The Solar System by Justice


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The Solar System by Justice

  1. 1. Our Solar System What Is It?
  2. 2. The Solar System The Solar System is a region of space thatcontains 1 star and 8 planets. The star is calledthe Sun and the 8 planets in order areMercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus and Neptune. In our solar systemthere are 4 small rocky planets and 4 gasgiants. The 4 rocky planets are Mercury, Mars,Earth and Venus. The four gas giants areJupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
  3. 3. The Sun The Sun is a big ball of gas andit’s in the centre of our solarsystem. The sun gives off lightand heat and is the reason wehave day and night.
  4. 4. Mercury Mercury is the closest planet tothe Sun. 1 Mercury day equals 172Earth days and 1 Mercury yearequals 88 Earth days. Mercury is thesmallest planet in the Solar Systemand is covered in craters.
  5. 5. Venus Venus is the hottest planet in our solarsystem even though it is not the closestplanet to the sun. This is because it has athick atmosphere made up ofgreenhouse gasses. 1 Venus day equals243 Earth days and 1 Venus year Equals225 Earth days. Venus is almost the samesize as Earth.
  6. 6. Earth Earth is the third closest planetto the sun and the only planetthat has liquid water. Earth is theonly planet to grow living things.1 Earth day equals 24 hours and 1Earth year equals 365.25 days.
  7. 7. Mars Mars is the 4th planet from thesun. 1 Mars year equals 687 Earthdays and 1 Mars day equals 24 hoursand 39 minutes. Mars has two mooncalled Phobos and Deimos. Mars hasthe biggest volcano in the solarsystem named Olympus Mons.
  8. 8. Jupiter Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sunand it is the biggest planet in the solarsystem. Jupiter is home to the biggeststorm in the solar system, known as theGreat Red Spot, which is big enough toswallow the earth whole. 1 Jupiter yearequals 11.9 Earth years and 1 Jupiter dayequals just under 10 hours.
  9. 9. Saturn Saturn is the 6th planet from thesun. 1 Saturn year equals 29.5Earth years and 1 day equals 10hours. Saturn has big rings madefrom little pieces of rock. Saturnis the 2nd largest planet in oursolar system.
  10. 10. Uranus Uranus is the 7th planet fromthe sun. 1 year on Uranus equals84 Earth years and 1 day equals16 hours. Uranus has faint ringsand is tilted on its side. Uranushas 5 moons.
  11. 11. Neptune Neptune is the last planet andthe furthest planet from the sun.1 year on Neptune equals 165Earth years and 1 day equals 22hours. Neptune has 2 moons. 1 ofthem, called Triton, circles theplanet backwards!