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Ast 2012 - Practices for Test Automation in Scrum Projects
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Ast 2012 - Practices for Test Automation in Scrum Projects


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Experience in apply agile practices for test automation in scrum projects

Experience in apply agile practices for test automation in scrum projects

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  • 1. Software Test Automation Practices in Agile Development Environment: An Industry Experience Report Eliane Collins, Dr.Vicente F. De Lucena Jr. AST 2012 Nokia Technology Institute
  • 2. Agenda1. Introduction2. Software Projects Characteristics3. Study Cases4. Lessons Learned5. Conclusion Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 1 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 3. Nokia TechnlogyIntroduction IntituteINdT – Nokia Technology InstituteIndependent and Nonprofit institutecommitted to conducting research anddevelopment of technological solutionsthrough application development, newtechnologies and concepts. Manaus Recife Brasília Main Areas: • Product Creation • Apps and Services São Paulo • Hardware and Manufacturing • Software Open Source and User Interface Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 2
  • 4. Introduction - Scrum• Agile development process focusing on teamwork. Large used in the industry.• The functionalities are listed in the Product Backlog.• The team defines the features which may be accomplished within the iteration (Sprint).• The Software Testing process must be agile for all projects. Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 3 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 5. Introduction – Agile Testing• Testing with a plan to learn about it, let the customer information guide the testing in line with agile values working software which responding to change .• Tests to prevent defects.• Proactive Testers.• Test Automation is the key of successfully agile development and the core of agile testing.• [Crispin, L.; Gregory, J. 2009] Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 4 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 6. Software Projects CharacteristicsProject 1: Web interface to register campaigns, users and ads attaching images, videos and texts with good performance. Team: Scrum Master, 3 full-time developers, 1 half time Test Leader and 2 testers.Project 2: Web project to attend Nokia factory. It automates procedures to control materials and production costs. Team: 4 developers, Scrum Master one Test Leader half-time and two Testers full time. Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 5 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 7. Software Projects CharacteristicsThe Testers used tools to automate test tasks: TestLink Mantis Bug Tracker Subversion Jmeter Selenium Fitnesse Java platform Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 6 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 8. Study CasesProject 1 First Attempt: Development Team automating unit testing and coding; Testers automating all UI tests (rec-and-play) and non- functional tests; No support of developers and no continuous integration.Problems: Internally separation of Testers and Developers; No Knowledge transfer between scrum team; High learning curve in automation test tools. Automation difficult to maintain and wasn’t efficient because of changes in the interface; Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 7 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 9. Study Cases Communication problems between scrum team; No time to execute tests to agregate value to the project; Waterfall effect; Load and Security tests were executed in the end of projectProject Second Attempt: Development Team automating unit testing and supporting Testers with automated functional tests; Testers supporting unit tests and automating functional (rec-and-play) for tests in the sprint for stable interface. Use of Testlink and Selenium APIs to integrate tools and results; Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 8 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 10. Study CasesImprovements found: Knowledge transfer between scrum team; Automated regression tests works well for stable interface; Time to exploratory tests; Communication between team improved; Quick Feedback of tests and bugs to project Team Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 9 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 11. Study CasesProject 2: Developers coding new features, unit testing, supporting UI tests, using Continuous Integration (Hudson). Testers supporting Unit testing, supporting Hudson environment, automating UI Tests, Load Tests and Security tests in the beginning of project. Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 10 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 12. Study CasesProject 2 Problems found: Accuracy data values. The tests for complex business roles were missing for the layer behind the GUI. No Prioritization of the regression test execution.Project 2 Solution: Team together includes Integration and API Tests using Fitnesse Test Tool and prioritize regression tests in order of risk. Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 11 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 13. Lessons LearnedCollaboration is an Essential Factor for the Success of TestAutomation in Agile Projects;Fit Testing Tools with Test Strategy and Agile Method;Automate Each Layer of Software When It Is Possible and Just forAcceptance Tests in the Sprint;Test Automation in the Agile Project Should Be Simple;Prioritize the Regression Test Execution;Automate and Run Security Tests and Stress Tests Early ReducesRisks and Rework;Use Test Automation for Documentation and InformationFeedback ; Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 12 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 14. ConclusionIt is feasible to adapt agile practices and values to test automation.The automation was a resource to document software, reducecost, and allocate tasks in smaller parts.Next steps: Evaluate the effectiveness of the test automation agile model in other development platforms; Evaluate the impact of team collaboration levels in the test automation. To extract the testing effort, number of detected failures pre and post-delivery, and schedule adherence. Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia 13 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 15. Thank you. Questions?INFO + Nokia Technology Institute