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Connect and combine

  1. 1. Sport - Kho PlateIntroduction to Kho PlateThis game is inspired by a game very popular in India calledkho kho and a story that my mom used to tell me as a kid .Household items usedMopping rod (or curtain rod ) measuring 2.5ft , plastic plates6inches in diameter a bit deep in the center , some rope andfew tennis balls .
  2. 2. Extended HandsTo make the extended hands , simply fasten the plateto the edge of the rod . This is then fastened to theplayers right arm .Extentedhands Chasers
  3. 3. Teams and Players• This sport is played in 2 innings by 6 players on each side . Initially6 from one side and 3 players from the other side start the game .•One team becomes the chasers and the other the defenders orrunners.•The chasers is the team with the extended hands . There are twobaskets along the length of the field , the challenge for the chasersis to transfer as many balls as possible from the basket which is fullto the empty one on the other side of the field .•They can only transfer the balls by placing it on the plate of theteam mate standing next to them and so on .•The defenders or runners basically have to distract the chasers inthis task .But if the chaser tags a defender then they are out of thegame .•The chasers stand in a line facing opposite directions . They can runonly in that direction .•At a time only 3 defenders can be in the field . If any defender getstagged then they can bring another one into the field.
  4. 4. Field Defenders Chasers with extended hands Full basketEmptybasket
  5. 5. Game•The goal of the chaser is to get as many balls as possible to theother side of the field .•The chasers work as a team .•The chaser at the right end of the field takes the balls from thebasket and transfers them to the next team members extendedhands and puts them onto his/her plate at the end of the hand .This process is repeated• If any ball falls down , they cannot be picked up until the fullbasket is empty .•Each chaser transfer to the person standing next to him/her tillthe ball reaches the other end of the field to the empty basket .
  6. 6. •The defenders can run across the field in anydirection . Their main job is to distract the chasersfrom transferring balls to each other .•But the defenders can get tagged by the chasers .If a defender is close by a chaser , the chaser canrun in the direction they are facing and try totouch the defender .•If a defender is touched by the extended hand ofthe chaser then they are out of the game , and anew defender has to replace him .•If all the defender get tagged , the time is notedand the number of balls in the empty basket arecounted . A chaser can only run in the directionthey are facing .•The chasers have to decide between chasing thedefender or transferring balls .
  7. 7. • Ifa defender crosses the line where the chasers are standing thenthe chasers lose one of their players. So the chasers must chase thedefenders as well as try to transfer as many balls as possible .•If all the defenders get tagged and there is time remaining , theycan continue transferring the balls .•Once time is up , all activity is stopped and roles are switchedbetween the teams.In the next innings the chasers become the defenders and defendersbecome chasers .
  8. 8. ScoringEach innings is for 10 minutes.At the end of each innings the number of balls in the empty basket arecounted, each ball carries is 10 points . The number of defender taggedis counted, each tagged defender is worth 9 points .So the total score = number of ball * 10 + tagged defenders * 9The maximum number of balls in the full basket is 10 .So the maximum score can be 10*10 + 6 * 9 = 154At the end of two innings , each team gets to be chaser twice , the scoreis added up for each time the team was a chaser . The team with thehighest score wins .