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  • 1. What isSocial MediaCustomer Service?
  • 2. Social Media Customer ServiceSocial media customer service is the act of providingcustomer suppot in social media channels. Socialmedia makes up a few channels in a completemultichannel strategyChannels can include Twitter, Facebook, knowledgebases, forums and review sites
  • 3. Why should I evenprovide Social Care?Does it matter?
  • 4. Scorned consumers tellfacebook friends, twitterfollowers, and leave pooronline reviews 79% of consumers who shared complaints 21% of consumers whose complaints were about poor customer experience online address reacted positively; 22% were ignored. posted a positive comment about the organizationSlide via Right Now “2011 Customer Experience Impact Report”http://www.slideshare.net/RightNow/2011-customer-experience-impact-report
  • 5. Why ignore 79% ofcomplaints whenSection Divider Styleit is easy to start aconversation?
  • 6. Twitter ExampleSection Divider Style
  • 7. It’s simple.Customers wantSection Divider Stylehaveto know theybeen heard & youare there to help
  • 8. But unliketraditionalcustomer service,social media cancreate “servicemarketing”
  • 9. 1 mention about a positiveexperience reaches millions.Example: Southwest Airlines Facebook
  • 10. And there is aneven BIGGERdata opportunity
  • 11. Call center data does notalways report the truecustomer experience. Infact, the difference betweenthe call center and customerdata online can bedramatically different
  • 12. The social web,allows you to createcustomer segments& profiles based ontheir public data
  • 13. This is REAL DATA pulledfrom Facebook Graph APIJustin is 28 years old, went to college, is in arelationship, works in insurance, lives inMiami, has 700 friends, likes Miami Marlins,Jay-Z, Miller Light, Mitt Romney, travelled toEurope, speaks Spanish, has an iPhone.Has interacted, via facebook, 2 timesregarding a product issue
  • 14. If that last slidedidn’t open up youreyes, you need toretire or close shop
  • 15. 3But don’t worry,you don’t have todo this alone. Thereare apps to help
  • 16. Just a few to mention• SocialStrategy1• TwitSpark• Authority Software• GetSatisfaction• ZenDesk
  • 17. 1SocialStrategy1A social media workflow, listening &Section Divider Style youdata analysis platform can helpidentify where your customers are,what they think about your brand, whattheir interests are and how to define astrategy that increases revenuehttp://socialstrategy1.com
  • 18. 2TwitsparkA high volume social customerengagement and crisis managementSection Divider Styletool that enables your team toefficiently engage with not some, but allof your customers via Twitter.http://twitspark.com
  • 19. 3Authority SoftwareCRM technology suite to access Section Divider Stylecustomer data can drive logic-baseddecision making and increaseoperational efficiencies to deliver aconsistent world class customerexperience.http://authoritysoftware.com
  • 20. 4GetSatisfaction A customer engagement platform that helps companies build betterSection Divider Style relationships with their customers and prospects, through the use of customer communities for social support, social marketing & customer feedback http://getsatisfaction.com
  • 21. Need resources? Checkout our ongoing SocialMedia CustomerService research listhttp://bit.ly/SNEevc
  • 22. For More Information &Upcoming EventsFollow: @StratusCXMVisit: StratusContactSolutions.com