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5 ways to get more free facebook likes


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Here are some tips on how to get free Facebook likes for your business fan page. Don't pay for likes. Use these techniques to gain new fans and get new business.

Here are some tips on how to get free Facebook likes for your business fan page. Don't pay for likes. Use these techniques to gain new fans and get new business.

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  • 1. empowernet Ways to Get more Free Facebook LikesSo today I’m in a challenge to get 10 more f ree Facebook likes on my business So, if you aren’t already a f an… please share somelike love and hop over t here now. Do be sure to introduce yourself and say hi. There is a reasonthey call it “social networking.” I’m starting the day off with 41 likes. My goal by the end of the dayis 51.5 Great ways to increase your free Facebook likes:1. Share a status update… preferably with a picture and then ask folks to share. I just did this. Here is a snapshot of myupdate.2. Tag othersUpload pictures of groups or others and then tag others (or ask others) to tag themselves.… right now I don’t have any pictures that will fit this bill… but I will next month and I’ll be sure todo so… In the meantime I can schedule a Google Hangout, record it, then post a screenshotand/or the video to Facebook so I can tag them there.[note... I just got one Facebook like while I was writing this... whoo, hoo... only 9 more to go.]
  • 2. 3. Interact for free Facebook likesInteract with other related groups and other business pages… Just find one that a friend has liked,check it out, like it, add it to an interest list if you’d like, then write on their wall. I say “hi from (whereever I found them from) ~ @wahmSuccessNow.” Facebook will automatically link my page to theirs.It doesn’t always work from my phone, but definitely from my computer.4. Jump on a ladder[I just did this and got 4 fans while I was liking and commenting on other pages from a ladder.]So what is a ladder you ask? It is a way other business fan pages get promotion for their pages.They actually pay money to be promoted. Each ladder is different…Now remember… ultimately it is not about just getting likes… it is about building connection withother business minded folks on the internet…. or whomever your target market is. My targetmarket is other business minded individuals who know the internet is where you want to be andhas the willingness to learn new skills. They probably already do ok with some tech stuff… at leastcreating a business profile page.So search for “promotions” in the search box… or go to is one such company I’m familiar with.Now just so you know… I will not pay f or likes. I’d rather network by visiting other’s sites.5. Host events… online or offlineThis sort of goes with # 2 above… but you can host online meetings, parties or events. You cancreate Facebook events for offline events as well. If you are co-hosting or attending someoneelse’s event and it is something you want to publicize to build your business, you can create yourown Facebook event and give your invitees the details about it. I’ve done this once a week the lasttwo weeks (I actually did it from my personal profile… but you can do it from your business page).These two events were webinars that I wanted to get guests to… I did and have two folks readyto work with me from it[Like update... Im at 50. I should have my last one by the time I upload this blog post ]So these are 5 quick ways to get free Facebook likes. Do you have any ideasto share?If you like this content, please like and share.If you’re not having success with your current blog ~ connect with me on Facebook and let’s talk. Ifyou’ve been thinking Empower Network might be for you… click here to watch this training andlet’s get you started!
  • 3. Click here t o work wit h me personally.P.S. Have unanswered Questions about Empower Network? Click t his link for FAQs.About The Author: elianIm a work at home mom to 2 beautiful boys (I guess Im biased). I run two different businesses andlove helping in my community. I have a passion for "cottage industry" and building community.Connect with me at