severely affected by the spill.  The Menhaden fishery that provides 1/3 of the nation’s Menhaden was hurt.  The Gulf provides for 70% of shrimp for the US. Tourism in the Gulf would see a sharp decrease.  Panama City Beach saw a 27% drop, Miami Beach experienced a 21% drop, and Pensacola had a 28% drop.
  • 3. Economic Ramifications The Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund was established by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 to fund response, restoration, and research and development related to oil spills. The responsible party (BP) had to pay $75 million for response and restoration costs.
  • 4. Consequences to the Environment: The Gulf of Mexico is a home to many endanger and threatened species that were put at a greater risk because of the spill. Oil can clump together to form tar balls, and these balls of tar can wash up on the beaches to impact the local wildlife. Plumes of oil are drifting thousands of feet beneath the ocean’s surface, which can disrupt the complex ecosystems of the deep depths of the ocean. It could be years, possibly even decades, before we know the full extent of the environmental damage from the Deepwater Horizon.
  • 5. Causes
  • 6. Causes
  • 7. Causes