Waqf trusts for zf


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Waqf trusts for zf

  1. 1. www.ShariaAcademy.com Waqf ‫الوقف‬Trusts & Endowments Dr. Hatem al-Haj For ZF
  2. 2. Definition of Waqf ------ ‫تعريف الوقف‬Waqf : retaining a property in ‫انٕلف رحجٛظ‬ trust forever, and giving its ‫األصم ٔرغجٛم‬ benefits/ proceeds away in .‫انًُفؼخ‬ charity. ،‫ْٕٔ لشثخ ػظًٛخ‬ ‫ٔيٍ انًٓى‬It is an act of worship that is ‫نهًجزًغ انًغهى‬ recommended and essential ِ‫أٌ ٚحٛٙ ْز‬ for the society to promote. .‫انغُخ‬ www.ShariaAcademy.com
  3. 3. Proof ----------- --------------------- ‫دليله‬‘Umar  said: “O Messenger of Allah, I ،‫ لبل: ٚب سعٕل هللا‬‫ػٍ ػًش‬ acquired wealth from Khaybar that I have ‫إَٙ أصجذ يبالً ثخٛجش نى‬ never acquired something more precious ٘‫أصت لط يبالً أَفظ ػُذ‬ than it. What do you command me to do :‫يُّ؛ فًب رأيشَٙ فّٛ؟ لبل‬ with it?” He said, “If you wish, you can ‫"إٌ شئذ حجغذ أصهٓب‬ retain the original property as an ‫ٔرصذلذ ثٓب، غٛش أَّ ال‬ endowment, and donate the proceeds, but ‫ٚجبع أصهٓب ٔال ْٕٚت ٔال‬ the original should not be sold, given away )‫ٕٚسس" (ق‬ or inherited.” (Ag) www.ShariaAcademy.com
  4. 4. Proof ----------- --------------------- ‫دليله‬The Prophet  said: “When the son of ٍ‫ ”إرا يبد اث‬ ُّ‫ٔػ‬ Adam dies, all his good deeds cease ٍ‫آدو اَمطغ ػًهّ إال ي‬ except three: perpetual charity, ‫صالس: صذلخ جبسٚخ‬ knowledge from which others may ٍ‫أٔ ػهى ُٚزفغ ثّ ي‬ benefit after him, and a righteous ‫ثؼذِ أٔ ٔنذ صبنح‬ child who will pray for him.” (M) )‫ٚذػٕ نّ" (و‬ www.ShariaAcademy.com
  5. 5. Validation - ‫االنعقاد والصحة‬Validated by: saying or doing : ٍٚ‫ُٚؼمذ ثأحذ أيش‬ ‫انمٕل أٔ انفؼم انذال‬ something that customarily ًٍ‫ػهّٛ فٙ انؼشف ك‬ means it, such as giving general ٌ‫جؼم يغجذاً ٔأر‬ permission to people to pray in ٙ‫نهُبط فٙ انصالح ف‬ one’s property. . ‫داسِ إرَب ً ػبيب‬ www.ShariaAcademy.com
  6. 6. Conditions of Waqf Validity- ‫شروط صحة الوقف‬1. Purpose must be pleasing to Allah. . ‫.1 أٌ ٚكٌٕ فٙ ثش‬ ِ2. Donor has authority to dispose of his/her . ‫.2 انٕالف جبئض انزصشف‬ wealth. ّ‫.3 انًٕلٕف يًب ُٚزفغ ث‬3. Property is not perishable by use, and would ‫اَزفبػب ً يغزًشاً يغ ثمبء‬ continue to exist while people benefit from . ُّٛ‫ػ‬ it. ‫.4 رؼٍٛٛ انًٕلٕف؛ فال‬4. Property precisely designated, so it doesn’t ". ٙ‫ٚصح "ثٛذ يٍ ثٕٛر‬ work to say, I will put one of my houses in a trust. www.ShariaAcademy.com
  7. 7. Conditions of Waqf Validity- ‫شروط صحة الوقف‬5. If it is for an individual, s/he must be one who can ‫.5 انًٕلٕف ػهّٛ يًٍ ًٚهك‬ ٗ‫يهكب ً صبثزب ً فال ٚصح ػه‬ own, so may not be given to the dead or . ٌ‫يٛذ ٔحٕٛا‬ animals…etc. ‫.6 انزُجٛض، فال ٚصح انًؤلذ‬6. Effective immediately and not conditional except if ّ‫ٔال انًؼهك، إال ػهٗ يٕر‬ contingent upon death, because ‘Umar made a will :‫نًب سٖٔ أثٕ دأد‬ that if anything were to happen to him, then ّ‫"أٔصٗ ػًش إٌ حذس ث‬ Samagh – land he owned – would be given in ‫حذس، فئٌ عًغب ً - أسض‬ ٍ‫نّ – صذلخ" ٔٚكٌٕ ي‬ charity,” narrated Abu Dawood. This should be no ‫صهش انًبل، ألَّ فٙ حكى‬ more than one-third of the inheritance, because it .‫انٕصٛخ‬ has to be within the will (wasiyyah.) www.ShariaAcademy.com
  8. 8. The Donor’s Conditions - ‫شرط الواقف‬It is obligatory to honor the conditions of ‫ٚجت انؼًم ثششط‬ the one who made the endowment, as ‫انٕالف انز٘ ال‬ long as it does not go against Sharia, ‫ٚخبنف انششع‬because the Prophet  said: “The Muslims ًٌٕ‫ : ”انًغه‬ ّ‫نمٕن‬ are bound by their conditions, except ‫ػهٗ ششٔطٓى إال‬ those conditions which make haram as ً ‫ششطب ً أحم حشايب‬ halal or halal as haram.” "ً‫أٔ حشو حالال‬And because „Umar  made an endowment ً ‫ ٔلفب‬ ‫ٔلذ ٔلف ػًش‬ and stipulated certain conditions in it. .ً ‫ٔششط فّٛ ششطب‬ www.ShariaAcademy.com
  9. 9. The Waqf Manager – ‫الناظر مؤتمن‬The person in charge of the ٌ‫ٚجت ػهٗ انُبظش أ‬ waqf shoulders a huge ‫ٚحغٍ رذثٛش ٔإداسح‬ ،‫انٕلف ألَّ أيبَخ‬ trust, so he must fear Allah .‫فهٛخش هللا فٛٓب‬ regarding it. www.ShariaAcademy.com
  10. 10. Perpetuity of Waqf - ‫أحكام تأبيد الوقف‬Waqfs is infinitely binding, and it is not ‫ال ٚجٕص فغخّ ألَّ يؤثذ‬ permissible to annul or sell ‫ٔال ٚجبع؛‬Unless its benefits cease altogether. In .‫إال أٌ رزؼطم يُبفؼّ ثبنكهٛخ‬ this case it is sold and the money ٙ‫فٛجبع ٔٚصشف صًُّ ف‬ ٗ‫يضهّ؛ ألَّ ألشة إن‬ should be spent on a similar thing. .‫يمصٕد انٕالف‬If it is not possible to spend it on ‫فئٌ رؼزس يضهّ كبيالً؛‬ something exactly similar, then on .ّ‫صشف فٙ ثؼط يضه‬ something close in nature. www.ShariaAcademy.com
  11. 11. Perpetuity of Waqf - ‫أحكام تأبيد الوقف‬If it is a masjid, and can no longer be ,‫ٔإٌ كبٌ يغجذاً, فزؼطم‬ ًُّ‫فئَّ ٚجبع ٔٚصشف ص‬ used, then the money should be spent .‫فٙ يغجذ آخش‬ on another mosque. ‫ٔإرا كبٌ ػهٗ يغجذ ٔلف‬If a waqf is set up to benefit a mosque ‫صاد سٚؼّ ػٍ حبجزّ؛‬ and produces more than is needed, it ٗ‫صشف انضائذ إن‬ is spent on another masjid. It is ‫يغجذ آخش؛ ٔرجٕص‬ permissible to give the excess to the ٗ‫انصذلخ ثبنضائذ ػه‬ poor as well. .ٍٛ‫انًغبك‬ www.ShariaAcademy.com